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Another new core box set is making its way to your tabletops soon for The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms from Modiphius. Fighting against those vampires from earlier today, we have the Dawnguard and thei
Even if you've already got your name on the list to get your new Codex Chaos Space Marine, you can still want to know what's inside. And so, we get a look at the Crusade Rules for these damned forces.
There's a new resin core set coming soon for The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms, the fantasy miniatures game from Modiphius. They're the Vampires and they're ready to drain the blood of all who stand in
Games Workshop is working its way through making sure its games run as smoothly as possible. We've gotten Age of Sigmar and 40k. Now, it's time for Kill Team to get a bit of a balance. You can downloa
I have always loved the aesthetic of Infinity. They really have, to me, some of the coolest minis out there. And the Bultrak is no exception. Coming out in just a couple days, you can get a closer loo
I do miss playing my storm-based Cygnar army in Warmachine. And Privateer Press is giving us some more new figures in that vein to check out. A new chariot and a new unit this time in their previews.
It's a sci-fi weekend over at Games Workshop. They've got the latest batches of pre-releases up and it's all 40k and The Horus Heresy. New books. New kits. New accessories. Mostly, it's the new Chaos
From those that lead the waves of troops into battle to those troops in those waves, everything about the hordes of Chaos is getting updated with their new Codex for 40k. In this preview, we get a loo
Games Workshop is spoiling what Abaddon the Despoiler does in the new Chaos Codex. Seems fitting enough. Get a look at this major name in the ranks of the Chaos Hordes in this preview.
Options, options, options. It's what gamers want when putting together their figures and Games Workshop often delivers. Such is the case with their Contemptor Dreadnaught kit they're showing off. This
Slaine is the newest fantasy minis game from Warlord Games and it's getting a bit of an expansion. Warlord Games is showing off a bunch of new kits that will be available soon.
Catalyst Game Labs has been busy working on Leviathans for a while and they're prepped to show off some new stuff. In this instance, they're giving us a peek at the German sets they've been testing. H
Age of Sigmar got theirs. Now, 40k gets its. It's the Balance Dataslate and you can download your copy now from the GW website for free. Make sure you're using the most up-to-date rules for your minis
Age of Sigmar isn't the only game that's getting a bit of an update from Games Workshop. 40k is also on the list of games that are getting tweaked. In this case, it's the game's points update. You can
There's nothing quite like a relaxing walk in the woods. For Gwyll, every walk is a relaxing walk in the woods. He brings it with him wherever he goes. Get a look at this new figure for Malifaux in th
Been a while since we've heard about Leviathans, but Catalyst Game Labs has been working on it steadily all this time. How do we know? They've posted an update about what they've been doing just this
We got a points update, but what about updating models that needed a bit more of a tweak to their stat block? Well, that's here, too, as Games Workshop has posted a Balance Update for Age of Sigmar. G
Back when I played Warmachine, Cygnar was my faction of choice at the end. I just loved all the lightning-based figures. So, if Privateer Press were trying to lure me back in, these are just the minis
The Fae are making their way to the Godtear arena. Lily, a new Champion, has her set available to pre-order now over on the Steamforged Games website.
Looking to add some more Marauders to your Deadzone army? Got some figures and need some stats? Mantic's here to help by posting them up on their website for you.
With so many different moving parts in Age of Sigmar, it takes constant tweaks to make sure things are running smoothly. And that occasionally means turning some dials. In this instance, it's updating
Better pack your galoshes. It's gonna get wet. There's a dragon turtle on the loose and it's up to your party to take care of it. It's the new Epic Encounter available to order from Steamforged Games.