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Each Adventure Path in Pathfinder has its own elements that make it unique. If you're looking to play a character that fits into the campaign perfectly, as well as just get a leg-up on the information
Like a gift card inside a letter from your aunt this Holiday Season, Paizo's sending you a little something. They've got a special holiday promo code that you can use to save 10% off your order in the
Want to get into the gaming industry? A good first step is to volunteer for a gaming company (it's how I did it). And Paizo is looking now for Committee Volunteers for their Organized Play program. He
Gaming is good. Ringing in the New Year is good. Giving to Charity is good. Roll them all together and you've got something great. And that's just what Paizo and Demiplane are doing in a couple weeks
Gaming = Good. Saving money = Good. Giving to charity = Good. Put them all together and you get something amazing. And that's what Paizo's got for you today. They're teaming up with Humble Bundle to g
Been wanting to get your hands on an old Pathfinder book but just haven't been able to find it? Well, Paizo's here to help. They've teamed up with DriveThruRPG and are now offering print-on-demand for
Paizo's special treat for you this upcoming Friday is that their Absalom: City of Lost Omens, made with their partnership with Beadle & Grimm, will be available to pre-order. While you're still di
Paizo is teaming up with Giochi Uniti to bring you a new way to experience Pathfinder. Pathfinder Arena, their new competitive board game. Manage your resources, build your hero, and show who's the bo
If you missed out on Free RPG Day, or your LGS simply was out of the adventures you wanted from Paizo, you're in luck. They've been posted online for you to download. There's one each for Pathfinder a
Paizo getting a union is one of the bigger stories in the gaming industry this year. And it's one that's still evolving. The leadership team at Paizo is looking to communicate with the union and has p
Ok, so it's not normally the type of story we'd post since it's not really a game piece... but I just want one too much to not share here as well. Paizo is taking pre-orders for life size kobold figur
Paizo's got a whole bunch of new releases out there for both Pathfinder and Starfinder. There's new adventures, new maps, new helping supplements. Heave yourself a look-see for yourself.
Two new members are joining the Paizo leadership team. They're Mike Webb and Jim Butler. With all the changes going on at Paizo recently, here's to fruitful futures with the leadership and the new Uni
Gaming is good. Giving to charity is good. Put the two together and you get something even greater than the sum of its parts. And that's what Paizo is doing this weekend. They're joining with Extra Li
For GMs in Pathfinder, there's a ton to keep track of. Adventure notes, maps, monster stats, NPCs, magic items... and that's just the start. Keeping it all together and sorted can be rough. But Paizo
"Hanging out in a bar between adventures." Pretty much all of our characters have been there at some point. And while it can just be a nice evening in, it can also turn into its own start of an advent
Well... *looking at all the releases* ... Trick or Treat, indeed. Hold out your plastic pumpkins, grocery bags, and your pillowcases because Paizo's got quite a haul for you this spooky season. New su
The next episode of Paizo LIVE is coming up this Friday. They'll be talking about all sorts of new stuff, so you won't want to miss it. Just what, exactly, will that include, though? Glad you asked. T
With the new releases for Pathfinder and Starfinder recently, Paizo is looking to update what new releases have been approved for use in their organized play programs. If you're part of those, you'll
With the ongoing pandemic, shipping is still a bit of a mess. As such, knowing when figures and games will be released is a bit of a guessing game. At the moment, WizKids and Paizo are looking at Octo
Free RPG Day is just a couple weeks away, on October 16th. As one would expect, Paizo is prepping for the big day with new adventures for both Starfinder and Pathfinder. You can check them out in this
Want to know what sort of antics your Starfinder characters can be getting into soon? Well, take a look as Paizo posts a preview of some scenarios that they're working on.
A trio of new releases are available from Paizo today. There's the new Starfinder Tech Revolution book. Over on the fantasy side of things. Pathfinder has the new Fists of the Ruby Phoenix Pawn Collec
Do you want to get involved with the design process and help make Pathfinder every bit as awesome as it can be? If so, then you'll want to head over to their website and check out the Dark Archive cla
What's Paizo working on? What books can you expect to come out soon? Any surprises in store? You can find out all about it as Paizo has posted their Keynote Address online for you to watch.