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One Small Step Games

War And Peace.

No, not the classic novel. This time, we're talking about the classic Mark McLaughlin board game all about the Napoleonic Wars. Cover all of Europe with your French armies, or fight back against it. Can you hang on to Europe? Will you head into Russia in October? The new edition of the game is up on Kickstarter now.

One Small Step Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Holy Roman Empire (which makes OSSG sort of the Hapsburgs of the deal, I guess). Players are charge of one of the countries involved in the 30yrs War. Through political maneuvering as well as battlefield might, they each are looking to come out on top of one of Europe's longest conflicts.
They're already rather close to passing their funding goal with still 28 days left on the clock.

From the campaign:
Ares Magazine is running their second game design contest. This one's for all the ladies out there working on making games.



From the announcement:

One Small Step Games and Ares Magazine launched the second in a series of game design contests today—this one focusing on game designs by women. The grand prize is $100—but if a game is chosen for publication in the magazine, designers receive $1000.

The contest runs for two months, ending on December 15. If more than eight designs are received, a runner up will be selected to receive $25.
Ares Magazine gives us a look at what's coming up in issue #2 of their magazine.



From the post:

With the premiere issue of Ares Magazine under their belt, One Small Step Games released more details about the content of the second issue.

“The first issue is on the shelf, so it’s time to let our readers know what’s coming up next,” says editor-in-chief Michael Anderson.
The next issue features six original science fiction and fantasy stories and the second installment in the ongoing novelette The Fall. Summaries of each story will be released over the next few weeks on the magazine’s blog.
One Small Step Games now has issue #1 of Ares Magazine available for your reading pleasure.

Ares Magazine Issue 1


In this issue:

The 84-page first issue features nine original science fiction and fantasy stories, an interview with game designer and author Bruce Cordell, and an article on singularity written by best-selling science fiction author William H. Keith (who also writes under the pseudonyms Ian Douglas and H.J. Ryker).

The flagship game included with the magazine is Bill Banks’ War of the Worlds, a two-player game of conquest and survival that pits the military forces of Queen Victoria against Martian forces under the command of the evil Martian overlord. The game includes a rule book, die-cut playing pieces, and a large map.
Ares Magazine will be conducting the drawing this weekend to see who will win the classic edition of their magazine that's been signed by sci-fi writer Timothy Zahn.



From the post:

May 31 is the last day to enter a contest to win a free copy of SPI’s vintage Ares Magazine signed by bestselling science-fiction author Timothy Zahn, who wrote a short story featured in the 1983 issue.

The contest is sponsored by One Small Step Games and coincides with the premiere of the first issue of OSS Games’ Ares Magazine, which shares the same name as the vintage 1980s publication but is updated and streamlined for today’s reader and tabletop gamer.

One Small Step Games is only taking entries until tomorrow for their International Tabletop Day contest. Check out entry requirements on Ares' Magazine's website.


From the contest:

The last day to enter One Small Step Games Tabletop Day Contest is Friday, March 28.

The three week contest, which began March 7, celebrates gaming and International Tabletop Day’s worldwide effort to promote gaming and connect fans and publishers.

When someone enters, they get to choose from a list of seven OSS Games. The first six are sets of Millennium Wars, a strategic-level, two-player simulation of possible current and near-future conflicts including Ukraine, Iraq, Kashmir, Air War, Korea and America. Entrants can also choose the notorious Politics as Usual, a wild, multiplayer card game that lets players run the campaigns of their favorite candidates in a bid for the White House.

Winners will be chosen on Saturday, March 29. One winner of a Millennium Wars title will receive the Millennium Wars: Six-Pack, all six games in one package. Up to 10 winners of a Politics as Usual game will also receive a Politics as Usual—Unusual Suspect Expansion set.

For every 50 entrants, OSS Games is giving away one game. People can enter the contest up to four times through options like posting about the contest on social media and referring others to the contest. Subscribers to Ares Magazine, OSS Games’ latest project which launched after its successful Kickstarter in January, get an additional chance to enter.

Ares Magazine and One Small Step Games is having a contest to give away free games.
Who doesn't like free games?


From the contest:

One Small Step Games announced that they are giving away loads of free games in a contest that begins Friday, March 7.

“We wanted to show our support of gaming and International Tabletop Day,” says OSS Games owner Michael Anderson, who praises Tabletop Day’s international effort to promote gaming and connect fans and publishers. “This seemed like a good way to do that.”
One Small Step Games has made right about half of their goal so far on their Ares Magazine Kickstarter. They've added subscription pledge levels and more details about the first issue.


From the update:

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve added several new reward levels--and we’re most excited about the addition of two subscription-based levels. The ITHACAN gives pledgers six issues chock-full of quality science fiction wrapped around a unique board game for $120—that’s $60 off the cover price. The ATHENIAN is for collectors: two copies of the first six issues for $235, which is $125 off the cover price.

We want to provide customers with a range of products to best suit their tastes, so we also offer pledge levels to allow separate purchases of the fiction magazine or the game.
One Small Step Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their new sci-fi and minis gaming publication, Ares Magazine.


From the campaign:

Bringing you 80 pages of amazing new science fiction and a complete board game in a bi-monthly periodical.

What's the big idea? Our big idea is to fill a void with a new magazine that combines a standalone, unique, playable board game with a collection of spectacular, new science fiction in each issue. We need your help producing issue #1.

One Small Step Games posted up their preview commercial for their upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Ares Magazine.


From them to you:

One Small Step Games released a new two-minute trailer today in advance of its Kickstarter campaign for ARES MAGAZINE, a new bi-monthly science fiction magazine that includes a selection of short fiction along with a stand-alone, playable board game in each issue. The trailer includes glimpses of what the magazine will look like as well as images from the flagship game to be included in the first issue, Bill Banks’ WAR OF THE WORLDS.