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Paizo has fresh content for their organized play programs each month. Of course, since you don't -have- to use it in an organized play setting if you don't want, it's really just free content that you
Paizo loves to give you free content for their games. This includes character stats for characters seen in their various fluff pieces. The novella, The Shroud of Four Silences, has come to a close, an
With the systems for both Pathfinder and Starfinder being open source, anyone out there is able to make content for them. It can be hard to keep up with all of them, so Paizo has started collecting th
Some gamers prefer certain gaming systems. Others prefer certain gaming worlds. Well, if you're a fan of the Savage Worlds system but want to play in the Pathfinder setting, you're in luck as Pinnacle
Paizo loves to give you free content for Pathfinder, especially their Adventure Paths. They've posted up a Player's Guide for the Abomination Vaults path so, if you're playing in it, you can get some
Paizo loves to post up free Pathfinder content on their website and send it out in their emails. One thing they've been sending out is the Shroud of the Four Silences novella. Well, they've got a new
While we've not been gaming in person for a while, I've still been collecting minis for when that time comes again. I'm a huge fan of having the right figure for the job when it comes to the tabletop,
Look, the name of this Pathfinder encounter is Heaving Kobolds, and I'm not going to pretend that that doesn't sound like a trashy romance novel that the adventurers would find on the shelves of some
Paizo likes to get your input about their upcoming content to make sure that it's helpful for you and your games. They will regularly run open playtests where you can check out the material and give y
Paizo loves to offer free content for their games up on their website. In this case, it's a holiday-themed creature you can drop into your Pathfinder games from Welsh folklore, the Mari Lwyd. Really,
A new Pathfinder Battles set is due to hit shelves soon and Paizo is showing off some more of the minis that they've been working with WizKids to make. If you want a peek inside Darklands Rising, this
Some of you may be wondering why Paizo and Pinnacle Entertainment Group are working together to create Pathfinder adventures in Savage Worlds. Well, they have an answer for you. The short version is,
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Because Savage Worlds is an easy to learn and innovative rule system. A better entry point for new players than the relatively rules heavy Pathfinder.
Pathfinder. It's one of the most popular RPGs out there. Savage Worlds, it's one of the most popular RPG systems out there. Next year, you'll get these two great tastes tasting great together as Pinna
At the start of next year, Paizo will be running a new playtest session for Pathfinder. If you want to help the game be the best it can and add your input into some new classes, this is your chance.
There's a lot of other companies out there that post Pathfinder and Starfinder-compatible content. Sometimes, it can be hard to keep up (even for me, who looks specifically out for that kinda thing).
Paizo's all about bringing you regular content that you can add to your Pathfinder games in various ways. This time, it's a magical pond that your players can come across that could even serve as a fo
This next Pathfinder Battles set probably won't bring you a lot of new PC options, unless you're playing in a rather dark campaign. Paizo's posted up another preview of the upcoming Darklands Rising s
The last releases from Paizo are now available, and they're a present for everyone for this Holiday season. There's plenty for Pathfinder and Starfinder that you can pick up now. Pocket rulebooks, adv
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Griffon Lore Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Fire on Claymore Woods, the second adventure in the Circle of the Blood Moon adventure path. Even if you've not played the first part, having p
Boom, baby! If you're looking to add some explosions to your games of Pathfinder, you should head over to this article where you can find Redpitch Bombs. These thrown incendiary devices will certainly
Here's something that rarely happens: a new release is going to be available early. Yeah, the next set of Pathfinder Battles minis is going to be coming out in January instead of April. Yeah, I know.
There's a new set of Pathfinder Battles Deep Cut figures available from WizKids this week. But, seeing as Pathfinder is a Paizo game, they're the ones with the article all about 'em. Want to see what'
Want to get some Pathfinder or Starfinder digital books and guides for cheaper than usual? Then head over to the Paizo webshop now and take advantage of their holiday sale.
Paizo loves to help out GMs by bringing them lots of content that they can simply drop right into their games. This article for a new NPC is the first of a dozen articles that will focus on the city o
If you're looking to update your Ponyfinder game to the new Pathfinder 2nd edition rules, you're in luck. Silver Games has released the core book now updated so that the two work together perfectly.