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So, Pathfinder 2nd Edition's been out for a little over a month. You've maybe thought about picking it up, but haven't been sure. And if you did, where would you start? Or maybe you're a GM looking to get a group interested in this new version. Where do you begin? Well, Paizo is here to help. They've posted up a free-to-download Demo Adventure to help people get right into the game.

With Pathfinder 2nd Edition, Paizo's looking to expand the different ancestries (aka - races) that players can choose for their character. We've seen how they've added in Goblins, but that's not the only non-standard ancestry that they're adding. While it's not in the core book, Lizardmen will be making their way into the game as a playable ancestry. In this preview, we get a little look at what they'll be like.

Travel. How do you do it? These days, it's mostly cars and planes. But for your fantasy groups, it can be a lot more diverse. And while we have GPS, such things don't often exist in a medieval fantasy world. But there's ways around it, since there's also usually magic and magic items. In this look inside the Lost Omens World Guide, we get a look at some of the ways travel works in Pathfinder.

Have you ever wanted to get more in touch with nature? You might've played Druids or Rangers in your Pathfinder games. But that still may not have been enough. Well, if you're willing to wait a little bit, you can check out the Leshies Ancestry for Pathfinder that will be coming out in the Lost Omens Character Guide.

With Pathfinder 2nd Edition now being well established in many gaming groups, it's time to begin expanding on the core books some. Paizo is hard at work getting the next one ready. It's got a little time to go, but considering what's in it, it's no wonder it'll take some time. Bestiary 2 is coming, but not until April. What will you get for your wait? Well, not 100, not 200, and not even 300 monsters, but more than 350 to throw at your players (hopefully not all at once).

Pathfinder Battles: Legendary Adventures, the next set for Pathfinder Battles from Paizo and WizKids are about to hit shelves. But that doesn't mean that there's not time for one more preview of what you'll be getting. This time around, they focus on some of the enemies that players will surely be facing off against when the set hits shelves. Let's take a look.

There's so many Ancestries (formerly known as Races) that one can play in Pathfinder, it might be hard to figure out what you want to choose. With the release of 2nd edition, players have found a new one they can try, the Hobgoblin. But what does playing one mean for the game? In this article, Paizo takes a look at just that.

Spellcasters love their spellbooks. More than just a list of spells they can cast, they will often trick them out and make them look approriately interesting. That's what we've got going on with the Necromancy Spellbook for Pathfinder 2nd Edition that's up on Indiegogo now. Have yourself a look.

While it's not necessary to have a miniature that exactly represents your character on the tabletop, or the exact figure for the NPCs and monsters you're fighting, I always love to get them as close as possible. So, that's why I'm happy when new Pathfinder Battles sets come out. In this preview, we get a look at some of the figures coming in Legendary Adventures.

With the changeover to Pathfinder 2nd edition, many other games that used the Pathfinder rules set are finding themsleves needing to update as well. For those playing Silver Games' Ponyfinder, they have just released their conversion book so you can keep playing the characters you love with the rules as they are now.

Roll20 lets you play your RPGs online with players all over the world. With the changeover to Pathfinder 2nd edition, there's updating adventures to be done, as well as coming out with new ones. If you're looking to play the Fall of Plaguestone adventure, you can now get that adventure on the digital platform.

I wasn't initially sure if I should put this in a Terrain Corner or not, as it kinda crosses over. Paizo and WizKids have a new Pathfinder Battles set coming out soon called Legendary Adventures and if you get the premium set, you get yourself a goblin village as well.

Many of you have been playing Pathfinder games for quite a long time. But with 2nd edition now out, will you keep the current edition and move over? If you want to move over, will you be bringing along your characters and campaigns? If you want to do that, you'll want to grab the Conversion Guide that Paizo just posted.

I know that many people do "theater of the mind" for their RPG sessions. And that's certainly fine for them, but I greatly prefer having minis on the table to see where things are. Just keeps things neat and tidy when it's like, "I thought that monster was across the room. Why is it clawing at me now?" A new set is coming out soon from WizKids for Pathfinder and Paizo is showing off a preview.

Over the weekend, Pathfinder 2nd Edition hit shelves and gamers all over the world grabbed the new books and get gaming. Well, what if your gaming group is spread out all over the world and you still want to play? That's where Roll20 comes in. They have Pathfinder 2nd Edition up on their platform as well. So, what are you waiting for?

We've known it's been coming for a long time, but it's finally here. Pathfinder 2nd edition is available down at your LGS  now. Head out on your fantastic adventures with your new characters and go save the world from evil... or be evil and destroy the world. Or just go play in bars for coin. Whatever you and your party feel like getting up to.

Some players want to make sure that the character they're building really fits in with the world they'll be adventuring in. For those of you like that, and who will be playing the Age of Ashes adventure for Pathfinder, you'll want to get yourself a copy of the Age of Ashes Player's Guide. It will help you create the character you want, along with give you some handy info about the world. Also, it's free. So why not check it out?

The launch of Pathfinder 2nd Edition is just a couple days away. With it, players will be diving into the new sets of rules and building new characters. But, ok, so you've got your character... now what are they going to do? Well, adventure, of course! Paizo will be releasing several pre-built adventures on launch day so GMs don't have to worry about fully figuring everything out ahead of time and can just play along with one as they go.

So far, most of the previews for Pathfinder 2nd edition have focused on characters and what they're capable of and how they work. But, while for a player, the character is everything. For the GM, the characters are only the beginning. They've got a whole world to manage, and that's not always so easy. So, in this preview, we get a look at what tools GMs will have at their disposal for making things work smoothly.

When you miss out on a crowdfunding campaign, you might think, "well, damn, all those deals are gone forever." But many times, that's not the case when the company allows late pledges. And that's just what we have here. Paizo is taking late pledges for their Kingmaker adventure for Pathfinder. You have from now until the end of September to get your order in.

So, you've got your character. You went and you did some adventuring. Now, it's time to level up. But... how exactly does that work in the new edition of Pathfinder? Well, that's exactly what we get a look at in this preview from Paizo.

The launch of Pathfinder 2nd Edition is Paizo's biggest release of the year, and we're getting ever-closer to its release. In the time that's left before it gets to store shelves, Paizo has set up a Twitch channel and will be broadcasting previews, interviews, and more about this exciting update to many people's favorite RPG. They've given us a schedule so we can all know when to tune in.

So, you've got your character all built. Now what are you supposed to do with them? Well, you should go adventuring, of course! But how does that work in the new version of Pathfinder that's coming out? Glad you asked, because that's just what we get a look at in this preview from Paizo.

Your character. If you're not the DM, it's pretty much everything you have in an RPG. So, it's important that your character is built the way you want. But how do you go about making one? That's an extremely important question, and one that's answered in this article from Piazo about building characters in Pathfinder 2nd Edition.

August 1st. That's when Pathfinder: Second Edition hits shelves. It's not all that far away, really. But what can you expect from this new version of the RPG? In the first of what will be an ongoing series, Paizo gives us a look at what changes have been made, but also what has remained the same.


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