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<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Yup, it's a Giant Robot Alert this Monday as, over the weekend, Games Workshop filled up their webshop again with some new pre-orders, including a new Knight for 40k. Ther
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> We've been expecting it for a while, but that Giant Robot Alert heralds that the new Chaos and Imperial Knights are available to pre-order from Games Workshop now. For the
Ch,ch,ch, changes! That's gotta be Tzeentch's favorite song. And you can use it as a battlecry as you head your Warpmeld Pact forces into battle. In this preview from War Zone Nachmund: Rift War, we l
Kill Team is front and center with this week's pre-orders from Games Workshop. Nachmund, the new box set is available. As are some kits for the Adeptus Sororitas and T'au, along with a new book. There
Not every soldier is meant to be on the very front lines, going toe-to-toe with the enemy. Those troops would be taken out quickly if it weren't for all the soldiers behind them, providing support. On
Hellooooo, Thursday. Is that the weekend coming up? It is! Hooray! I'm always ready for a couple of days off. And I'm sure you are, too. But before we get there, we need to finish some stuff up, inclu
The new Nachmund box for Kill Team is headed to pre-orders this weekend from Games Workshop. Continuing our look inside what it contains, we see the Balefire Acolyte. This guy all those, "don't play w
The Nachmund box set for Kill Team is up for pre-order this weekend. In it, there's a deadly, new assassin being added to the Aeldari ranks as part of the Corsairs. Get a look at the Corsair Shade Run
The Nachmund box for Kill Team comes to pre-order this upcoming weekend. If you're on the Chaos side of things and want a bit more info about what you're getting, you're in luck. In this preview, chec
Kill Team gets the focus next week from Games Workshop. The new Nachmund box set comes up for pre-order, along with some other new books and kits, plus terrain. For more general-product info, there's
Just because you can pre-order the Aeldari codex now for 40k, it doesn't mean that Games Workshop is done with previews for them. The updated figures for the faction aren't the only ones they're getti
The Chaos Gods are destructive, but they will gladly give gifts to those that pledge their lives to them. These gifts can make an already formidable warrior into a true powerhouse. And we get a look a