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Marvel Zombies

One of the most-anticipated Zombicide games ever has come to Kickstarter. It's Marvel Zombies - A Zombicide Game. Take on the role of either infected heroes trying to spread the plague around or as th
In Marvel Zombies, you play as infected heroes trying to infect even more people. But that's not the only way to play the game. In the X-Men expansion box, you get Hero Mode, which actually puts you i
A zombie plague is spreading throughout the Marvel universe and even the mighty heroes are succumbing to it. And in Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game, you're trying to help it along! In this Design Dia
Everyone's being turned into a zombie. That includes the mightiest of heroes. But it's not all downsides with the zombie plague. Check out the different traits zombies get in Marvel Zombies: A Zombici
Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game is coming to Kickstarter at the start of next year. Instead of trying to hunt down the zombies, you're looking to spread the contagion far and wide as infected superhe
The next Kickstarter coming from CMON is a biggie. The world of Marvel is coming together with the world of Zombicide with Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game. Get our first look inside the design aspect