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Pathfinder Arena

Pathfinder Arena is the new minis game based in the Pathfinder world where players take their heroes and have them fight it out in front of the crowds. Paizo will be bringing the game to Kickstarter N
<weewoo! weewoo! weewoo!> Giant dragon alert! We have giant dragon alert! This one's being caused by Paizo and their upcoming Pathfinder Arena Kickstarter campaign. They're going to be offering
Pathfinder Arena will bring the thrill of Pathfinder to your tabletops in a new way, as a board game. And Paizo wants your help in deciding what characters to put in it. So, they've launched a communi
Paizo is teaming up with Giochi Uniti to bring you a new way to enjoy the Pathfinder universe. It's Pathfinder Arena and it is all the action of the RPG but in a board game format. Build up your heroe