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Pulp Figures

This fast week (or so it felt) is coming to an end. We're steaming our way full-speed ahead towards Saturday. Hopefully, you've got some gaming lined up. I've still gotta figure out what I'll be up to
Pulp Figures has their November releases now up on their website for you to go check out.SourceFrom the release:The November Release is now available!PGJ-21 Masked AvengersPHP-1 New Version of Merrik
Dungeons & Dragons Dice Shaped Sculpted Ceramic Mug
Pulp Figures has several new Mounties and Trappers models available over in their webstore.From the release:New 28mm Releases Now Available:PBT-26 - The Sgts. 3 in Wolseley Helmets w/Governor & Prince
Pulp Figures went and got themselves a snazzy new website. Go check it out.From the update:My new site is now up and running. The site features a new shopping cart that integrates with Paypal both wit
Pulp Figures will be at Historicon. Stop by and say, "hi."From them to you:Historicon is this weekend, July 19-22 in Fredericksburg,VA.Bob and Ann Bowling will have the whole Pulp Figures range at the
Pulp Figures now have their June releases available on their website. Go check 'em out.From the update:Fresh from the new moulds and now available on the Pulp Figures site.
Pulp Figures has some new female cultists they're working on and wanted to show you what they look like. So here they are.From them to you:PWM-19 Female Cowled Cultists. 28mm lady dabblers in the arca
Pulp Figures has posted up their new releases for March.From their release:PBT 24 The Mad GuruPBT 25 The Sergeants 3 & DinPGS 15 German Colonial Rifles
Pulp Figures announces the availability of new releases on their webstore:From their announcement:PHP-19 Dangerous Dames 2 & PBT-12 Highland Command are now available. All figs are 28mm, 5 different f
Pulp Figures announces a preview pic of the new set of adventurous 28mm gals is now posted in the 'Whats New' section of the Pulp Figures site:From their announcement:The release should take place lat
Pulp Figures are offereing a variant figure in limited quantities:From their announcement:This version of Zeppelin Commander Zorn has never been in production. I have a few dozen extra castings so as
Pulp Figures preview new miniatures that will be added to their line:From their announcement:PBT-12 Highland Light Infantry Command is now previewed in the 'Whats New' section of the Pulp Figures site
Pulp Figures have posted details of their new releases for August 2011. From their announcement: The August new releases are now available. PSS-9 Naval Deck Equipment PBT-22 Thuggee Fighters w/Musk
Pulp Figures have posted a preview of their upcoming 28mm Thuggee Rifle figures. From their announcement: I've just posted the preview pics of PBT-22 Thuggee Fighters with Muskets & PBT-23 Thuggee
Pulp Figures have posted a preview of some 28mm Naval Deck Equipment they will soon be releasing. From their announcement: This 28mm set should be useful for both naval and airship use. The release
Pulp Figures have added several new packs of 28mm Pulp themed miniatures to their online store. From their announcement: Anyhow, 6 new packs are available. The Thugs are being added to shortly; two
Pulp Figures miniatures will be available to Historicon 2011 at the RLBPS booth. So if you are at the show drop in and say hello to Bob and Ann Bowling and pick up some of Bob's minis.
Pulp Figures have posted photos of painted samples of their 28mm Thuggee figures. From their announcement: These two packs will be part of the next release in early June. More rifle armed thugs wil
Pulp Figures have posted photos of painted examples of their 28mm Mountie & Trapper Canoe set.
Pulp Figures' range of miniatures will be available at Enfilade. From their announcement: Just sent my Enfilade box of stock to my show rep, the indominable Bruce Meyer of Company B. My display booth