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The Warcry: Catacombs box set is a new starter for the game, letting players quickly jump into the game with two complete forces, map board, dice, counters, and more. In this preview, we get a look at
A new champion is making his way onto the sands in Arena DeathMatch. He's the Tower of Torment and Avatars of War has posted up his stats online so you can add this gladiator of great renown to your f
When you're high up in the skies, you may feel that the ground below you simply doesn't exist. But it most definitely does, and if you're a military aircraft, there's a good chance that the enemy has
I was just thinking the other day, "Hmm, we've not seen a Star Wars: Legion preview in a bit." Well, I look and there's a new one now up. And it's a biggie. Fantasy Flight is showing off the upcoming
The Cold War is turning hot and the forces are facing off against one-another on the plains of Europe. That's the scenario in the WWIII game Team Yankee. And if you're looking to be on the side of the
Diametrically opposed forces today in the new release for Super Dungeon Conquest from Ninja Division. On one side, you have the valiant paladin astride his mighty steed. On the other, zombies just loo
A new batch of House Orlock figures is coming to the GW webshop this weekend, ready to expand your Necromunda collections. But what is coming and what's some of the background behind these new figures
One Page Rules updates are never small. This one's no exception. They've got new units, a sale on their Arena games, voting for their painting contest, and plenty more. Head on over and take a look fo
The new British & Canadian Sectors field guide that's coming out for Bolt Action won't only focus on the Allied side of the battle line. Facing off against them were part of the Luftwaffe Field Di
Catacombs is the new core box set coming for Warcry and it will take players deep underground into the twisting passages and tunnels. Being a core box, it comes with a lot of stuff, including two warb
The first expansion for the sci-fi minis game set in the Iron Kingdoms, Warcaster, is up on Kickstarter now. Collision Course brings you new scenarios, new vehicles, and an entirely new faction for th
A new Blood Bowl season is nearly upon us. And with the new season comes a new box set with two complete teams, including big guys. Want a look inside and prepare your scouting report? That's just wha
While many people focus on the American sections of the D-Day landings, the action was truly all the Allies working together. In the upcoming campaign book for Bolt Action, they take a look at the Can
Dig in the dark is a gas. Baby, can you dig it? There's countless tunnels underground and you're going to be the one in control of them. At least, you will be if you master Warcry: Catacombs, the new
In just a couple days, Infinity players will be able to pick up the new Tartary Army Corps Pack and add it to their collection. It's a rather robust box, with a lot of figures inside. Want to get a be
Games Workshop continues along with their 40k releases in the form of some new Necron and Space Marine releases. There's a new Ctan, new Monolith, new Tech Marine, and more. Have yourselves a look.
Deep down, I'm still a greenskin at heart. And that's why I'm excited about this week's Forge World pre-order of the Mega Bommer for Aeronautica Imperialis. Though, I gotta admit, I know it'd cost a p
warmaster 2 days ago
Nuts! The "whole" game for 40 pounds (at least here in Poland). One model for 60 pounds. I'd rather buy two main boxes.
A trio of new superstars for Rumbleslam are out today from TTCombat. Want to know what these new wrestlers are like in the ring before you either hire them for your squad or see them in the opposing c
The Soviet army had plenty of manpower during WWII. That includes not just the frontline troops, but also all the various support units that helped the Red Army turn the tide of the war. Battlefront h
Yeah, it's kind of a funky headline, but it's what we've got. Anyway, one of the next ships coming out for X-Wing is the new V-Wing. Quick, nimble, not the heaviest armed or armored ship out there, bu
It's a One Page Rules update, so there's going to be a ton involved. For starters, there's two new games from them. Arena for both Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy. But they've also got a painting c
I know, they call them Codexes, but c'mon... Anyway, we just got the Necrons and the Space Marines, but what's coming up next? Glad you asked. And GW is glad to let you know. Want to see when your 40k
There's never just a single thing going on in a One Page Rules update. So, while the focus might be on the bunches of new releases of figures, there's also an update about print-on-demand as well as t
House Orlock is getting a new book for their gang in Necromunda. These salt-of-the-earth gang members are pulled from the working class. There's several new rules to show off that nature, and you can
I mean, Armada is a combat game. I suppose you could just ram into one-another, but these ships all have powerful armaments on board. And when it's time to open up a cannonade, you'll want to know how