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Kolossal Games

The Emperor has been assassinated. That's a pretty heinous crime. And, unfortunately, after a rowdy night, you have been accused. You must prove your innocence. But how? That's up to you to figure out
Kolossal Games is running a Kickstarter for Lost Empires, their new card game that includes elements of deck construction, combat, dice rolling, and area control.
A merchant is always looking to expand their client base. More buyers means more profits. And that's what you're up to in Almanac. And now, a new market is opening up in the far north. That's where Th
Kolossal Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Reload, their new sci-fi, futuristic board game. A city has been developed that can create any environment to test out items. And, of course, dur
I'm sure over the past month, many of you have watched various B movies. They're just fun in how campy they are. And there's those that love to watch them year-round. Soon, you could bring them to you
The Western Legends saga is coming to a climactic end. Kolossal Games is running a Kickstarter for Blood Money, a new expansion that not only adds new content, but adds to existing forms and brings yo
Well, the world has come to an end. Damnit, Karl. I told you to wash your hands! Anyway, now humanity is left trying to piece together what they can from the ruins. Of course, everyone's out to get th
Vengeful spirits. They can be a real nuissance. And when that spirit is a vengeful samurai spirit, that just makes things that much tougher. But that's what you'll be trying to eradicate in Hunt the R
The next in the Omen Saga of cards games from Kolossal Games is up on Kickstarter now. Omen: Heir to the Dunes, as one would expect, takes you to the mythical land of ancient Egypt. Anubis and Horus a
The flowers are in bloom and there's color everywhere, with butterflies flitting about, looking to collect nectar. But only the best flowers will attract the most butterflies. That's where you find yo
Even favorite games can use an upgrade every once in a while. Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy has been widely popular since its original release. But things weren't exactly perfect, and so Kolossa
The west, after the Civil War here in the US, is pretty much the foundation and bedrock of what the identity of the US became. Real people lived out their lives, while larger-than-life stories were be