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Hey there, TGN readers. It's time again for another Review Roundup.So without further ado, today we have reviews of: Dark Tales, Litko Age of Sigmar Tokens review, Deadzone Contagion Expansion, LUGU,
Litko has launched their Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale over in their webshop.SourceFrom the announcement:Welcome to our 2013 Black Friday sale! Now is the time to get that special item you have been
Litko has their new, personalized, dragon wing maneuver gauge set available now over in their webshop.SourceFrom the website:Set of 13 personalized gauges.Personalize your own D&D: Attack Wing gauges!
Litko gives you more ways to track your games with their new Gothic Conquest tokens.SourceFrom the post:New "Gothic Conquest" products in the store!
Litko will be helping out Dropzone Commander players with a new set of tokens and templates specifically designed for use with the popular minis game.SourceAbout the set:Litko will be helping Dropozon
Litko helps you keep track of items in your X-Wing games with the release of some new tracking dials for things like energy, ion tokens, and hull and shield points.SourceFrom the release:Track Energy,
Litko gives you more options for your tokens with their new modifier sequences tokens.SourceFrom the website:We have added modifier number sequences to the numbering options of our custom number seque
Litko keeps you in the light with the release of their new Lantern Bearer markers.Never wonder "who's got a light?" again.SourceFrom the website:Set of 3 markers.Lanterns for your adventurers! Deisgne
Litko lets us peek at what they've got in store for their webstore for July.SourceFrom the post:Upcoming July template releases...
Litko is showing off their new products they'll be coming out for June.energymovement templatesreinforceship tokens Source
Litko adds their tokens to the ring of those having sales this weekend.SourceFrom the announcement:Welcome to our 2013 Black Friday sale! Now is the time to get that special item you have been craving
Litko knows that paper models need a firm foundation to, and so have created new bases specifically made for them.SourceFrom the release:We now have curved-slot bases for paper miniatures available in
Litko has new Barrage Markers incoming!See what I did there?SourceFrom the website:Barrage markers can be used with any game and are great for representing artillery strikes, suppressed units, bombard
Litko has some new Inferno markers available over in their webshop.I tried to come up with a fire-related pun, but they were all too cringe-inducing, even for me.SourceFrom the release:Choose from fou
Litko is now able to personalize your Space Fighter Gauge sets. Get your group name or personal tag line put onto your sets.From the update:The Hotness... Personalized Space Fighter Gauge Sets compati
Litko wants you to know that if you play either of the Dust systems from Fantasy Flight Games, they've got the tokens you need with their new token packs.From the announcement:LITKO now has two token
Litko gives you terrain builders a little help with shingling with their new Rooftop Shingles strips.From the release:Shingle strips for your scratch building projects. Now you can quickly and easily
Litko has 3 different base sizes, for whatever your basing needs.From the announcement:LITKO offers THREE thicknesses of wargaming bases to our customers... all are plywood (not MDF) and all are laser
Litko has released some new movement trays to help your models get around the board more efficiently.From the release:We now have Horde trays with a extra thin bottom on them so that the tray is only
Litko is also having themselves a sale this weekend. Go get yourself some tokens.Happy black Friday... 20% off site-wide all weekend! LITKO doesn't do sales too often ...Act Now...Offer valid Black Fr
Litko now has clear minis bases available in a variety of sizes.From the announcement:We are now offering a stock lineup of clear miniature bases in both 1.5mm and 3mm thick. Previously, these were on
Litko has made their Hacker tokens (perfect for NetRunner) available in individual styles, so you don't have to just buy the variety pack.... man, I need to get around to getting some of these.From th
Litko released a new set of tokens with the NetRunner fans out there in mind (such as myself). Though, obviously, you could use them for a lot of different things.From the announcement:Now available!
Litko expands their aerial combat maneuver token sets, giving you a lot more choices in how you want to mark your airplanes.From the update:LITKO now has aerial combat maneuver tokens up for evaluatio
Litko now has new toxic flame markers. That is to say, markers to use when marking toxic flames. They're not flame markers that are, themselves, toxic.From the release:New Toxic Flame Markers are usab