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Litko releases their new "right slip" tokens.Right slip, and let loose the tokens of marking!From the update:Another addition to the current new series of aerial command tokens... "Right Slip" replace
Litko has a new set of multi-colored dials to help you keep track of, well, potentially all sorts of things during your games.From the release:The circle combat dials are available in packs of 4 uniqu
Litko is always coming out with more accessories to help your gaming experience. Their latest are Orbital Markers.From the release:Designed for use with the Eclipse board game by Lautapelit, these Orb
Litko knows your opponents are going to knock out your planes eventually, as much as we don't like to admit it to ourselves. Well, now you can be prepared with some wreck markers.From the release:Now
Litko has some tokens that I know all you zombies out there are gonna love. They've got new brains!From the release:Upgrade your game with Brain Tokens from LITKO. These brain shaped tokens are perfec
Litko was tired of seeing all those puny, little dicetowers out there that really didn't do what you needed them to. So they came up with a bigger one. Bigger is better, right?From them to you:New Big
LITKO continues with every token need by having Victory Point tokens, now available on their website.From them to you:New Victory Point Tokens allow players to track their victory points whether they'
Litko is another in the parade of companies headed to Salute while I sit here at home. Oh well. Those of you that are going, head over to their booth while you're there.From them to you:LITKO will be
Litko wants to make sure you're getting the most out of their products, and have put up a little video to help out.Having trouble getting your pegs into your LITKO flight stands and fleet movement sta
Litko Game Accessories has some new mini flight stands to use for all your starship or aircraft models. They give the whole board that 3D feel.From the website:Mini flight stands are perfect for your
LITKO releases a new skull dice tower:From their website:The Skull Head dice tower is a fun and unique dice tower to add some flare to your horror gaming. The simple slot fit design is a snap which ma
LITKO Game Accessories releases new Green Forest Dial Markers.From their release:Go Green! New Forest Dial Markers.
LITKO releases new building interior set for the MBA (The Miniature Building Authority) 28mm scale Shenandoah Farmhouse:From their website:This is the sixth interior set made by LITKO for MBA in an on
LIKTO releases a new gaming accessory the Zombie Dice Tower.From their website:1 dice tower kitThe Zombie Head dice tower is a fun and unique dice tower to add some flare to your horror gaming. Design
Litko Game Accessories releases new Circle Combat Dials, that are numbered 0-100.From their web store:The circle combat dials are available in six different colors. Each token dial is 1.5 inches- 40mm
LITKO will have a general price adjustment for the first time in eight years:From their announcement:This will take affect January 1, 2012. Many products will be going up, some will stay the same, a f
LITKO releases individual packs of a variety of black powder/Age of Musket tokens:From their announcement:These tokens were previously only available in the large combat token sets. This first release
LITKO have new tall counter stands:From their announcement:The tall counter stands are designed for paper miniatures, and other tall formatted gaming counters. These acrylic stands provide your paper
LITKO Game Accessories announce the availability of their new Door Markers:From their announcement:Door markers are the perfect addition to any dungeon crawl game. Add them to your RPG maps for added
LITKO releases Large Size Custom Token sets.From their website:Now you can make your own tokens up to one inch in size (25mm). There are 15 shapes, and 19 colors to choose from and you can have up to
LITKO releases a RPG mounted character marker.From their announcement:The character mount markers are perfect for fantasy games where you need to show which models are mounted. The markers are designe
LITKO releases new Oil Markers.From their website:Oil Derrick markers for your modern board, and miniatures games. These are designed to look like an oil rig structure with square platform and are dyn
LITKO has made new tokens to use for "Clues". From their announcement: Investigate those mysteries on the game board with our life like miniature magnifying glass tokens. These tokens add to the theme
LITKO have released a lock token for miniature and boardgames. From their announcement: From board games to RPG... Games have everything from locked doors to locked treasure chests. What better way
LITKO is now offering a series of Cthulhu-themed tokens. From their announcement: Litko Game Accessories releases 7 new token designs for the Cthulhu Universe of games. Check them out in our Jim's