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Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday.Tuesday doesn't get a lot of attention, I feel. We talk about Monday, because it's the start of the week. Wednesday and we're halfway there to the weekend. Thursday, I could
It's the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Man... my grocery list was 2x as long as usual. I got 2 turkeys, some sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, dressing, carrots, and ingredients to ma
Hey kids. It's Saturday! If you're like me, you're at the LGS, hanging out and talking/playing games. I hope you're doing that, anyway. I mean, it's what Saturday's for!It's also for reviews. So let's
A new work week, and a new month is underway. The first day's over with, so let's keep the train rolling. To help it all go by quickly, here's some gaming podcasts to listen to.This week we have: Prim
And we've come to another Saturday. Ah, the possibilities for today. I'm sure a lot of you are spending it at Adepticon. Me? I've picked up a bunch of snacks and some drinks and am going to watch some
And we find ourselves once more deposited here on the weekend. With any luck, yours includes gaming of some kind. Be it CCG, LCG, RPG, Minis, or something else (hey, someone out there might still be p
Congratulations to everyone for once again making it to Friday. You've worked hard all week, and now it'll be time to kick back, relax, and enjoy some gaming. My weekend plans include putting together
Saturday night's alright for fightin'... orcs, and zombies, and evil robots, and elves, and any other sort of nasty you can think of.Saturday's also the day for rounding up all the reviews we found ov
As you read this, I'm out playing D&D with my friends. I'm taking my new bard out for a spin. Hopefully, "we'll hide behind the pile of dead bards!" isn't uttered halfway through the adventure... hope
Nerds on Earth lets us know what they feel were the 5 best board games of 2014.SourceFrom the post:Board games have had one heck of a renascence in recent years. The hobby game market (which includes
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Nerds on Earth squeaked out this review about Mice and Mystics.SourceFrom the post:Mice and Mystics is a cooperative story-driven fantasy game by Jerry Hawthorne of Plaid Hat Games. Each “chapter” of
Nerds on Earth posted up a list of 7 great blogs for those of you that are newbs to the world of RPGs.I know most readers of TGN aren't RGP newbs, but you probably have friends or family that might be
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