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Paizo has a live-play going on for Pathfinder that includes content for the upcoming Secrets of Magic supplement. If you're excited to see what kind of new spells you'll be able to learn, you can head
I have a hot sauce subscription. When a new sauce comes out, I'm one of the first to get it. Paizo also offers you something similar. Though, instead of sauce, it's new Pathfinder books for your games
Paizo's looking to expand the number of classes available to players in Pathfinder. And they're looking for your help in making sure they're as good as they can be.Two new classes will have a playtest
The Runelords are once more making an appearance, and that isn't just in the books for Pathfinder. They're coming to your tabletops, too, with the Pathfinder Battles: Return of the Runelords set that
Paizo loves to show off previews for upcoming releases in a variety of ways. For the Secrets of Magic book for Pathfinder, they've been using the book as part of their liveplay of the game they've bee
With the ability for anyone to create Pathfinder and Starfinder material to add to their games, there's a ton that's always coming out. Paizo's here to help by finding the best of the new releases and
This is going to be a really interesting year for Gen Con. The show has a bit of a hybrid thing going on, what with... y'know... the pandemic still going on and all. One big portion of it will be Gen
Paizo has several new releases over in their webshop for both Starfinder and Pathfinder. Maps, standees, supplements. Head on over and check out what you can be expanding your game with.
The Adventure Paths for Pathfinder that Paizo puts out gives players and GMs a whole set of adventures to go on with a related theme. To go along with the paths, they also like to put out Player's Gui
Paizo's Pathfinder and Starfinder Societies are some of the best-cultivated and supported OP groups in gaming. And they're getting updates for how often stuff will be coming out for them. How will thi
Paizo loves to give you extra content for your Pathfinder games. In this case, they're getting religious with some new pantheons that you can add to your games. Looking for a new deity to worship? Her
In RPGs, players want to be able to create the character they want. Having more options is always going to be good. And so, Paizo is bringing some more ancestries to Pathfinder Society play. Have a lo
Two continents. One recovering from a millennia-long religious war. The other now having to deal with their deities suddenly up and leaving them. How will the two cope in the world as it is now? That'
Paizo loves to give you tons of free content for your games. And if you're looking to add a little, wild, goblin bomber to your Pathfinder adventure, they've got just that for you. You can head over a
Under the sea. Under the sea. *ducks thrown objects* That's where you're headed in Seas of Everglow, a new supplement for Ponyfinder from Silver Games. If you're looking to see how it's better down wh
Paizo has a whole cavalcade of new releases for Pathfinder and Starfinder available now. There's new adventures galore, new map tile packs, new pawns, and more. Head on through and check it out and ad
The next chapter of the Lost Omens saga is now available. It will take your Pathfinder games through the Mwangi Expanse. The book's got all the information you could ever need, going from one end of t
Did you know that you can subscribe to Paizo and get their latest releases sent right to your door whenever they come out? Well, if you didn't, Paizo's giving you information about it all. If you did,
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant Dragon Alert! We have Giant Dragon Alert! What's setting it off this time is Paizo's taking a deeper dive into the upcoming Pathfinder Battles set of figures with se
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Another giant dragon alert? Also from WizKids? Those folks over there are just going crazy with them (not that I'm complaining). This time around, it's due to their Pathfi
Silver Games first introduced the False Queen in the From the Ashes supplement for Ponyfinder. But now, it's getting fleshed out fully, with new options as a full pony sub-type for your players to cho
Since Paizo freely lets people develop things that work right along with both Pathfinder and Starfinder, there's a lot of products out there that you can use to enhance your game. And Paizo is here to
Paizo is always bringing you free content for your games. This time around, it's another new NPC that you can just drop into your Pathfinder games as you see fit. Say hello to Wendlyn.
Want to get the latest about the Pathfinder: Arena board game? Been wondering what they've been working on over there? Now's your chance as Paizo has posted an update all about it.
Thought that Paizo was done posting videos from PaizoCon? Ha! The weekend was only a few days long, but Paizo's got apparently years worth of material from it. Here's another collection of videos for