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Punga Miniatures

Friday! Woo! Wednesday took an eternity. Yesterday wasn't too bad. Just gotta get through today and we'll be back to the weekend. You know I'm ready. And to keep the energy up, let's nosh on some bite
And we're already at half-done with the week. Another one seems to just be moving right on by. And, of course, that's fine by me. Get me back to that weekend. And while I had a burger yesterday, I'm g
Fellowship Games and Punga Miniatures are teaming up to bring you a new fantasy football team for your tabletops. It's the Undead Buccaneers. Want some pirate vampires? Maybe some mummy pirates? You c
The American Football Season is currently not running. But that just means it's time to train and get yourself a team ready for next season. And that's what you can do with Punga Miniatures' Pi'Rats t
Halfway through the week, and I realize that this is the one week this month that I've had that's a "normal" week. No going out of town. No extra days off. Just the regular 5-day workweek. ... Yay? B
Punga Miniatures has been working very hard on their popular (... pupular?) line of Canitaur and Felitaur figures. The first batch sold like hotcakes, with a second one making its way to Kickstarter s
Why is it that the weeks leading up to a long weekend are, themselves, the longest damn weeks ever in existence? I swear, it should've been Friday about 3 days ago. I guess it's just all that anticipa
Hello, Friday, my old friend.As usual, Friday's one of my favorite days of the week, busy as it often is. But busy's good. It'll make the day go by quick and I can get to the weekend that much faster.
I know I've been following this one since the initial greens started showing up. A lot of you have, too. If you're a fan of Polynesian culture and wish to infuse some of that into your fantasy sports
The American Football season is getting close to an end. The Super Bowl will be happening in the next month. But it's never too early to start thinking about next season. Maybe you want to switch up y
I'm always a big fan of seeing new twists on classic miniatures types. There's been troll miniatures around for seemingly forever, but I have to say, I've not seen so many whale trolls. Well, for thos
It's starting to get rather chilly outside. Some of my coworkers have started turning on the heat at their place. I'm still in shorts, t-shirt, and sandals because I'm originally from Chicago. Other p
Punga Miniatures is expanding their Toa Orcs line. For those that might've forgotten, those are the fantasy football orcs that are based off of Polynesian themes. Well, now you can expand your team wi
I love Moana. I think that movie is awesome. Didn't see it in the theaters, but did watch it a bunch of times when it came out on Netflix. So I'm totally in a groove with Polynesian culture and such.