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Red Box Games

Halfway there, ladies and gentlemen. We're halfway there. We can make it back to the glory of the weekend. But to get there, we'll need the energy from some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the pl
By this time next week, multitudes of gamers will be converging on Indianapolis, ready for the start of Gen Con the next day. Yeah, we're a week and a day away from the start of the show. Though, many
Funko Pop! Baby Yoda
If there's one thing I can use this week, it's a pick-me-up. As you saw from this morning's Podcast Roundup post, it's been quite a couple of days since Expo over the weekend. I need to energize with
The hectic bustle of Saturday has given way to the smooth calm of Sunday (at least for me). Yesterday I got in some Guild Ball, some Warmachine, and some Ascension. How about you folks?I think all of
Red Box Games launched their Kickstarter campaign to bring you some new Barbarian miniatures. They're doing rather well, since they're more than 2x funded already. There's still 18 days to go if you w
Red Box Games only has a few days left for their Heroic Fantasy Miniatures campaign on Kickstarter. They're more than 4x funded, so check out the broken stretch goals and extras that've been added in.
Red Box Games is running a new Kickstarter campaign. This one's for some new Heroic Fantasy Miniatures. They're already around 2x funded, so it's stretch goals for 26 days.Egilhard The PeacemakerHaral
Red Box Games is over 3x funded for their Barbarian Horde Kickstarter campaign. They've got 3 days left to go and have posted up a bunch of WIPs of the minis they're working on.Bloody Garm Hordesman H
Wamp is running another of their world-famous painting contests. This time it's Red Box Games.SourceFrom the announcement:Wamp's monthly sponsored contests return after a brief hiatus with an old favo
Red Box Games has launched their Barbarian Horde Kickstarter. They're out to pillage all the funding they can.And they're good at it, too, since they've already made their base goal.SourceFrom the cam
Red Box Games is showing off some WIPs of their next project.SourceFrom the announcement:at long last the three RBG kickstarters are wrapping up fulfillment and I am now ready to start showing off wha
Red Box Games has a Kickstarter campaign going for a new set of Norse Warrior miniatures.SourceFrom the campaign:Please help us to fund the production of these six new Njorn Character figures. The scu
Red Box Games launched a Kickstarter in order to fund a new fantasy line of models including dwarves, orcs and goblins.From the campaign: Hello again Kickstarter! For those of you who do not know me
Red Box Games went through another stretch goal, getting the funding to add solo options for two heroes.From the update:Well looks like we have made it beyond the $15,000.00 mark. That means that the
Red Box Games updated and shuffled around the stretch goals for their Kickstarter project and as such have declared their Footmen to now be available.From the update:With a bit of reorganization, the
Red Box Games launched their Kickstarter campaign to fund a new line of minis. They've already made their basic goal and so it's stretch goals from here on out.From the campaign:Many of you very gener
Red Box Games is doing fantastic over in their Kickstarter campaign. They wanted to show off the green for one of the models they're working on for it.From the preview:here we see Conradt the Crazed's
Red Box Games made it up and over the $30k mark and they wanted to show off some thank you artwork.From the update:Well Varp Kriggarre (warp berzerkers)are just about funded and there is some pretty c
Red Box Games keeps rolling along over on Kickstarter, having made it to over 400% funded. How much higher can they make it go in these next 2 weeks?From the campaign: With the $20k mark being reached
Red Box Games is over 300% funded over on Kickstarter with still 19 days to go. So they've posted up a bunch of stretch goals and are hoping to break them all.From the campaign:Hey Hey Hey! ok afte
Red Box Games won't let those other funding campaigns out-do them and have made it to 200% funded with still over 20 days to go.From the update:The Helsvakt infantry are fully funded and a second fact
Red Box Games has the first set of models from their HelsVakt expansion now available for pre-order on their website. We've got pictures of most of 'em. One couldn't quite be shown, for... well, you k
Red Box Games modular Aenglishmen now available for pre-order:From their post:well unfortunately the goblins won't make it this time around. I was just too dis-satisfied with them to publish. I AM wor
Red Box Games has posted their January releases up for Pre-Order.From their announcement:So! This month I have on hand; The Lady NyvenneAs Evil as she is beautiful the Gray Lady commands the infernal
Red Box Games announces mark downs and Discontinuations at Red Box Games:From their announcement:hey guys, not neccessairly new products but some new pricing on a lot of stuff and a lot of combined SK