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Mantic Games has started taking pre-orders for several new Kings of War kits over in their webshop. Want to ride a dragon into battle? Harness the power of air? Or recruit some hulking Ogres to your a
Games Workshop had plenty to show off last week during Warhammer Fest. And apparently, all the 40k previews were too much for just one day. So, while the Sisters of Battle got the majority the first d
Raise your banners high. A new champion box for Godtear is available to order from Steamforged Games. It's the Helena, the Inspiration of Hope set. You can head over and get yours ready to ship to you
Want to see what's coming out for Infinity next month? I'm sure you do. I did. And Corvus Belli is giving us just that look as they've posted a gallery of releases. Have yourselves a look.
It's most a trio of games that's got new pre-orders up over on the Games Workshop website. First off, there's the new Necromunda 2-player starter set. But there's also the new Ork gang for Warhammer U
As always, One Page Rules' posts are full of stuff, even if the intro is like, "This'll just be a quick one." That means it's only like 15 new things, as opposed to 150. They've got campaign rules for
Age of Sigmar is getting an update. Games Workshop, as part of last week's Warhammer Fest Online, has announced that the fantasy miniatures game is getting itself a new edition. What will this new ver
The West Germans are the newest sets to come out for Team Yankee, the minis game about an alternate world where WWIII is going on in the plains of Europe. They've got a new starter set that Battlefron
A new set of wrestlers is looking to get in the Rumbleslam ring. These new figures will be hitting shelves soon, so head on over and see what they're capable of.
I've mentioned it all week, but this one really did seem to go by quick. As always, that's not a complaint. I'm always ready for the weekend. Gonna either be a relaxed one where I don't do much of any
Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants! Get ready for some high-seas, swashbuckling action with Pirates of the Dread Sea. There's a new, digital version of the game up on Kickstarter. Though that doesn'
School's just finishing up for a lot of students out there. Time for summer vacation! But Privateer Press is looking to jump past that and head all the way back to school returning in August. And alon
Warhammer Fest Online continues. Weren't able to make it to all the announcement streams? That's fine, because you can get a quick overview of it all here. Today, it's all about Warhammer Underworlds,
A new starter set is in the works for Malifaux. In this preview, we get a look at Kirai, one of the figures coming within.
This preview from Warhammer Fest Online is actually about Black Library stuff. We don't normally do fluff articles, but considering we also get a look at the upcoming redone Gaunt's Ghosts box set, I
Hedkrakka's Madmob is the new Ork mob coming for Direchasm. If you're looking to get these new savage Orks, you'll want to check out this preview. They've got their stat cards as well as the deck of c
Halfway through the week already. I'm certainly not complaining that things seem to be going by rather quickly. So, let's keep it all rolling right along with some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on
Warhammer Fest 2021 Online continues. Day 2 heads from the past to the far-off future of the 41st millennium. Yes, it's Warhammer 40k, and most of the previews include looking at the upcoming Adeptus
The Kickstarter campaign for the most recent expansions for Riot Quest are going to end soon. But before that clock hits 0, Privateer Press wanted to give you some more insight into the new mode that'
Warhammer Fest 2021 Online is a GO! And they're starting out with Age of Sigmar. There's... there's a lot to look at. Lots of new minis. New books. New... well, as I say, a bit of everything. Head on
Modiphius just dropped a whole bunch of new pre-orders for their The Elder Scrolls minis game up on their webshop. This is the second chapter of the game, with loads of new kits to check out. They've
There's one thing I definitely agree with in this One Page Rules update: April too forever to get through, it seemed. In this post, they look back at what all came last month as well as looking ahead.
Been wondering what Corvus Belli has been up to? Well, there's a quick and easy way to find out about upcoming releases. Corvus Belli has posted Studio Update 13. Check out the video of what's in the
We didn't have any pre-orders from GW this past weekend. But this upcoming weekend won't be a shut-out as well. They've got plenty of new stuff showing up. And along with that, it's Warhammer Fest 202
Mostly back to normal in terms of how I feel after getting my 2nd vaccine shot earlier in the week. However, I'm still really interested in getting back to the weekend. I've had a bit of a video game