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While the main Pathfinder book gives you pretty much everything you need to play or run a game, the Gamemastery Guide is dedicated to giving GMs a whole host of new tools to up their game to not just the next level, but a couple levels. All the way from the basics to NPCs to variant rules, it's got everything a GM needs.

Recently, the folks over at Paizo had a Twitch stream where they collectively with the audience built themselves a monster for Pathfinder. The Ailurans are what they came up with. This new monster has been created mostly by you, the players, and is now ready to take its place in your campaigns. Paizo's posted up its full stats and information on their website.

A mystery is afoot! It can be tough to include a mystery in your RPGs, owing to the freewheeling nature of what parties tend to get into. But Paizo's here to help with their Threefold Conspiracy Adventure Path for Starfinder. The first part, The Chimera Mystery, is due out soon. In this article, Paizo looks at running mysteries in campaigns.

Want to help out at conventions? Maybe get to know some of the people behind some of your favorite games? It can be a first-step to getting into the gaming industry as a career (that's where I started, after all). Well, Paizo is looking for people to help at various events they'll be attending. Send in your application and you may just be picked.

Paizo has their new Alien Archive 3 book coming out. In order to make sure you get the most of it right away, they've posted an encounter that you can drop into your Starfinder games. Go check out Goo Goo Muck... I mean, Giggles in the Muck.

Again with the Primus vibes. Todaaaaaaaay's going to be the greeeeeeeeeeeeatest day of your liiiiiiife.

Anyway, the circus is in town and funny things are happening. Paizo's Extinction Curse adventure path takes players to the Startsone Isles and the Circus of Wayward Wonders. They've posted up an article with a couple videos, a bunch of links, and just various information to get you all you need to know about this book. Have yourselves a peek.

With the new Pathfinder Adventure Card Game releases, there are those that would want to add them to their Adventure Card Society decks. As such, Paizo is here to help. They've added cards from the Core Set as well as Curse of the Crimson Thron Adventure Pack into those available for deck building. Have yourselves a look.

I know. Kind of a weird title, but that's basically what you're getting. Game books have a certain limit that they can be, realistically. And only so much can fit into them. As such, stuff usually needs to be cut out. But that can be some really premium stuff! Lost Omens Gods & Magic has such "leftover content," and Paizo  has decided to spruce them up into their own pdfs (that really have no limits) and give them to you for free.

It goes without saying that behind every book is a talented staff of writers and editors who bring it to your tabletops. Most of the time, we don't know much more about them than a name on a cover or credits page. Well, Paizo is looking to get you to know their staff a bit better. They've posted up a little article with all the authors that helped with Gods & Magic. Have a look.

Many people all over the world are Polytheistic. That means that there's multiple gods that they will pray to on a regular basis, and possibly many more that they believe in but don't specifically worship. While many fantasy realms are polytheistic ones, most RPGs still expect your characters to simply follow one. But what if you want a polytheistic character? Well, in the upcoming Lost Omens Gods & Magic book from Paizo for Pathfinder, you'll be able to do that.

Using the Deck of Many Worlds, GMs can quickly and easily create their own planets for use in Starfinder games. Now, Paizo is looking to see what you are coming up with. They've got a contest going where GMs can create a design for a world and possibly have it written up officially by the Starfinder team. Will your world get chosen?

Want to help out with one of the largest game companies when they go to shows? Want to feel like you're part of a team? Want to get some cool stuff for helping out? If you answered "yes" to these questions, then Paizo is looking for you. They're seeking GMs to help out and run events when they head to conventions. Check out the details to get your name in the hat when submissions open later this month.

This post is just setting off all my Primus senses. Extinction Curse is like Extinction Burst. The circus makes me think of Mr. Krinkle and Prof. Nutbutter. It's just all going on. But while I have rockin' bass licks going through my brain, let's talk about the free-to-download Extinction Curse Player's Guide now available from Paizo. If you're playing on the adventure path of the same name, this is an invaluable resource. But even if you're not, it's new options for your characters. So, why not check it out?

Todaaaaaaaay's going to be the greeeeeeeeeeeeeeatest day of your liiiiiiiiiiiiiiife!

The Age of Ashes adventure path for Pathfinder is coming to an end. For those that have been journeying along, the final reckoning is at hand. Though, even if you've not played the other 5 adventures in this campaign, you can still use Broken Promises to add some spark to your games. This new adventure is available now.

Praying to the gods is a major part of many character's stories in Pathfinder. And not just the Clerics and Paladins who have dedicated their life to their deity of choice. But how should GMs handle it when deus ex machina comes a-callin'? In the upcoming Lost Omens Gods and Magic book, there's what are called Divine Intercessions. In this article, we get a look at just how they work.

When you're the GM, you're responsible for everything in the game that isn't the PCs. That can be a lot of work. When you're playing Starfinder, that means you're in charge of an entire universe. And when those PCs go planet-hopping, it can be difficult to come up with an entirely unique world at the drop of a hat. That's where the Deck of Many Worlds comes in. It's designed for GMs to create worlds with just a quick card shuffle. Have yourselves a look.

Now, playing Starfinder can be as easy as simply asking Alexa to start a game for you. No need for grabbing the group together. You can just talk to your house and it'll begin. Paizo has released this entirely new way to play. And it's not just a start with no continue planned. There'll be more coming in January.

Though the nights are getting long and cold, that's not stopped the Paizo goblins from continuing their work. They're showing off this month's releases for Pathfinder and Starfinder. There's some new adventures. There's a pocket monster guide (a Pokemon guide, if you will). There's some new maps. It's a bit of everything to check out.

Next week, the next set of official Starfinder miniatures will be coming from Archon Studio. If you're looking to get some starfaring miniatures, you can go get your pre-orders in now.

Next week, you'll be able to start playing Starfinder by simply stating your intention to do so, even if you're all alone in your home. No, you won't be going crazy, you'll be playing Starfinder on your Amazon Alexa. Yes, the popular sci-fi RPG is going to be available on the smart home device and all you'll have to do is say, "Alexa, play Starfinder!" to get going.

This time of year (well, any time of year, really), we all want to save some money and make each dollar go a little further. When you get on board the Humble Bundle train, you can really get some great stuff for little money, and of course, it goes to a good cause. Paizo has a new Pathfinder Humble Bundle going on now. Have yourselves a look.

Hard to think that we're less than a month from 2020. Also hard to think of how I played Super Baseball 2020 all those decades ago and yet, here we are in what seemed like "so far in the future" at that point. Anyway, enough reminiscing. PaizoCon is coming up. It's everything Paizo, and tickets are available now.

Many of you have purchased and enjoyed reading the various books from Paizo, especially the Lost Omens World and Character Guides. You might be curious as to the people behind the book. Who are the authors? What are they like? What are their hopes and dreams and aspirations? What's their browser history like? Well, Paizo might not be giving you -that- deep a look into all of that, but they're giving you some in this little "virtual meet 'n' greet" with their authors.

Gaming is fun. Saving money is fun. Giving to charity is fun. Toss them all together and you've got Humble Bundle. Paizo has teamed up with the famous helpers to bring you the Pathfinder Comics Cache. But it's more than just comic books. You can also get a whole wealth of Pathfinder books in the deal as well. Head on over, give to charity, and get literally dozens of books.

We're about 2/3 of the way through November. A lot of holidays are coming up, and there'll be plenty of new Starfinder and Pathfinder releases available for players to get as presents. Paizo's latest releases are now available. You can pick up some maps, some adventures, and the Starfinder Character Operations Manual.