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Pandasaurus Games

I love the look of a well-tended garden. But, honestly, you know what I like even more? The look of a well-tended garden that's started to go feral again. And it's into a world like this that players
It's Thanksgiving week here in the US. So, that means a lot of sales are either going on or about to start. One that just got underway this morning is from Pandasaurus. If you're looking at getting so
I wish I had the ability to have a garden. Sure, it's not exactly the growing season right now, but it'd be nice to have a little plot to grow plants here near the apartment. However, I'll just have t
One of the things we learn early on in school is the food chain and food web. Plants get energy from the sun. Animals and some insects eat the plants. Things eat those animals and insects. Other thing
Not, like, actual robots. That'd be cool. No, this is a card game called Robots where players must try and agree on how fast "fast" is when it comes to a robot moving around. You can pick up this new
While the title might say Quick and Easy, that doesn't refer to you being able to just win The Game over and over again. It's still tough, but the rules have been slimmed down a bit to make play even
Lots of pre-orders from Pandasaurus right now, eh? Here's another. This one is Robots and it's a 2020 Kinderspiel de Jahres nominee where players are trying to decide just what speed truly means. Can
In a way, all of us just lost The Game. But that's a different The Game to the one from Pandasaurus. That The Game is getting a new version this October. It's The Game: Quick & Easy and it sees pl
I wish I had the ability to have a nice garden to tend. I love watching plants grow from seedlings to beautiful flowers or other decorative plants. Well, I can still live vicariously through Ohanami,
To run a big animal, you need to feed it a lot of things. So, to have something as big as a dinosaur running around, it needs a robust ecosystem with a strong food chain. And that's just what you'll b
It's two, two, two games in one Kickstarter! Pandasaurus is just all about the dinosaurs and they didn't want to run separate campaigns for these two, but combine them together. You can head on over a
Tammany Hall has itself a new edition that's available now. You might've heard of it but never had a chance to play it until now. Do whatever you must in order to take over New York. With new artwork
Like most kids, I had a fascination with dinosaurs. I even wanted to be a paleontologist when I grew up. That love of dinosaurs has never left and I'm sure many of you feel it, too. So, seeing two new
Everybody wants to rule the world. Or, barring that, a big city wouldn't be bad. In Tammany Hall, you can vie for control of New York City. This classic game is coming back and Pandasaurus is taking p
For many of us, Ctrl is just a key on your keyboard you rarely use (though I'm using it all the time. As I'm sure many of you that are artists do as well). But now, it's something all of us can use al
The Space Race was a lot less a sprint than a marathon. Sure, the US made it to the moon first. But the Russians made it to the exoplanet around Ursae Majoris first. Now, the US and the Japanese are t
When I was a little cub, I got a really bad fever. As such, my ESP never really came in. I don't like to talk about it much, and I don't let it define me as a bear. But, if you've got your ESP just fi
Many of us have experienced a "roll & write" style game at this point. Well, the "& write" genre is getting a new entry with the first-ever Flick & Write game, coming from Pandasaurus. It'
Tropical islands with hidden treasure. It's an old cliche, but it still lives large in our imagination. Pandasaurus is giving you the map in Silver & Gold, their new game that's available now. Fil
There's a lot of land out there yet to be explored. Out in the ocean, there's countless tiny islands. You've made it your goal to find them and chart them. And that's just what you'll be doing in Wayf
In an alternate vrsion of the 1960s, America made it to the Moon, but that's just peanuts compared to having landed on an exoplanet circling an exoplanet around Ursae Majoris over a year before. Unfor
A new pair of games are hitting shelves from Pandasaurus. For those that like abstract puzzles, you can have yourself a look at Mental Blocks. It kind of reminds me of the old Tangrams pieces, but in
X marks the spot. That's how one finds treasure, of course. But it's never just that easy, as it is in Silver & Gold, a new card game from designer Phil Walker-Harding coming this November from Pa
Charting new regions is your goal in Wayfinders, a new board game announced by Pandasaurus Games. But heading out into the unknown isn't easy. You need to make sure you have a well-made plane, as well
Do you remember stuff like Tangrams? You had all these different shaped tiles and you had to form them into bigger patterns? Mental Blocks is like that, but in 3D, and each player only has a certain v