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Mantic Games

League of Infamy is the upcoming cooperative game from Mantic where you take on the role of villains. But the game also has the option to be a 1-vs-many game. Then, one player takes on the role of the
Being the good guy is cool and all. Overall in life, that's what we should strive to be. However, sometimes it's fun to see how the other half lives. And while being a villain in real life isn't the b
In just a couple weeks, League of Infamy will be hitting Mantic's game shelves. But what went into creating this game? How did it come about? Well, we're glad you asked, as Mantic has posted up the fi
The public beta playtest for Mantic's new edition of their Firefight rules set is still ongoing. They've been getting lots of feedback and so have been making changes. They've got a new set of rules f
Mantic Games has started taking pre-orders for several new Kings of War kits over in their webshop. Want to ride a dragon into battle? Harness the power of air? Or recruit some hulking Ogres to your a
Hellboy is getting into more trouble as he looks to save the world from all manner of occult and mythical forces. Mantic has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring you some new expansions for Hellbo
The big baddies aren't the only thing that Hellboy and the other Agents of the BPRD have to worry about. There's also the minions of said baddies roaming around. There's a new Hellboy: The Board Game
The new expansions for Hellboy: The Board Game are coming to Kickstarter soon. There's plenty of strange, mythological monsters that are already in the game, but considering how many exist throughout
Mantic will soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign for new expansions for Hellboy: The Board Game. But that's not the only game they're looking to fund with the project. They've announced that they'
Mantic is looking to expand the BPRD with a new batch of agents. They'll be running a Kickstarter for an expansion for Hellboy: The Board Game. You can get a look at some of the new agents in this pre
Mantic Games is looking to get you a new edition of Firefight and they're asking for your help in making it all that it can be. The playtest is happening now and many players have already started to g
Out at sea, size matters. And the fleets of Armada are getting themselves some massive reinforcements. Mantic has started taking pre-orders for a new, huge class of ship that'll be setting sail soon.
Mantic is looking to bring out a new edition of Firefight and they want your help to make it the best game it can be. They've announced their open playtest for this 2nd edition. You can head over and
With everything else going on, I keep forgetting that Easter is this Sunday. I do have eggs to boil up and keilbasa to cook, though. And speaking of eggs, Mantic's filled their website with them. Find
Things are trending in a positive direction, but we're not ready to just go out and be with all our gaming friends just yet. As such, solo rules for games can be the one chance players have to get som
Summers for fishing and for lounging around. Fall is for raking all the leaves off the ground. Winter is for skating just like Torville and Dean. But we all know that spring is the season to clean. An
Mantic recently released an updated rulebook for Vanguard. But what were some of the thoughts behind the changes? Well, they've posted up an interview getting behind the curtain and seeing what was ch
With games as big and complex as miniatures games, there's always bound to be revisions. No matter how much playtesting a company does, once a game gets out in the wild, thousands of more gamers get a
The seas are sometimes referred to as a watery desert. Well, with the Empire of Dust, they're perfectly at home in the desert, so it should be just fine for them. They're the new faction hitting the w
"Aww, Rats!" The Mantic warehouse is getting infested by fuzzy, blad-tailed rodents. And they're looking to spread that infestation to your house as well. But don't worry, this time, it's a good thing
Still stuck at home? Still can't go out and game with friends? Still aching for getting some gaming on? I know I am. Thankfully, companies have solo variants for many of their games. And Mantic is add
The Ratkin will be the next faction headed to Vanguard from Mantic. They've already got pre-orders for the minis going on. But what do they do in the game? Well, we get a bit of a faction overview in
A new faction is soon to be hitting tabletops for Vanguard. They're the Ratkin and you can head over to the Mantic webshop and go and get your name put down on the list to get these figures as soon as
Many associate dwarves with mountains and deep caverns. But they're just as at home on the high seas as proof by the Dwarf Fleet for Armada from Mantic Games. You can head over and pre-order the new s
Mantic has a lot of stuff they're working on for 2021. What is it? Lemme explain... No, there is too much, lemme sum up. All of their games have new figures, new rules, and more coming, pretty much. Y