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The Cloaks, the newest faction coming for Summoner Wars, are known for their tinkering abilities. In this preview, we get a look at not just the usual 2, but 3 of the cards from their upcoming deck, a
Welcome back to another preview of the upcoming Cloaks faction for Summoner Wars. This time around, yes, everyone is wearing a cloak, as they should. Let's get a look at two more units available to th
They say that things come in threes, and that's the case with previews for the upcoming Queen of Lightning deck for Ashes Reborn. It's Preview #3, which gives us a look at not 3, but 4 cards from the
The Cloaks are the next faction coming to Summoner Wars. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in the faction actually wears a cloak, as we'll see in one of the cards previewed today. Have yourselv
The next faction coming out for Summoner Wars is very fashion-forward. They're the Cloaks and we get a look at their Summoner and an epic Event that's coming in their deck. Have yourselves a look. ...
Penny & Gizmo's Snow Day is the new expansion coming for Quirky Circuits. We've gotten one preview, but that's not nearly enough. So, Plaid Hat has posted up a second one to help feed your need fo
Anyone else been having weird dreams lately? Last night, I had one involving me playing an acoustic bass guitar while playing Meshuggah - Bleed for people in my dorm room back in college. Dreams can c
Penny & Gizmo's Snow Day is the new expansion coming for Quirky Circuits from Plaid Hat Games. Everyone's favorite penguin and robot-riding kitty are getting new tokens, cards, and more. Check out
The Skyspear Avians are the newest faction coming for Summoner Wars. In this preview, we get a look at the champions among their ranks. Have a look at 3 of them that will be in the faction's deck.
Another day, another Skyspear Avians preview for Summoner Wars from Plaid Hat Games. But today, we get a bonus. Instead of just 2 cards, we get a look at 3, all new events for the faction.
Another day, another Skyspear Avians preview, the new faction coming for Summoner Wars. Get a peek at two new units that the deck will have in it.
Plaid Hat Games is giving us a look at 3 more cards coming in the Queen of Lightning deck coming soon for Ashes Reborn. See what sort of resources the deck will have at its disposal with a pair of spe
Plaid Hat has their daily previews rolling in as they continue to show off the new Skyspear Avians faction for Summoner Wars. It's another two cards today with the Aerie Steward and the Aerie Sage.
The Skyspear Avians are a new faction coming for Summoner Wars. Plaid Hat's getting back into some daily previews, so, let's take a look at two of the new cards coming for their deck. They're pretty c
More Ashes Reborn sets are coming from Plaid Hat Games and they're giving us a look inside the decks before they hit the shelves. This time around, it's the Queen of Lightning deck and a trio of cards
Some new decks are coming soon for Ashes Reborn. In this preview, we get a look at a quintet of cards that will be in the Artist of Dreams set. Summon yourself a couple friends to help on the battlefi
I know of a couple big snowstorms coming soon to places in the US. Lots of kids probably gonna have a snow day. And soon, they'll be able to enjoy Penny & Gizmo's Snow Day during their snow day. I
In this preview for Familiar Tales, Plaid Hat Games is introducing the different artists that lent their skills to the game. Along with getting to know them a little better, we also get a look at a bu
Even if lockdowns and isolating weren't still a thing, there's times when nobody else is around but you just gotta get your gaming in. Thankfully, there's often solo mode in games. Familiar Tales will
There are many who would do harm to the royal heir that the familiars have been put in charge of protecting. And sometimes, it's going to come to blows to keep the little tyke safe. Get a look at just
Two new Ashes Reborn decks will soon be making their way to your tabletops. Get a look at some of their cards in this preview from Plaid Hat Games.
In Familiar Tales, a group of wizards familiars are having to take care of the heir of the kingdom. But anyone with a kid knows that taking care of one isn't easy. Get a look at how it'll work in the
In Familiar Tales, players take on the role of wizard's familiars looking to keep the royal kids safe. As they adventure, they will become more skillful at what they do. We get a look at how that'll w
The Familiars each have their own unique skills and abilities. But that doesn't mean they're always successful in everything they do. In this preview for the upcoming adventure game, Familiar Tales, w
The heir to the kingdom has gone missing and it's up to a group of wizard's familiars to find them. But they're not alone in their journey, they have some aids in the form of the Campaign Journal and