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Mage Wars

Hello, Saturday. How are you? I'm alright. Still a little sick. Bit of a lingering cough, but I'm working through it. So no gaming will be had by me today (I'm actually just contemplating a nap). But
Well, it seemingly took an eternity, but it is now Saturday.And, as I expected, from the time I clocked out until even now seems to have gone by very quickly. So, by the time I finish this, I guess it
Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set
First part of the weekend is already a success. The pizza last night was pretty much everything I could've hoped for. It's nice when a week-long cooking project turns out good (ok, the pizza doesn't r
It's time once more for a Review Roundup. Why? Because it's Saturday! Woo!As you read this, I'm hanging out with some friends, playing games. Took over a group of favorites, and hopefully will get me
Ah, Saturday. What cannot be accomplished on a day like today?*hears someone shout out "You can't build Rome in a day!"* ... Ok, besides that. *hears people shout out hundreds of other things* Ok, fin
Welcome back once again to Saturday. I hope it's treating you well.Lots of things to look at today, so let's just get right to it.Today's articles include: 7 Ronin, Adventure Land, Karuba, Warehouse 5
Tuesday. Not exactly the most popular of days. But still, it's not a Monday, so it's got that going for it. Another thing it has going for it is our weekly Podcast Roundup.It's another lean week, as w
Weeeeekeeeend! Hopefully you're having a good one, even if you're not at Origins or Lock & Load or the Board Game Challenge... like how I'm not at any of those. But it's ok! We can have a good time ga
 TGN's Enrico Nardini directs his palantir towards Bryan Pope, resident conjurer at Arcane Wonders and the creator of Mage Wars.Enrico Nardini (EN) - Are you concerned that you will reach a "crit
Gamer Goggles posted up a video looking inside the Forged in Fire expansion for Mage Wars.SourceFrom the website:In this Box Breaking Matt takes a look at the new warlock and warlord for Mage Wars.
Mage Wars gets their expansion, Druid vs. Necromancer, reviewed by the experts over at Play Board Games.SourceFrom the review:Druid vs Necromancer is the latest expansion for Mage Wars. Included are t
Gamer Goggles has a new unboxing video up. This one's for Mage Wars: Druid vs. Necromancer.SourceFrom the video:In this Box Breaking Matt takes a good look at the newest expansion for Mage Wars; Druid
Play Unplugged has posted up another of their unboxing videos. This time it's Mage War: Druid vs. Necromancer.SourceFrom the article:Break out your spell books Play Unplugged fans! Enrico unboxes the
Play Unplugged has another of their Nobel Prize in Chemistry award winning reviews up. This one's for the Mage Wars expansion Conquest of Kumanjaro.From the review:If there is one thing a mage is alwa
Play Unplugged was at GenCon Indy (though how I managed to not run into them is beyond me. Enrico's apparently a slippery one) and talked with the guys from Mage Wars while there.From the interview:It
Play Unplugged posted another of their unboxing articles up on their website. This one's for Mage Wars: Conquest of Kumanjaro.From the article:Play Unplugged‘s intrepid adventurer can’t be held back b
Play Unplugged held their Force Master vs. Warlord event for Mage Wars over the weekend and they've posted up the results.From the event:What an awesome weekend of gaming goodness! Check out the resul
Play Unplugged is going to be holding a Mage Wars tourney at their Pittsburgh HQ.From the announcement:Mage Wars, Play Unplugged, and Phantom of the Attic Games proudly present Forcemaster Vs. Warlord
Play Unplugged has teamed up with Mage Wars to bring you free swag. Just gotta say what your favorite type of magic user is.From the website:Jump on the Play Unplugged forums and tell us about your fa
Play Unplugged has up another video interview. This one with Bryan Pope of Mage Wars.From the interview:Ten-hut gamers! Sgt. Murder is back for for Gen Con Indy 2012 madness! This interview features B
Play Unplugged have posted a video interview with the author of the Mage Wars game. From their announcement: Mage Wars made an fantastic splash at Origins Game Fair 2011! Their enthusiastic demo team