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Hello Saturday. The Chuck Mangione from yesterday has switched over to Danger Doom, because that's the sort of mood I'm in. Other than that... not much happening on this side of the screen. A chill Sa
Hey everyone. Congratulations as you've made it to the weekend. Saturday is here and that means it's time to sit back and relax some. Hopefully you've got something gaming-related going on. I might be
Hey there, everyone. I hope you're all having a great Saturday. I just got back from the grocery store (I'm typing this up a decent amount earlier than it is set to go live) so I can get ready to have
Just when you thought you'd figured out the murder at Warwick Manor, new information has come to light. Of course, seeing as you're talking with ghosts, it's not that the information is very direct. S
At Gen Con every year there's inevitably at least one game that everyone's chomping at the bit to get. The one that causes lines all the way around the company's booth for days on end, from open to cl