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Every month, there's a new, exclusive mini that you can pick up at your local GW store. This month, it's a new Grey Knight figure for 40k.
Ok, so yesterday did pretty much feel like Tuesday. And today's feeling like a Wednesday so far. We'll see if that continues or if this week will just have dial-a-day like we did last week. It being W
If you're playing a Prussian or Spanish army in Black Powder, this Sunday you'll be able to order some new soldiers to bolster your ranks. Each army is getting a new kit. You can check them out below.
Though their legs are short, the Halflings have almost made it to the battlefields in Kings of War. In this article, Mantic talks with the army's designer to look into what went into making sure these
The Thousand Sons army is getting a big boost this weekend with a new codex and being included in the new Hexfire starter box for 40k. In this preview, we get a look at some of the special rules that
We've gotten a lot of looks at how the upcoming version of Kill Team will work. From how attacks work to a look at the scenarios and campaigns. But in this preview, we get something a bit more fundame
Death comes for us all. But some think that that's not the end. Necromancers are like, "hey, just because you're dead doesn't mean you can't be useful." And it's a powerful, new necromancer that's com
Blood Bowl players tend to be rather big and burly (when they're not small and stunty). One of the burliest might be Scyla Anfingrimm. Get a look at their new miniature in this preview.
<weewoo weewoo weewoo> We have a Giant Dragon Alert going because new dragons are coming to Age of Sigmar. Powerful enough on their own, when they transport a mighty champion to battle, they get
One similarity between the Grey Knights and the forces of Tzeentch in 40k are that both are strong in pyschic power. In this preview, we get a look at some new powers they'll be getting in their new c
Another week, another set of pre-releases available from Games Workshop. But what about this upcoming week? Well, there's yet a whole new set of pre-releases coming. This time around, it's Grey Knight
Games Workshop has new Sisters of Battle and House Delaque pre-releases available to order over in their webshop. So, why is this tagged as a Terrain Corner? Because there's also a big, new, sci-fi te
Just about all of us have missed a Kickstarter we meant to back. The money wasn't there at the time. We missed the reminder. Whatever. Thankfully, there's often a chance to late pledge to it. And that
Earth is going to be attacked. That means, we should all prepare ourselves with some <whoop! whoop! whoop!> yes, giant robots. Catalyst Game Labs is previewing the table of contents of the upcom
The latest batch of figures is now available from Corvus Belli. Head over and check out these new Infinity kits to add to your squads.
The new edition of Kill Team is almost upon us. These skirmish games can be played in several ways. That includes a new narrative campaign that you and your fellow players can progress along as you ba
Longtime readers know that my favorite miniatures are the ones that stretch the bounds of the term "miniature." The Colossals are just such figures and Infernal players in Warmachine have not just one
The Stormcast Eternals. The unequivocal "good guys" of the Age of Sigmar world. They're getting a new Battletome soon for the game and Games Workshop is giving you a first look inside, along with some
I'm usually all about, "Friday! Woo!" but considering no other day has felt like the day it's supposed to be, neither has today. I guess that doesn't mean that I'm any less excited about it, technical
The gridiron is getting a new batch of players duking it out for dominance. Blacklist Games has announced Myth & Goal, a new fantasy sports game that they'll be bringing to Kickstarter soon.
Warlord Games is adding to their line of figures. This time around, it's through the acquisition of the Trent Miniatures line of figures.
The Spire is filled with those looking down upon (rather literally) those in the underhive. However, sometimes, these haughty aristocrats head down to carve out a name for themselves there. Lady Credo
The new Kill Team box set comes with lots of Orky terrain for your tabletop. And if it was just a preview of how the pieces look, that'd make for a regular Terrain Corner entry. However, in this previ
Sure, the ships are the main focus of Armada, but there's a secondary blue ocean up in the sky that is also seeing combat. Fliers have taken to the skies and they're going to change up how the game wo
The new edition of Kill Team rebuilds the game from the ground up. We've seen a lot of previews about minis and how attacks work and such, but what about the fights themselves? Will you just be throwi