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Paizo loves to help out GMs by bringing them lots of content that they can simply drop right into their games. This article for a new NPC is the first of a dozen articles that will focus on the city o
So, you've heard a lot about Pathfinder. You know that they came out with a new edition last year, but you've been reluctant to get into it. Maybe you've been hoping for something to help new players
The latest printing of the Pathfinder rulebook is out. With it comes several changes to the game. If you want to make sure you're playing the game the way the designers intended, you'll want to head o
None of us know the future. That certainly would be helpful. Well, while we can't predict the future, we can prepare for it when given notice. And that's sort of like knowing the future, right? Well,
You lot have been looking over the material from the upcoming Secrets of Magic book for Pathfinder and giving Paizo your thoughts on the situation. Well, they've been listening and they're here to sho
A character's character sheets are basically what brings it to life. Without those, it's just a concept in your head. But instead of just having some overly-worn, smudged, boring regular sheets, Beadl
Paizo is teaming up with Giochi Uniti to bring you a new way to enjoy the Pathfinder universe. It's Pathfinder Arena and it is all the action of the RPG but in a board game format. Build up your heroe
The Pathfinder Society in the game of Pathfinder is a group of adventurers looking to... well.. be adventurers, but with a structure and hierarchy built up around it. They're a well-known and respecte
Rulebooks are complicated, especially for a game like Starfinder where there's a ton of different elements that all have to come together so you can play your characters. Sometimes, the rules as they'
We're not really supposed to be out and hanging with our friends right now. As such, you might find yourself without a game to play. Well, if you've got an Alexa, you can play Starfinder right now. An
While many adventuring parties are just created on the spot and stick together as they travel the world, in Pathfinder, there's an organized group of adventurers whose job it is to boldly go where no
The month's just getting underway. Want to know what sort of goodies you need to save your nickels for over at Paizo? Well, you're in luck. They've posted up all of their October releases, complete wi
While many of us dream of getting our characters to high levels, many games don't make it there and so, for many gamers and GMs, high-level play isn't something they have a lot of experience with. The
Want to be in-the-loop about all the things coming out from Paizo this month? As usual, they've got quite a bit. Their new Pathfinder premium figures from WizKids are hitting shelves. There's also ple
There's a new adventure path coming for Pathfinder next year. You've heard the old saying, "many hands make light work." Well, that's sort of what we've got going in with the title here in the form of
Paizo is please to announce the next book in their Lost Omens line of books for Pathfinder. This time around, they're getting exotic with a look at the Mwangi Expanse. And here to show off what's insi
Want to see what's coming in an upcoming Pathfinder book? Not only that, but do you want to help shape that content to make sure that it's the best it can be? Then you'll want to head over and get in
Trying to figure out if The Devastation Ark is the right adventure to throw your players into? Want to get a look inside? Maybe see what you'll be dealing with? Well, you're in luck, Starfinder GMs! P
If there's one mini that matters most to an RPG-player, it's the one that represents their character on the tabletop. They might spend hours looking for just the right one that has the right gear, rig
This certainly isn't a light month for releases from Paizo. There's tile sets. There's adventures. There's figure pawn sets. There's a lot going on. 11 new releases in all, covering both Starfinder an
I'm guessing that Free RPG Day was a bit more sparse than in years past. That's just how it goes. So, you might not have been able to head up to your LGS and pick up the free adventures for Starfinder
Every month, Paizo releases new content for their RPGs as part of the Society, the regular organized play arm of their RPG systems. The Starfinder Society releases for August take players into Rise of
Most pre-made adventures are generally written for low-to-mid level parties. They usually top out around 7 or 8 or so. The Devastation Ark Adventure Path for Starfinder will be made for higher level c
Going to be attending any of the next couple upcoming Virtual Conventions? Then there's a chance there's some official Paizo events happening there. Head over and check out the updated schedule and se
Creating your own adventures and publishing them. Streaming on Twitch or YouTube. Making books of magic items to sell. There's a lot of stuff that goes on around our favorite RPGs like Pathfinder and