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WWII had many tense moments and battles. Exploiting gaps in enemy lines. Covert missions. Desperate defensive actions. In this scenario new Bolt Action scenario from Warlord Games, the British assault
It's the wizarding world's most popular sport, Quiddich. Teams of players on brooms look to score goals while one player attempts to catch the Golden Snitch. Soon, you'll be able to bring that high-fl
frankeajs 8 days ago
IT's SNITCH not snight
TGN_Polar_Bear 8 days ago
We all tyop from time to tiem.
The ancient Meso-Americans are making their way to Warlords of Erehwon in a new supplement coming soon. Along with the regular troops, there's plenty of mythic creatures that will also be taking to th
Warlord Games and Skytrex Military Models have been working together for a while, but the two have become even closer as Warlord Games has fully and officially acquired the model-makers. This will exp
TTCombat's latest faction for Dropfleet Commander is the Resistance. Since they're the new kids on the block, they don't have as many options as the other factions. However, they're catching up a litt
Exactly one month from now, Corvus Belli will have their next batch of releases available for you. Want to know what's coming out for Infinity and CodeOne? Have yourselves a look-see. They'll be hitti
Just like with their Age of Sigmar boxes, 40k is getting Battlebox sets this holiday season as well. Want to get into the game or start a new faction? Here's some kits that'll get you an entire battle
While Atomic Mass Games might be taking over the various Star Wars lines, Fantasy Flight still has this preview of the upcoming Separatist fleet box for Star Wars: Armada. If you're looking for a droi
This holiday season, Games Workshop is going to make it easy to get into Age of Sigmar with their Battleforce Box Sets. They're an entire army in one go. There's 4 coming, and we get a preview of them
Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants! Out on the high seas, it's not just cannonades at a dozen yards. Sometimes, you just gotta jump onboard an enemy ship and take them out man-to-man. In this previe
Thanksgiving is only a week and a half away here in the US. Of course, that means that Black Friday is at hand. Want to know what Corvus Belli will be having on sale? You can check it out here.
Due to some restructuring, Star Wars: Legion, X-Wing, and Star Wars: Armada are moving their way from Fantasy Flight over to Atomic Mass Games. They're the company that's making the Marvel miniatures
Games Workshop is having a big preview weekend coming up. They're calling it Decadence and Decay and if you play any of the games shown there in the featured image, you'll want to tune in. When is it
It's time to hit the canvas and enter the squared circle. Some new Rumbleslam releases are available from TTCombat in the form of new booster boxes for the Heavy Pounders and the Green Bruisers. Each
The pandemic of this year has changed a lot of release schedules for every company out there. And it's not going to just disappear at the start of 2021. So, what kind of roadmap do releases like Riot
The French army wasn't able to withstand the German onslaught in WWII and the country eventually fell. However, the French people weren't going to have any of this fascist occupation and so many took
13! 75! 83! Omaha! Hike! It's time to get back onto the gridiron as a new edition of Blood Bowl hits the pre-order circuit over at Games Workshop. There's the new box set, a new team, new extras, and
Genesys Games has two new sourcebooks up on Kickstarter for their The Genesys Project miniatures game. They're Revelations and Exodus and they'll aid you in evolving your factions that you create your
The new edition of Blood Bowl will not only update the general rules for the game, but all the teams are getting updated as well. How each one will be changing is relegated to the rulebook, but for so
Friday. The precipice to the weekend. I'm interested in getting there, for sure. It's been a rough month for many, and we're only halfway through it. Can you believe that Thanksgiving is in less than
When Battlefront has a big release, they don't like to just throw it out there to the shops and call it good. No, they go all-out with events all weekend on their website. And since the Soviets book f
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert! This time, it's a pair of Knights for Adeptus Titanicus that are stomping their way onto the scene in Forge World's webshop.
Though France was defeated in WWII, that doesn't mean that they stopped fighting. An underground resistance quickly formed all over the country. These insurgents were well-armed and coordinated, able
The archons are powerful representations of various forces in the world of Warmachine and Hordes. Some new ones are slated to be hitting tabletops soon, and Privateer Press wanted to let you all look
The recruitment process for the Unsullied kills 2/3 of the people that sign up for it. However, the ones that are left are some of the greatest warriors in the realms. This month, House Targaryen Comm