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Petersen Games

Petersen Games is running a campaign on Gamefound to not get one, or two, or even three games to your tabletops.Their Monster Invasion campaign is looking to bring you four new games. Head on over and
"Aw hell..." is exactly what you should say when you check out the Return to Planet Apocalypse Kickstarter campaign that Petersen Games is running. They've got new expansions available to add to your
WWII was a pretty bad time to be a soldier. But the danger of coming upon an enemy patrol or a sudden offensive pales in comparison to being overrun by dinosaurs! Dinosaur 1944 is a new cooperative de
Petersen Games' Cthulhu Wars is one of the most popular Cthulhu-based games out there. Players take on the role of some being, looking to conquer the Earth for their own, nefarious purposes. Well, the
The first name that comes to mind when most people think of Cthulhu is HP Lovecraft. If you're a gamer, probably the second name you think of is Sandy Petersen. He's the go-to authority for Cthulhu my
Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!Saturday night's alright for fightin'! (as long as it's fighting battles out on the tabletop. Don't actually go out and get into fights, peopl
Every good monster movie has a sequel. So why shouldn't the same hold true for every good monster board game? Petersen Games hit a home run with Cthulhu Wars. But they're not just sitting back on thei
Don't know about you, but this week seemed to rocket by for me. Just, zip, zip, zoom! And here we are at Friday. Woot!That means we get ourselves a Friday Snippets feature. So here's some bite-sized s
Seeing as we're getting into mid-September, it's time for more of the creepy and crawly items of Halloween to really start infiltrating en-masse into society. Sure, my local grocery store has had Hall
Petersen Games has just a few days left to go for their Orcs Must Die! board game Kickstarter project. The game, based on the award-winning video game, is a cooperative tower-defense style game where
The popular tower defense series Orcs Must Die from Robot Entertainment has spawned three video games so far. Now, with Petersen Games, the Orcs will keep dying on your tabletops. On Friday at PAX Eas
We've made it through another week. *throws a party*It seems to be the general consensus that this week "took forever." Has that been the case for you?Anyway, that's all in the past, as the weekend wi
Petersen Games and Historical Games Factory are teaming up to bring you an English version of their Theomachy card game. They've got a Kickstarter campaign up and running to get it funded, and they've