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Since Paizo freely lets people develop things that work right along with both Pathfinder and Starfinder, there's a lot of products out there that you can use to enhance your game. And Paizo is here to
Paizo is always bringing you free content for your games. This time around, it's another new NPC that you can just drop into your Pathfinder games as you see fit. Say hello to Wendlyn.
Want to get the latest about the Pathfinder: Arena board game? Been wondering what they've been working on over there? Now's your chance as Paizo has posted an update all about it.
Thought that Paizo was done posting videos from PaizoCon? Ha! The weekend was only a few days long, but Paizo's got apparently years worth of material from it. Here's another collection of videos for
PaizoCon was a super-busy weekend filled with all manner of special events and insights into what Paizo's working on. That included a lot of interview videos. Head over to their website and check out
In case you missed all the goodness that was PaizoCon Online, fear not. Paizo has been working at uploading and sharing all the videos from the show. In this article, they look at the ones for the Sec
PaizoCon had a whole ton of stuff going on. And even if you were busy that weekend, it doesn't mean that you missed out on all of it. They're posting up videos from the event, including a look into th
Paizo had a great event in PaizoCon. During the weekend, they had a pair of new adventures available. Want to check them out? Maybe even get a deeper look with some playthroughs? This is the post for
Welcome to June (I know we're a few days in). As usual, Paizo is looking to make sure that their OP systems are running smoothly. As such, they've got an update for you to make sure the wheels are pro
Last weekend, Paizo had their PaizoCon Online event. If you missed out, don't worry, they've posted up their big Keynote address where you can find out about all sorts of upcoming Pathfinder and Starf
Paizo has a bunch of new releases hitting game store and online shelves. There's new products for both Pathfinder and Starfinder, as expected, including new books, pawns, and a whole bunch of maps and
With PaizoCon happening this weekend, Paizo is also running themselves a special sale over on their website. You can save some money on pretty much everything they've got available. Save yourself some
Today's the first day of PaizoCon Online. Want to know what's happening when? Well, Paizo's posted up a handy schedule of events. Just be online at the right time and in the right URL and you're ready
PaizoCon might be this weekend, but there's more PaizoCons just around the corner. They're having one specifically for both Europe and the South Pacific. In this post, we get a bit more of a look at t
Gaming is good. Saving money is good. Giving to helpful causes is good. Humble Bundle often brings those together into something even more than the sum of their parts. Paizo has a Humble Bundle going
Being held online means that literally everyone with an internet connection can attend PaizoCon. And Paizo certainly has plenty of things planned, including a full raft of Twitch events. Want to make
Want to get in on the online gaming action that is PaizoCon Online? Well, then you'll want to head over and get your name on the list for a badge as well as sign up for some amazing online gaming expe
While pandemic situations are starting to reduce in some places in the world, there's still many restrictions out there. And playing online is simply a great way to get games in with people who aren't
Paizo is running a Kickstarter campaign for a new goblin comic. Now, we don't normally do fluff-related stuff, but this campaign also includes exclusive content for your Pathfinder games. Got yourself
The next PaizoCon is coming soon. They're getting to be old hat at this, which is nice. If you're wanting to join in, you may be wondering just what there will be to do during the show. That's where t
Even in a fantasy world, apocalypses happen. There are those that survive them simply through grit and determination. And when they get back to society, they're sought out for their strength and tough
Gaming is fun. Raising money and awareness for a charity is fun. Roll the two together and you've got something truly amazing. And that's what's going on with Jasper's Game Week. It's up and running n
Due to the pandemic, many people are turning to Virtual Tabletops (VTTs) to get their gaming in. I mean, that's where I've been playing for over a year now. And Paizo is looking to expand your options
Paizo's always coming out with free content for their games. This time around, it's a new NPC for your Pathfinder games. This time around, you get Zhang Yong, a ghost sentinel.
With the rules for Pathfinder and Starfinder being able to be utilized by others, many make some really great unofficial but compatible products. Paizo likes to show them off each month. Here's the on