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Loke BattleMats

Thursday. We've almost made it back to the weekend. I'm certainly ready for it. Though this week has been going by relatively quickly, it's also been just kinda tough. But we'll make it through. And w
This week has continued to go along quickly. Of course, that's not a complaint. I'm ready for game this weekend. I'm hoping you have gaming sessions lined up as well. If you do, chances are you'll nee
Happy New Year, everyone!
We knew it had to happen again at some point: Monday. I've got D&D this upcoming weekend. So that'll help. But, seeing as it is Monday, we should get your gaming tables looking good. Today in th
Happy Friday Eve, everyobody. Also, I realize that it's now spring. A new season is upon us. My week is still extremely busy and just racing by, so let's get you some terrain before we race into the w
We've rolled back around to Monday. I hope your weekend was good. Mine was relaxing, even if it didn't go quite as scheduled. But you gotta adapt, y'know? Anyway, seeing as it's Monday, that means we'
Are we to the weekend yet? Anyone? Make it the weekend? No? Damn. Not that the week's been terrible, mind you. Just busy. Ready for a couple days to just relax some. In the meantime, we gotta make su
Friday Eve. I know I'm ready for the weekend. I know it ws a short week, but for some reason, many of those feel at least as long as a regular week. Sometimes longer. Not entirely sure why that is, bu
Hello, Monday. ... ... ... Yeah, that's enough of that. Let's get on to the terrain articles. Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Urban Conquest Available to Order From Games Workshop and Loke Batt
Hello, and welcome to Friday Eve. Much of the week, I've felt it was a day ahead of where it actually was. I asked a friend yesterday about how she thought her Wednesday-night stream had went... Of co
Already Thursday? I'm certainly happy about that. I've got game this weekend, and so you know I'm certainly looking forward to it. And with game will come a gaming table. And with a gaming table comes
And we've swung back around to the beginning and come back to Monday. I guess it's necessary. That whole "time marches on" thing. Might as well make the best of it and make your gaming tables look goo
It's getting towards the end of the year, and kinda in a doldrums in terms of too many news announcements. I'm sure you've noticed the slight slowdown. That's not a sign that I'm giving out, mind you.
Friday Eve. The weekend is coming up quickly. Just today and tomorrow and we'll be there. I hope you have gaming planned for it, because... I mean.. gaming... and weekend. It's just the right thing to
Welcome to December. November, usually my favorite month of the year, is over with. The final month of the year begins. But as you celebrate your holidays or continue to prep for them, let's see if we
Happy Friday Eve, everybody! I... apparently don't have any interesting quip for this post... so let's just get to the terrain (I'm sure there's many of you that are thankful for that :P ). Today in
Well, that was a quite nice couple of days off. I hope those of you that celebrated Thanksgiving were able to have a good one. And I hope those that went shopping on Black Friday were able to get out
Just about back to normal, everyone. Well, at least, as "normal" as we get around here. One thing that's nice is that the weekend is almost here. And weekends mean gaming. And gaming often means terra
Hey everyone, Sorry for the slight interruptions in news postings. Been having some stuff go on that's been rather urgent. But don't worry. I'm still around. Just not with a ton of time at the moment
Mondays. I mean... we'll get back to the weekend eventually, right? Ah well. I mean, we will. Just gotta make our way there. And hopefully, it'll include some gaming. And if it includes gaming, it ju
We're getting there, everyone. It's Thursday, that means it's Friday Eve. That means it's almost the weekend. Just a day and change left to go. If you'll be like me, you'll be doing some gaming. And i
Did anyone else's weekend seem to only take something like 5 hours to go by? Anyone? My Saturday, especially, was over in what felt like less than an hour. Seriously. It was, "start hanging out with f
The week is rolling along. Mine's been going by pretty quickly. Being busy will do that, I suppose. Lots of stuff going on, so the time goes by. Looking forward to the weekend. Not too much planned fo
As we all expected, the weekend has ended and we're back in the regular week. But it's not all bad. We've got a good week ahead of us. Then we can get back to the weekend in a couple days. And when we
And we're back to Friday Eve. I hope all of you are as excited about the weekend as I am. Yesterday, I got 6 new sets of dice from Kraken Dice, and I can't wait to try them out. We've got the next ses