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Pyre Studios

Pyre Studios will be coming out with some new Encounter Dice soon. These have a Mythos theme to them.SourceFrom the announcement:I’m pleased to announce that in addition to the nascent ranges 2014 wil
Pyre Studios got their Encounter Dice funded over on Kickstarter. Now they're taking pre-orders for them over on their regular website.SourceFrom the announcement:It gives me great pleasure to announc
Pyre Studios have created a new tool for DMs/GMs to help create NPCs on the fly during games via their new Encounter Dice. They're looking for funding over on Kickstarter.SourceFrom the campaign:What
Pyre Studios is taking down names for their first ever miniature. It was successfully funded via Indiegogo and now is available to you!From the announcement:After a successful crowd funding campaign a
Pyre Studios has a pre-order going on for their Cambric miniature from their Indiegogo campaign.From the update:I have received emails from quite a few people wishing to “buy into” the Cambric miniatu
Pyre Studios posted up the finished green for their first Haar Miniature with still a little over a day on Indiegogo to fully fund it.From the update:The “green” for the 32mm Cambric miniature was fin
Pyre Studios is in their last week on Indiegogo getting the first Haar miniature funded. They've got a bit to go, but with a nearly-completed green and concept art for the next mini, they could very w
Pyre Studios has started an Indiegogo campaign in order to fund the first (and hopefully more) of their new Haar Miniature line.From the campaign:We’re delighted to announce that Pyre Studios is getti
Twilight Miniatures announce October Releases:From their quote:World of Twilight's October releases add reinforcements for both the Empire and the Delgon. The Empire is joined by Danomar the Oathbreak
Pyre Studios is opening a brick and mortar retail space. From their announcement: Pyre Studios has made a bid to break the 4th wall of online retail by leasing trade space at a brick and mortar store
World of Twilight are now available at Pyre Studios. From their announcement: I am excited to announce that World of Twilight has branched out with a new stockist – Pyre Studios. Pyre Studios is a s
A new online store, Pyre Studios, is opening in Edinburgh, Scotland. From their announcement: It is with great pride that I announce the launch of Pyre Studios, a new retail venture based in Edinbur