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NorthStar Games

I know. I know. I know. It's Tuesday, not Saturday. But I was a tad busy Saturday, if you didn't notice. ;)So, after flying home yesterday, and then getting around 12 hours of sleep overnight, I'm loo
Brigade Games and NorthStar are bringing you their 8th Gnickstarter campaign (or is it "Nickstarter"? I dunno, the page uses both. So take or leave the "G" as you please). This time around it's a new
Osprey Publishing and Northstar Military Figures are teaming up to take you to the frozen land of Nador... I mean Frostgrave, with a new fantasy skirmish wargame. In Frostgrave, players are playing as
NorthStar Games will be separating off its own "strategy division" to create new types of games for your tabletop. Survival of the Fittest (working title) to be their first.SourceFrom the press releas