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Portal Games

Having solo-play adventures for games is good any time your friends can't come over to game. Considering that we're going on what feels like 12 years of your friends not being able to come over to gam
Giant hulks of metal, stone, and wood, golems are a mighty force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. And soon, you'll be able to harness their power in Monolith Arena. Portal Games is showing off
It's the Greatest 4 Days in Gaming. It's simply happening in a different location than usual. Where is it happening? Absolutely everywhere you can get online. Portal Games is attending and they've pos
Want to take your empire global? Want to head to other lands and bring them under your purview? Then Rise of the Empire might be fore you. It's an expansion for Imperial Settlers and Portal Games is s
The strong, hardy, rugged tribes of the north are here. Or, at least, they will be soon. Portal Games is now taking pre-orders for their next expansion for Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North. It'
There's a lot of crime out there on the streets, detective, and it's up to you to solve the case and bring justice to the criminals. At least, that's what you'll be doing when Detective: Season One hi
In a COVID-19 world, we're having to make a lot of adjustments in terms of gaming conventions. Many are moving online and many game companies are choosing to simply have their own events. Portal Games
Want to get to the bottom of the case, solve the crime, and be the hero? Well, in Dig Deeper, you can. It's a new stand-alone case for Detective that was written by Rob Daviau and is available now fro
Want to get Rise of the Empire expansion for Imperial Settlers from Portal Games as soon as it's available? Want to be the first gamer on your street with it? Want to get some cool extras that you can
2020 is turning out to be quite a year, and we're only getting to halfway through it. A lot of plans from before the year began have had to be changed, sometimes drastically. That includes game releas
It's not always easy to take your favorite board games with you on the go. You're usually just stuck with whatever you might have around. Thankfully, we usually have a phone around. And if you have on
In the world of COVI-19, large gatherings of people is pretty much over with for now. But we still have the internet. Thanks to various platforms for video conferencing, virtual conventions seem to be
A new case is coming for Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game from Portal Games. In Dig Deeper, you'll head to Boston in the 1970s. Along with maybe hitting up a Bruins game, you'll also be heading in
Since many game stores are closed and many products are being delayed and we're not supposed to go outside anyway, However, nobody says you can't go online and download stuff. In fact, that's what the
In Robinson Crusoe, players are trying to overcome different scenarios laid out before them. But the folks at Portal Games know that they're not the only ones capable of coming up with said scenarios.
Robinson Crusoe, the story of a man isolated away from society, far and distant, away from everyone, trying to get by all on his own. That sounds somewhat pertinent to today's world. Anyway, if you're
Just about everyone's got an idea for a movie they'd like to make. And, of course, there's big money to be made in movies. Having the right script can lead to wealth and fame. And getting your script
Games are great. Expansions to games are great. However, it can make it difficult to transport it all around if you've got a couple expansions that don't fit into the regular game box. Well, if you're
Detective: Season One is the much-anticipated expansion that is coming soon from Portal Games. We know it's coming, but what will be inside of it? That's what we get a look at in this rather detailed
The thing with having an app as part of your game is that you can easily add more content to it by just letting players download things directly to said app. So, for players who have an Antares accoun
We're just shy of a month into 2020. The year will be full of new opportunities for gaming, with plenty of new offerings hitting tabletops. Portal Games has things they've been working on that will be
Rome. They were quite the empire. They were able to turn the Mediterranean into their own, personal lake. Soon, you'll be able to try and relive those glory days with Roman Banners, a new expansion co
Stronghold was Portal Games' first big hit. They then created the Undead expansion, but only made 1000 of them. Now, they're headed back to the game that put them on the map, but are doing it in a who
A crime wave is hitting the city. Three cases have landed on your desk and you need to solve them. But they're not going to be easy. You'll have to weigh out the clues, investigate, and finally bring
For fans of Imperial Settlers, a new card game is in the works from Portal Games. It's called Empires of the North, and, as one would expect from the name, it takes players up to the cold northlands,