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Miniature Building Authority

Miniature Building Authority is in their final 9 days up on Kickstarter. They've created a new reward tier for those that want to get all the terrain they possibly can.SourceFrom the post:We want to g
Miniature Building Authority is just heading through all the stretch goals that they can. They're closing in on another one over on Kickstarter.SourceFrom the post:Hello Backers,Thank you for supporti
Miniature Building Authority certainly didn't waste any time over on Kickstarter. They're well over 2x funded and growing quickly. If you haven't seen the page, heck, since yesterday, there's a lot mo
Miniature Building Authority has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their new castle terrain. Go get yourself a nice place for your little mans to live or to lay siege to.SourceFrom the campaign:
Miniature Building Authority has less than 10 days to go before the launch of their Castle Kickstarter Campaign. Don't miss out on this one.SourceFrom them to you:We are ready to go and just counting
Miniature Building Authority has been waiting to launch this Kickstarter all year, but they're finally about to get their Castle Terrain Kickstarter campaign off the ground. Launch date: October 1st.S
Miniature Building Authority continues their summer sale, but is gonna switch it on 'em (yeah, Flipmode's the greatest) with some new products being added to the list while others rotate out.SourceFro
Miniature Building Authority gets ready for the new season by sending off the old one with a sale over on their website.SourceFrom the sales sheet:We had a great summer and enjoyed seeing all our frie
Miniature Building Authority will be over in CincyCon next weekend. Stop by and give Kirk a hug. Tell him I sent you.SourceFrom the announcement:For our first time ever, Miniature Building Authority i
Miniature Building Authority has released a new free castle layout template tool so you can design your own castles with MBA's current and future castle releases in preparation for their Kickstarter c
Miniature Building Authority is showing off the prototype pieces that they're working on for their Castle Kickstarter campaign coming early next year.SourceFrom the update:Many of you don’t know that
Miniature Building Authority is running an early bird pre-order sale for some of their latest terrain pieces over on their website.SourceFrom the sales sheet:We are expecting these to arrive in JAN/FE
Miniature Building Authority has a new 15mm bunker and 28mm tool shed available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:We had requests for a larger bunker that could hold a Anti-Tank Gun inside.
Miniature Building Authority has some new shanties available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:Shanties are now available: Miniature Building Authority announces release of two new Direct I
Miniature Building Authority has two new terrain features available to order directly from their webshop. Keep your little mans safe with these new bunkers.SourceFrom the release:As we continue to exp
Miniature Building Authority has posted up their final End of Summer Sale sets. Go get yourself some terrain for your table.SourceFrom the update:In appreciation for everyone's support the fifth and f
Miniature Building Authority has updated the list of terrain pieces that are available at a pretty nice discount as part of their End of Summer Sale.Go check out what's available now.SourceFrom the up
Miniature Building Authority has another of their End of Summer Specials going on this week over on their website. Go get yourself some great-looking terrain for your tabletop.SourceThis sale includes
Miniature Building Authority will be another of the attending vendors at Historicon. You should give Kirk a hug when you see him there. Tell him I told you to do it.From the post:Miniature Building Au
Miniature Building Authority is having a sale on their Americana-style buildings over in their webshop.From the announcement:We are celebrating American Independence Day with a big sale on both our 15
Miniature Building Authority has their new Concrete Tower available over in their webshop.From the announcement:Miniature Building Authority’s line of Direct Terrain has added a new item to the line u
Miniature Building Authority will be out at Origins this week. Stop by and say hello to Kirk. Give him a hug. Tell him I sent you.From the announcement:Be on the look out for Kirk & Jim:Kirk & Jim are
Miniature Building Authority makes sure you know what is and isn't available with their updated Collector's Guide.From the update:Are you a collector? Do you like to know what’s available and what isn
This is a pretty good one...The CMON Expo will have more events than just what our company is providing. Our distinguished Attending Vendors will also be running their own events during the show. This
Miniature Building Authority expands their 15mm terrain with their new farmstead and train station.From the release:Miniature Building Authority announces that the 15mm Farmstead II and the 15mm Train