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The goblins in the region want to get a hold of the sentient sword, Goblingrief so that they can destroy it. They've taken a hostage in order to show they mean business. It's up to the party to find t
Having a pre-made adventure is great for DMs who are short on time to prepare for their game. Just swap out a few things to make it pertinent to your game and off you go. The Black Lotus of Thalarion
So, as we all know, the dream police live inside of my head (they're the judge and jury all in one). But what happens when they arrest you? You go to The Dream Prison. Ok, that isn't actually what hap
The Bloodstone of Targun is a mystical, magical stone, revered for its life-enhancing properties. The party has been asked to get it back out of the Mirefen bog. However, the local frog people have de