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Metal King Studio

When getting into a new gaming system, it can sometimes be difficult to know where just to start. You don't know exactly what all you might be getting into, and you don't really want to waste money on
The work week continues along. It's already half-over, in fact. Hopefully yours is going well. Mine's not been great, but I'm making it through. Got board game day at the library coming up this weeken
Metal King Studio is jumping onto the 2-player starter set bandwagon. They've released their two-player starter set for Relicblade. So you and a buddy can get started right away. Or you can pick up a
The Pig Men are on the march. ... That sounds kind of tasty, actually. I've been having pork tenderloin for dinner this week. Very yummy. *coughs* But I'm getting off-topic. Yes, Pig Men. The Pig Men
Time ever-marches onward! Well... as far as we know, anyway. I guess time could stop for a while and if we were stopped along with it, we'd never really know it'd happened. Unless you were some sort o
Welcome to Friday, ladies and gentlenerds. We've made it here once more. Congratulations!It means the weekend is just about here. Time to rejoice.It also means we have a batch of bite-sized stories to