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Plastic. Pewter. Resin. Cheese. There's many different materials that can be used to construct your miniatures. Privateer Press has used a bit of all of them (maybe not the cheese). But soon, they're
2020 has certainly been quite a year. I know a lot of people are looking forward to it ending. Well, here's something to actually look forward to in 2021 beyond just "it's not 2020 anymore." Privateer
Considering we're more than a week into September, it seems like it's ok to be thinking about the end of the year. And that's what Privateer Press is doing as they show off what they'll be releasing t
You know about the Giant Robot Alert. You've heard me talk about needing a Giant Dragon Alert. This story is basically a combination of the two. The Draken Armada seem to be a faction after my own hea
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Yup, it's giant robot alert time. Privateer Press is showing off what they'll be coming out with in November. Here's your Thanksgiving feast for your tabletops.
Today's the first day of Gen Con. And while I'm sitting in my living room, I can still attend. And you can, too. As long as you have an internet connection and a device to get you there, you can parti
Privateer Press continues their Monsterpocalypse: Megaton Mashup scenario releases with Globbicus. Man, just looking at that thing reminds me of the last time I had a really bad head cold. I'm pretty
We're halfway through 2020. What does Privateer Press having coming for the rest of the year? What are they working on for 2021? Are there any new surprises waiting in the wings? You can find out by w
October is arguably my favorite month. Temperatures are mellowing out. The leaves are changing colors. And yes, I like cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger (aka - pumpkin spice). If you're a fan of
Privateer Press is regularly coming out with new scenarios for Megaton Mashup, the cooperative form of Monsterpocalypse. This week is no different. In this scenario, one of the poster-monsters...<w
Megaton Mashup is the new cooperative version of Monsterpocalypse. Privateer Press is going to be regularly coming out with new scenarios for you to try out based on the different monsters in the game
Seems like a good post to have on a Monday, since half this post is about terrain. Though, in Monsterpocalypse, the terrain is just as much a part of your army build as your army is, so there's that.
Megaton Mashup is the new cooperative way to play Monsterpocalypse. With its release, Privateer Press will be releasing special scenarios for the game, focusing on each of the different monsters avail
Yes, it's the new monster available today for Monsterpocalypse. Want to know what it does before you plonk down your money and get him? You can check out Blastikutter's rules in this preview over on t
I almost feel that this one could go in today's Terrain Corner, since that's what most of it is. But there's one big monster in there, so we'll call it it's own post for now. Anyway, if you're looking
Some of you might want to be woken up only once September ends. But if you do that, you'll sleep through Privateer Press' releases for that month. Want to make sure you are awake? Be sure to set an al
Paul 167 days ago
I want to like these Warcaster minis so much, then I look at my Infinity stuff... They're cool, but not sure if I'll be convinced on picking this up.
<whoop! whoop! whoop!>You know that sound. It's the Giant Robot Alert and that's because we've got some new releases from Privateer Press, arguably the place we get most of our Giant Robot Alert
With all the things going on in the world, it's no surprise when a company has to shuffle around their release schedule a bit. That'll even happen when everything is fairly normal in the world, let al
Some people would rather work with others rather than compete against them. That's certainly fine, as there are plenty of cooperative games out there to choose from. Soon, there will be another one in
August. It'll be here before you know it. And hopefully we'll be able to go outside and enjoy the summer sun. But something else we'll hopefully be enjoying in August is Warcaster, the new sci-fi mini
There's a new batch of releases available for you from Privateer Press. There's a pair of Convergence units for Warmachine, a new beastie for Monsterpocalypse, and a new figure for Riot Quest. Many ga
The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the convention schedule for this year. It's going to be a pretty light year for actual events, it seems, as one more has been removed from the list. I mea
Convention season is going to be a little different this year than in years past. Many have been cancelled and many more will possibly postpone or cancel before the year is out. That can be rough if y
The gaming industry has been really shaken up by all the goings-on with the Coronavirus. Releases have been pushed back, rearranged, moved around, and all sorts of things. That includes Privateer Pres
Don't you want to say, "In July" over the snow? Isn't that the fun of it?