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Spartan Games has started taking pre-orders for their next wave out of releases. These are the figure sets that will be available starting on February 24th. They're bunched into two types this time ar
It's Thanksgiving week (for us here in the US). And while where you're at they might not celebrate Thanksgiving, or might not celebrate it at the same time (I'm looking at you, Canadians), the whole w
As usual, just about a month before they're available, Spartan Games has started taking pre-orders for their next sets of releases. Considering what they have on deck, one could say they're really mak
Spartan likes to make sure that you guys are prepared for their latest releases. They give you about a month and a half to get your orders in for their latest sets of figures. Such is the case today,
We're just chock full of pre-releases this morning here on TGN. There were the new Age of Sigmar figures. There's the Warpath Kickstarter (which some consider Kickstarters to just be "glorified pre-re
Nobody likes just having the bare minimum for something. "Well, it's just enough to get by." isn't something people like to say or admit to. Having double the amount gives you a lot more options and f
You've hopefully seen some of the photos I posted from the Spartan Games display yesterday. If not, go check them out. If you have, what'd you think? Halo has made it to the tabletops with The Fall of
Spartan Games is helping link together two of their games. Firestorm Armada and Firestorm Planetfall are being combined via Firestorm System Wars. The first of these supplemental rules are going out w
Spartan Games has updated their webshop with their new releases that will be coming out on June 24th. You can start taking orders for these new figures to make sure that you're the first gamer on your
Spartan Games has posted up their next set of pre-releases on their website. These new kits will be available May 27th, but you can get your orders in now to make sure you have them on your doorstep A
Spartan Games added a whole slew of new pre-orders available up on their website. They have various Dystopian Wars sets, including one with a steam-mechanical alligator (which is pretty awesome if you
Spartan Games has a bunch of special deals they're running now over on their website. Want to get a free rulebook? Or perhaps a free blister of minis? Or perhaps a great deal on two starter boxes? Mos
Spartan Games is showing off and taking pre-orders for their batch of minis they'll be releasing on March 25th. There's a little something for everyone, whether you play Dystopian Legions, Firestorm A
Spartan Games is bringing some oversight to Firestorm Armada with their new Return of the Overseers box set that's coming out in January. The box contains two starter fleets (the Aquans and the Direct
Spartan Games posted their last set of pre-orders for this year. There's a whole bunch to see, so check 'em out.SourceFrom the announcement:SHIPPING FROM DECEMBER 10TH! Following the exciting launch o
Spartan Games has launched The Helix Effect, a new blog to let you know about what you can expect from Planetfall, their new sci-fi minis game.SourceFrom the launch:The Helix Effect is the first in a
Spartan Games is having a sale on their pre-orders for Planetfall over in their webshop for this weekend only.SourceFrom the announcement:Are you excited for the upcoming Planetfall launch? Planetfall
Spartan Games has announced Planetfall, their new sci-fi minis game set in the Firestorm Armada universe.SourceFrom the announcement:Spartan Games is hugely excited to announce the much-anticipated la
Spartan Games has a bit more information up about their upcoming sci-fi game, Planetfall, based in the Firestorm Armada universe.SourceFrom the website:Planetfall is a tabletop game of explosive, fast
Spartan Games is making sure you get your Planetfall models as soon as possible by taking names of those that want them right away.From the announcement:Studio Sparta is pleased to announce our massiv