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Open Combat

I know. I know. I know. It's Tuesday, not Saturday. But I was a tad busy Saturday, if you didn't notice. ;)So, after flying home yesterday, and then getting around 12 hours of sleep overnight, I'm loo
I've gone on record as saying that I think the real, true success of a Kickstarter is when the product being Kickstarted is made available to the general public. This is another such of those success
We've made it to another Wednesday. And at the time of this posting, it's halfway through the workday. It's like the Wednesday of hours on the Wednesday of days. If only it were the 15th of the month,
Second Thunder Ltd. is running a Kickstarter campaign for Open Combat, their new miniatures skirmish rules set. The game is set for pre-gunpowder historical or fantasy settings. The game doesn't have
Second Thunder gives us a look inside their new Open Combat minis game. Check it out in this overview video.SourceFrom the post:Open Combat author, Carl Brown, has posted a video overview of the rules
Gav Thorpe gives us an inside look at the design of Open Combat, the new pre-gunpowder and fantasy skirmish game, over on his blog.SourceFrom the post:As some of you will be aware, I’ve been pootling
Second Thunder has a new set of rules for pre-gunpowder and fantasy miniatures. The game's called Open Combat.TGN_Photo1-Open-Combat_SamplePagesTGN_Photo2-Open-Combat_for_HistoricalTGN_Photo3-Open-Com