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Olde World Miniatures

Well, I felt well-enough to head back into the office today. Though, I have to admit, I did have some incentive. But be that as it may, it's time to power-up with some bite-sized gaming stories in our
Olde World Miniatures has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Carpathia, their new fantasy skirmish miniatures game. The land of Carpathia is an ancient one, filled with all sorts of relics from t
Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebook
And we've made it to Friday.In some ways it's been a short week, since I worked from home on Tuesday and thus have only been in the office 3 days. However, being still tired from Adepticon has mitigat
Olde World Miniatures has a Kickstarter up and running in order to fund a new line of miniatures.From the campaign:The Goal - Our main goal for this KickStarter is to raise $6,500.00 to help produce t