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Normally armed with just their simple blunderbus guns, the Winter Guard are branching out. Sure, you might know about the mortars they use, but there's more support weapons coming soon. We get a look
Hard to think that November's just a couple months away. We're getting close to the end of the year and Privateer Press is looking to make your Thanksgiving a good one with some new releases that mont
The new edition of Warmachine is ushering in more than just a change in rules. It's a fundamental change in how Privateer Press is making their figures, with resin minis and magnetized kits. In this a
Each faction is getting a certain focus in the upcoming releases for the new edition of Warmachine. For Khador, it's the Winterguard. Get a look at a new Winterguard warcaster and set of troops in thi
Gen Con starts literally tomorrow. And one of the big things at the show will be the new Battlegroups from Privateer Press for Warmachine. Get a look at these new Battlegroups and info about ordering
There's a new edition of Warmachine coming soon. It's taking the game back to the base and building back up again. And that begins with starter armies. In this preview, we get a look at an Orgoth and
The Tharn are in touch with the nature of Immoren due to their relationship with the Devourer Wurm. This gives them powerful, transformative powers.And if you're wanting to play one in the IKRPG, you
The big news from Privateer Press is that they're going to a new edition of Warmachine. Of course, edition changes are always a big thing and players old and new are going, "What's changing!" Well, we
Privateer Press has announced that they are going to be releasing a new edition of Warmachine. They've made a post that covers a lot of the questions you could possibly have about this update.
If you want to make sure your game is running correctly and that gamers are getting the best experience out of it, you sometimes need to make adjustments to it. And that's what Privateer Press has don
With the Kickstarter campaign for The Nightmare Empire book for the Iron Kingdoms RPG coming soon to an end, Privateer Press has gathered together all the various pages they've shown off so far, plus
It's more plants versus zombies (that sounds familiar...) over on the tabletops of Monsterpocalypse as the Vegetyrants and Necroscourges face off. We get a look at new figures for both factions in thi
Tuesday already? I'm down with that. Monday seems to have just flown by. Of course, that's not a complaint. I don't know too many people who wish Monday would just linger around. But, seeing as it's T
Wanted to title that, "Privateer Press Posts Pnew Pendrake Pencounters." But there we are. Anyway, there's a new one available that you can check out now, ready for players level 4 and 5. If they're n
We've been waiting and it's finally launched. Privateer Press has set sail on Kickstarter for The Nightmare Empire, the newest supplement for the Iron Kingdoms RPG. New classes, new monsters, new loca
Warcasters are the core of any Warmachine army. Swapping one out can make an entire army play differently. In this preview of the various storm legion minis coming for the game, we get a look at two C
Privateer Press is hoping to draw me back into playing my Cygnar with a focus on the lightning-based theme in the faction. This time around, it's two units we get a look at.
There's been storms here in Atlanta recently... or is it just some Voltaic units marching through town? ... Probably just some rain. But we do have some electrical goodness for you here as well. Priva
Looking for a new class that's in touch with nature in the Iron Kingdoms? A regular Druid not quite doing it for you? Want something more setting-specific? Then you're in luck, because Privateer Press
I do miss playing my storm-based Cygnar army in Warmachine. And Privateer Press is giving us some more new figures in that vein to check out. A new chariot and a new unit this time in their previews.
Back when I played Warmachine, Cygnar was my faction of choice at the end. I just loved all the lightning-based figures. So, if Privateer Press were trying to lure me back in, these are just the minis
The Nightmare Empire is the new book coming out soon for the Iron Kingdoms RPG from Privateer Press. Of course, Cryx is known for their unique jacks, the bonejacks and the helljacks. We get a quick, s
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Monsterpocalypse preview for you today. Hence the Giant Robot Alert. Megaton Mashup 2: King of the Khans is coming soon and Privateer Press is giving you a look at some of
We're almost headed into Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere but Privateer Press is ready for the heat to be over and get into the cool of autumn. At least, that's what it feels like with showing o
Two ancient gods are fighting one another in the June releases for Monsterpocalypse. Head over and check out what's coming this month for the game that usually sets off the Giant Robot Alert, but isn'