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Generally, when we get releases from Modiphius, it's a new RPG book of some kind. This time around, it's a board game as well as its expansion. Jagged Alliance is a cooperative board game where players are mercenaries looking to topple an oppressive dictator. Then there's the Underground expansion, where things head, as one would expect, underground to take on a new threat to humanity. Both are available now.

A trip to the Scottish highlands sounds nice and relaxing. I certainly wouldn't mind going there. However, I might skip it if there's a ton of ghost activity in the region. And that's just what is going on in Ghosts of Glencoe, a new adventure for the Liminal RPG. Players must find out why the restless spirits have been extra-restless lately. You can pick up a pdf of this new adventure now.

The human race has been flung far across the cosmos. A disaster during the days of Babylon rent asunder the fabric between the real and the vast horrors of everything else. Many humans were lost, but some have managed to survive and migrate to Llyhn, the center of the cosmos. It's into this strange universe that you find yourselves in Black Void, a new dark fantasy RPG, the core book of which is available now from Modiphius.

For those looking for more content for the Infinity RPG from Modiphius, you're in luck. There's four new products available to get you going in your game. Starting off, for those thinking of trying a new faction, there's the Aleph book. For those running the game, there's the GM's Guide. And then there's a pair of decks, one for various Locations and another for the Wilderness of Mirrors that cane help guide your games. All of them are available in some format now.

Whenever you're getting into a new RPG, or any game for that matter, it helps to have a guide that can get you the basic info about the game, some of its rules, and a good look at what you can expect to find. Modiphius is good about making Quickstart books available for their different games. In this case, it's Devil's Run. Interested in this high-octane post-apocalyptic RPG? Why not get yourself the free-to-download Quickstart guide for it? It's available now.

Digital books are great. You can carry a whole library in your hand. You can search through them with ease. ... But, I mean, at the end of the day? I'd prefer a real book in my hand. For those that've been waiting for the physical copy of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare RPG books from Modiphius to be released, you'll be happy to know that you can pick up your copy of the core book now.

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

And another Giant Robot Alert going off in here today. This time around, it's Liberty Prime, the huge robot stomping its way to tabletops in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare from Modiphius. You can head on over to their webshop and get your name on the list to get this figure when it's released in about a month.

Listening to Type O Negative while typing this seems rather appropriate. Anyway, one of the things about Vampire: The Masquerade is that they have a worldwide network of games that people will join in with. Sure, other games do this sort of thing as well, but it's sort of one of the things V:TM is known for. And Modiphius is making sure that the newest edition continues that legacy. They're signing up people now for their Organized Play system. They've also teased some new releases that you can look forward to.

For those of you Barsoom fans, there's a couple of new releases for the John Carter of Mars RPG available now over on the Modiphius website. There's the Player's Guide (incredibly handy, that), the Heroes of Helium Miniatures, for representing your characters on the tabletop, the Character and Token Card Deck (for even more representation on the table), and finally the Landscap and Location card deck, to make sure you've got some varried terrain while you're gaming.

So, later this week is a holiday for us here in the US. I'll be taking some time off, so it's actually really helpful that Modiphius is letting us know about some releases they'll be having on the 4th. Lets me still tell you about it, while I'll be BBQing and making things explode. Anyway, this Thursday, they'll be releasing several RPG decks for the Infinity RPG.

The bombs have fallen. The world has been nuked. Now it's time to come out from the vaults and see what's left. That's what you do in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare from Modiphius. But, if you'd like to get even more into the meat of things and take on a character of your own, you now can with the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare RPG book. The PDF of which is available now.

If you've been waiting for some new City of Mist books and supplies, now's your chance. Modiphius has whole new print editions of items like the MC Toolkit, Player's Guide, GM Screen, and more. If you're not sure, you can go check out a free PDF Starter Set first. Try before you buy.

