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Mantic Games

Prices change over time. That's just the way of things. But, in order to make sure you're not caught unawares, the folks over at Mantic Games are letting you know that their prices in their webshop fo
Mantic is having a Virtual Open Day tomorrow. Head over to their site and get all sorts of info and peeks into what they're working on. They're also having a big sale over in their webshop. However, y
We shouldn't be going out and about right now. Many game shops are offering curb-side pickup, but you can't really stay and play. So, how are you to get your gaming fix? Thankfully, there's virtual ta
So, we're not supposed to go outside or congregate in large numbers right now. This has lead to the cancellation of many events all over, from little ones all the way up to things like San Diego Comic
I keep forgetting that this weekend is Easter. Unfortunately, my grocery store was out of eggs when I went by there yesterday. However, while there weren't any at my Kroger, there are some over on the
February was a really tight month for me, monitarily. As such, I wasn't able to back as many Kickstarters as I otherwise might've liked. Thankfully, there's Late-Pledge periods where you can still get
Not all dwarves are nice and help out the other races of the surface world whenever they're needed. Some are deeper, darker, and have a more sadistic twist. They're the Abyssal Dwarves and if you've b
Many of you have probably see a game of Kings of War: Vanguard being played. Or maybe you've only seen posts online about it. You've been curious and want to know more. If you could only get your hand
This weekend, the American Football season comes to an end with the Super Bowl. It seems a pretty good time to celebrate sports in all its form, including using toy soldiers on your tabletop. And Mant
There's a lot of things buried deep underground. Some are rather malevolent and corruptive in nature. So, when you're a group of dwarves and you've been around those things for a long time, you get wa
Some of you had been by the Mantic HQ during one of their Open Days in the past. You got to see the latest figures, talk with the people that work there, and maybe even get some leaked information fro
2020 is upon us. If you want 2020 vision, at least in terms of what Mantic Games will be up to, they've posted a blog series looking at their different games and product lines. What's up for The Walki
Warlord isn't the only company taking the opportunity to help you correct any gift-giving mistakes that might've occurred over the last couple weeks. Mantic's in on the action as well. They've let Cra
"Get to brass tacks." It means getting rid of all the extras and boil everything down to just the essentials. That's what Mantic has done with their new Kings of War rulebook. It's the Gamer's Edition
The turkey might still be thawing in the fridge, but that doesn't mean that you can't get some post-Thanksgiving deals online. Mantic Games has launched their Black Friday sale over in their webshop.
A new supplemet is coming out soon for Kings of War. It's called Uncharted Empires and it goes on pre-sale this Friday. But... I mean, who wants to buy something they know nothing about? Nobody, that'
Dragons. Sure, they're huge and destructive, but don't you want one of your own? I know I want a dozen, myself. But getting dragon eggs isn't easy. You'll need help. But be careful, anyone who's willi
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One more for good measure
It's finally getting colder outside here in Atlanta. I don't need my AC running constantly. Granted, give it a bit and it'll be very cold and I'll have the heater going, since homes in Atlanta don't u
There's a lot of weird stuff out there. Strange, occult magic; evil, forgotten gods; hulking monsters. Best to have someone keep us safe. That's where the B.P.R.D. comes in. If you're looking to keep
Many of you are Kings of War fans out there. You have your armies. You send them out on grand crusades for your side. You take time and care assembling and painting them. But maybe you want to get eve
The undead are making their way to tabletops in Kings of War: Vanguard. Mantic has started taking orders for new figures over on their website. There's a mega-bundle, along with some support and troop
When there's a new RPG out there on the block, you might be hesitant to rush in and get a full book for it, not knowing what the system is like. But many companies put out a Quickstart guide for you t
Kings of War, the fantasy army combat game from Mantic, is getting a new edition soon (October, to be a little more specific). Making its way to 3rd edition, they look to make it the best fantasy mini
You've played the miniatures game. Soon, you'll be able to create your own character and dive headlong into the realm of Mantic's Kings of War miniatures game, as Red Scar Publishing has announced tha
If you're a Kings of War: Vanguard player and you've been itching for some new miniatures and even a new faction to try out, you're in luck. The tides are rising and the sea's coming in. The Trident R