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Gaming is fun. Raising money and awareness for a charity is fun. Roll the two together and you've got something truly amazing. And that's what's going on with Jasper's Game Week. It's up and running n
Every year, Paizo looks to make their organized play programs better. Year 4 of Starfinder's OP program will soon be upon us, and Piazo's showing off what improvements they've made this time around.
<weewoo! weewoo! weewoo!> Giant dragon alert! We have giant dragon alert! This one's being caused by Paizo and their upcoming Pathfinder Arena Kickstarter campaign. They're going to be offering
Due to the pandemic, many people are turning to Virtual Tabletops (VTTs) to get their gaming in. I mean, that's where I've been playing for over a year now. And Paizo is looking to expand your options
Paizo's always coming out with free content for their games. This time around, it's a new NPC for your Pathfinder games. This time around, you get Zhang Yong, a ghost sentinel.
With the rules for Pathfinder and Starfinder being able to be utilized by others, many make some really great unofficial but compatible products. Paizo likes to show them off each month. Here's the on
April Showers bring May Flowers. Well, it's not rained much here and it's not scheduled to for a while. But while water isn't falling from the sky, PDFs are. Paizo is running their April Showers sale
Shots are getting into arms, but we're not ready yet to get back into huge groups for conventions (and there's the other question of whether huge conventions will ever really be a thing again anywhere
If you're playing the Fists of the Ruby Phoenix adventures for Pathfinder and really want your character to embody what it means to be part of that world, you will want to check out the new Fists of t
Look, it's always sad when a pet passes. I've had many pets over the years that have died and it's very tough. But... I mean... trying to artificially extend their life through dark magic is just not
The Pathfinder Society is Paizo's organized play program for Pathfinder. They're putting great content out for it all the time, and even if you're not in a Society game, you can still use this stuff i
Delays are bound to happen in product releases even at the best of times. Right now? It's just kinda nice when some things are only delayed by a couple weeks. That's what happened with some of March's
Keeping track of all the gear that a character can accrue over the course of a campaign can be daunting. How often have you had the perfect item for a situation in your possession, but you simply forg
Paizo's regularly releasing free content for their games. In this instance, it's a new Starfinder encounter that you can add to your campaign. Need a temple encounter? They've got you covered. You can
So, I mentioned yesterday my disdain for April Fool's. Here's the type of story I don't mind so much. Paizo has posted up several absurd monsters that you can add to your Pathfinder games.There you go
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Paizo loves to give you free content for your games. This time around, it's a new monster from the upcoming Pathfinder Bestiary 3. Check out the Divine Warden of Brigh in this post.
Companies are releasing material that works with Pathfinder and Starfinder all the time. How often? Well, last month, Paizo reckons there were at least 14. At least, that's how many they're showing of
It's good to get to know the people behind the gaming products you like. Usually, you can find that the authors you like tend to make the products you like. So, getting to know them can mean you know
I play in an RPG most weekends. And sometimes, we get into some pretty crazy battles with a lot of enemies, NPCs, the characters, and more. Sometimes, it can get a bit much to try and remember who goe
The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game has been winding down for a little bit over at Paizo. But just like FFG is finishing up the Legend of the Five Rings game with a big splash, so will Paizo. They'll b
In Paizo's continuing mission in giving you free content for their games, they have a new encounter for Starfinder up on their website. Now, I don't really have much of a green thumb. Plants and I jus
Paizo has a new product available for Pathfinder. It's Sundered Waves and it's a new one-shot adventure. One-shots are perfect to just toss into your game for a single session, or use as a scenario fo
Paizo is looking for your help in guiding them where to go when it comes to their aliens in Starfinder. There's a toooooooon of them out there, and only so much time to write about them. So, they'd li
A whole new batch of releases from Paizo have hit game store shelves. Books, accessories, mats, and more for Pathfinder and Starfinder are now available. Want to know more about them? Just continue re