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LITKO keeps the tokens sets rolling with their new Virus sets.From them to you:Recently The Dice Tower Podcast w/Tom Vasel held a contest whereby listeners submitted new product suggestions for Litko
LITKO have released a new 15mm Mini Corridor System terrain set. From their announcement: The Mini Corridor System is designed for use with your 15mm scale miniatures, each tile section is designed
LITKO have released a new set of tokens for use with games such as Axis and Allies Minis. From their announcement: This WWII land combat token set is compatible for use with the Axis & Allies® Mini
LITKO have released a token upgrade pack for Ambush Alley Games' Force On Force rules. From their announcement: Combat tokens for use with the Force on Force miniatures game rules. Now you have a d
LITKO have added Factory Markers to Jim's Product Lab. From their announcement: Litko has released new Factory Markers that work well with a variety of military, and economic board games, as well a
LITKO have added new HQ markers to their online store. From their announcement: LITKO offers new HQ markers that can be used in a variety of ways to designate objectives, and command areas on a min
LITKO will be producing an official Settlers of Catan Dice Tower.From their announcement:LITKO Game Accessories (Valparaiso, IN) is proud to announce we have been granted official license by Mayfair G
LITKO have added new Steampunk Fantasy tokens to their online store. From their announcement: Litko has a whole new series of Steampunk Fantasy tokens and templates available in Jim's Lab. These pr
LITKO have released Flaming Wreckage Markers with Hit Point Dials. From their announcement: Hey, check out LITKO's new Flaming Wreckage Markers. They come with magnetic hit, or damage, point dial ind
LITKO will soon be using a new domain - From their announcement: Litko Game Accessories announces that their website address will begin to transition from to
LITKO have released a new board game accessory - the Fleet Movement Stands. From their announcement: The Fleet Movement Stands are designed for use with a variety of outer space related board, and mi
LITKO is now selling superglue Debonder. From their announcement: Did you know LITKO sells "Debonder" for super glue so you can get your fingers "unstuck?" It can also help to get items "unstuck" tha
LITKO has released a new set of Invisible Monster markers. From their announcement: Hey, check out our cool new Invisible Monster Markers! Ever had that feeling that something was watching you, but y
LITKO have released a set of Futuristic Skirmish Game tokens. From their announcement: Hey, LITKO now offers Skirmish Combat Tokens for 25mm miniatures games such at "Infinity,*" by Corvus Belli. L
LITKO have released the Advanced Mecha Combat token set. From their announcement: This new set is a 29 piece token and marker set for use with Classic Battletech*. The set includes 12- double-sided