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Penny Dreadful

With the housing market as it is, finding a mansion being sold on the cheap sounds awesome. Until you also find out that the mansion is haunted. It gets worse when you find out that it's not just some
We actually had some snow here last weekend in Atlanta. Thankfully, it wasn't a lot and it was basically gone by the next morning. Not much chance for it to get blood on it. But that's not the case in
The holiday season is upon us and that means lots of potential time to get together with your gaming group and get a session in. If you're looking for a quick, one-shot, the Penny Dreadful line is per
There's a new Penny Dreadful one-shot adventure for Through the Breach available. It's called Beneath the Baumwood and we get a quick look inside at what you can inspect in this week's update from Wyr
Need a new, quick, one-shot adventure to drop into your Through the Breach campaign? Wyrd's here to help with their new Price of Progress adventure. All you gotta do is check out ahead of the rail lin
Through the Breach's Penny Dreadfuls are one-shot adventures that you can just drop into your games whenever and wherever you need. And today, Wyrd's got a new one for you. Some night say that all of
"Logical" isn't how most people would define the world of Malifaux. It is patterned after dark dreams, after all. Even when it comes to constructs, that should work on various mechanical principles, b
Ever want to just get away from it all? I know, especially right now, that's been on my mind. Maybe heading up to the moon might be a good way to do that. Well, in the world of Malifaux, there's 2 moo
If I can have a giant T-Rex looking monster in my armies for a game, that tends to be the army that I go with. So, if I were to get back into Malifaux, I'd probably be looking at picking up the Explor
Wyrd Games has a new Penny Dreadful adventure available for all you Through the Breach players out there. It's called Days Without Accident and it's a lot bigger than many of the usual Penny Dreadfuls
Soon I discovered that this whole "rock" thing was true. Jerry Lee Lewis was the devil. Jesus was an architect, previous to his career as a prophet. All of a sudden, I found myself in love with the wo
Pre-made adventures are a great way to have a quick plan for your gaming night. Wyrd is great about coming out with Penny Dreadful one-shot adventures for their Through the Breach RPG. They've got a n
Christmas comes early for those of you that like Wyrd's Through The Breach RPG as well as just keeping abreast of what's going on with the company. They've got two new Through The Breach Penny Dreadfu
A parent can think of little worse than the loss of a child. One such rather wealthy couple has had their daughter stolen away from them. They've put out a call to anyone who might be able to track do
Wyrd's doing a bit of batch-bundling with their stories, which is alright with me. They've got a new issue of their Wyrd Chronicles magazine that you can read over, hopefully escaping from this nasty
As a Game Master, sometimes you need a one-shot adventure. Whether it's just that you haven't had time to plan the next epic saga for your players, or that your players aren't quite the right level ye