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Rather Dashing Games

If you haven't, you should check out Coyote Peterson's YouTube channel. He goes out into the wild to talk about animals in a form not too dissimilar from Steve Irwin. Well, soon, he'll be coming out o
Rather Dashing Games is coming out with a new, updated version of their Dwarven Miner game. It's got updated rules based on years of feedback from those that enjoyed the original version. It's also go
You just can't keep a good lair down. While adventurers might go in and clean them out, given enough time, new evil will find them and take up residence. That's what's happening in Wakening Lair, a ne
It seems that just outside every small town in a fantasy setting there's a lair that some ancient evil used to occupy. This small town is the same. And while it seems that the lair had been dormant fo
Hey everyone. We've made it around to another weekend. I said I was going to probably be doing some baking. Well, I've got some magic cookie bars cooling right now. I love these things... probably too
Rather Dashing Games has announced a new game that they'll be coming out with this September. It's called Hafid's Grand Bazaar and it will see players looking to get money by buying, trading, and sell
And we've come to another Saturday. Ah, the possibilities for today. I'm sure a lot of you are spending it at Adepticon. Me? I've picked up a bunch of snacks and some drinks and am going to watch some
Those that do not learn history are bound to repeat it. That's why museums are so important. They help us connect with the past through the artifacts that they house. And the archeologist that is able
Rather Dashing Games have starting taking pre-orders for their new board game, Element. In it, you'll be looking to capture your opponent's sages using the four elements of Earth, Fire, Wind, and Wate
The Alliance of Six Planets has had its troubles, but this time, it's all-out war. Each civilization has declared war and now it's time to invade. Take control of your group's offensive and defensive
This first full week of the new year went by really fast for me. Did it go by fast for you? Though I'm sitting here in my Friday shirt, I was still a bit surprised when I looked and saw, "Oh, hey, it'