Using miniatures when playing an RPG may not always be 100% necessary, but I, for one, really prefer it. Theater of the mind is fine, but I like having physical representations of things out on the table to keep track of things. Modiphius is here to help for those playing the Star Trek RPG with their new Iconic Villains minis set. You can order yours now.

Modiphius has a new adventure book for the Infinity RPG now available. It's called Cost of Greed and it takes players on a non-linear adventure of smuggling, intelligence gathering, corruption, and all over the Human Sphere. You can pick up your copy now.

Some new miniatures are available for Achtung! Cthulhu from Modiphius. They're the Unleashed version of Sing and Araine. And, I have to admit, the effect on the Singh Unleashed miniature is rather interesting. These figures can be used in your RPG games or games of the Achtung! Cthulhu minis game.

In their ever-continuing quest to be the publisher for every RPG ever created, Modiphius has a new one available over in their webshop. This time it's Liminal. The world we live in is a lot more exciting than it seems. Wizards, fey, supernatural foes. They all exist for those who want to look. You can get the core book in pdf now. They also have the physical version, but it sold out already.

You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you! Damn you all to hell!

Ok, so that was from Planet of the Apes and we're talking about Fallout, but the overall theme's the same. Nuclear war has devastated the land and now people are trying to scratch out a living in the aftermath. With few resources left, those out in the wasteland are constantly in conflict for them. That's where things pick up in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, the new expansion book coming from Modiphius. If you want the book as soon as it's available, you can pre-order your copy now.

The horrors of WWII were immense. And that's just the real world before you throw in other-dimension horros like Cthulhu. But that's just what happens in Achtung! Cthulu from Modiphius. And to help you bring that existential horror to your tabletops, they've got a quartet of new miniatures sets available over on their website.

Someone here... is a murderer. *gasping!*

But now you have to figure out who, and everyone has skeletons in their closet. Agatha Christie - Death on the Cards is a new card game announed by Modiphius. Players are looking to collectively solve a murder and stop the culprit from escaping. However, one of the players IS the murderer and is trying to throw everyone else off their track. Will justice be served?

Looking at that tile and that cover, can this book get any more 80s/90s action movie? I really don't think so. here we have Freeway Warrior 3: The Omega Zone, the third in the solo adventure series. Hit the mean streets of a post-apocalyptic society where everyone's out for themselves, looking to grab whatever resources they can and make it out alive.

Thursday. Friday Eve. We've almost made it back to the weekend, everyone. I know I'm excited, because we'll be playing D&D again. We missed a session, so that means it's been 4 weeks since our last game. Faaaaaar too long. But, in the meantime, we still have today and tomorrow to get through. And that means making your gaming tables look good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Candle Holder Kit Available from Tabletop-Art, Manorhouse Workshop Sale Happening Now, Crashed Vertibird Terrain Available From Modiphius, and Official Eden Terrain Mats Available From Deep-Cut Studio.

For those that want to get more involved with your Infinity games, you can head over to the Infinity RPG from Modiphius. They have two new sourcebooks available for two of the major factions. You can get pdf versions of the Nomads and PanOceania books now.

Most of you probably know Modiphius for their large amount of RPGs they produce. And, truly, their catalog is vast and varied. But soon, they'll be bringing you a new board game, one that's based on a very popular line of videogames. It's The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms, and the first promo miniature is available to pre-order now.

You gotta begin somewhere. We were all new to a game system once, and there's better and worse ways to go about getting started. I'm always a fan of starter sets. And that's just what we have here for City of Mist, the comic-book-film-noir RPG from Modiphius. They have a new starter set available, which will be the first before a bunch more releases next month.

Many of you were part of the Conan board game Kickstarter that Monolith ran a while back. It busted through tons of stretch goals and added quite a lot of content to the game. Well, the folks over at Modiphius leaned over and said, "Hey, that's amazing stuff. Mind if we adapt it for our RPG?" And the folks at Monolith were like, "Yeah! That'd be awesome!" Hence, the Monolith Sourcebook for the Conan RPG was born. The print edition is now available, for those of you that love having actual books-in-hand.


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