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My Little Pony

Adventures in Equestria is a new deck-building game coming soon from Renegade Game Studios based on the popular My Little Pony series (if you couldn't tell from "Equestria" there in the title). Renega
Renegade Game Studios is coming out with a new deck-building game based on My Little Pony. It's called My Little Pony: Adventures in Equestria and we get our second look at what the game entails and s
The Mane 6 are looking to save Equestria from all problems, big or small. Only through working together will they accomplish their goals. That's where you find yourself in My Little Pony: Adventures i
Renegade Con was over the weekend and it absolutely unloaded a torrent of information about what the company has been working on. They've been busy bees over there as there's a total of... *counts*...
You've seen the bunches of Heroes of the Grid releases coming out these days. Well, Hasbro has been happy with their partnership with Renegade Game Studios and has deepened that partnership, expanding
While I'm a "book in my hands" kinda gamer, I certainly also like having digital versions around so I can check things in the rulebook whenever I need. So, while I've got the physical versions of both
River Horse has started taking pre-orders for their next adventure book for the Tails of Equestria RPG. In this case, it's not one or two adventures, but three mini-ones all in one book called Filly S
WizKids has made some big team-ups lately, and they're still going. They've announced that they have now made a partnership with Hasbro. That means miniatures and other products for such lines as My L
Sad news: my MLP RP that I've been running here at the office is on hiatus until the new year. Things are just too busy and since we played on Mondays, and the next two major holidays are on Monday, w
We've been having a small discussion about My Little Pony in the comments section. Mostly about whether or not the show is ubiquitous enough that people can just use the acronym "MLP" and have it be k