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Laidback Dungeon Master

Laidback Dungeon Master is back with the 11th installment of their Shotglass Rounds, their series of pre-made RPG adventures. This time, it's Duumhaven. The adventure is made to work with D&D and
This week's been a really slow starter for me. Just couldn't seem to get going. Ah well, I'll get there. And hopefully you will as well. In the meantime, as we all get some more caffeine in us, let's
Being a DM can be rough. You've gotta plan for everything that will happen in the game. That takes up a lot of time and you might not be able to finish it all. Thankfully, there's lots of pre-made adv
Having pre-made adventures can be a lifesaver for a GM with a game session coming up and no time to prep for it. But what if you've already burned through the adventures you have on-hand? Thankfully,