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Omens of the Pharaoh

You ever have one of those days where you wake up, get going with doing things, then look at the clock and are like, "Whoah! It's already 7pm!! How'd that happen!?!" Yeah, that was my yesterday. I wok
With all the troubles in the world today, we all know that the true evil is... Ancient Egypt! *Imperial March plays*At least, the minions of Nephren-Ka are evil, and they're looking to bring the long-
Knowledge is power. That's been known for quite some time (and thus, has been powerful for quite some time). Knowledge of one's enemy in a conflict can certainly make the going easier. And when the en
Once again, the true evil in the world rears its ugly head.I, of course, am referring to... Ancient Egypt! *Imperial March plays over scene of the pyramids*That's where you'll be headed (well, Egypt,
With all the things going on in the world, it would appear that the most-terrible thing facing us today is... Ancient Egypt! *holds up a picture of the pyramids while the Imperial March plays*Yes, onc