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Tor Gaming is in their final hours over on GamingFunder. They've made well over their goal, so your pledge just goes that much further with stretch goals.SourceFrom the campaign:There are just 12 hour
Tor Gaming has just a few days left on their GamingFunder campaign. They've funded and then some, so check out the stretch goals.SourceFrom the campaign:This is a great opportunity to get on board and
Haxtec Dragon Dice Tray
Tor Gaming knows a balanced game is a happy game and so they've posted up errata for Relics to make sure the game is balanced.SourceFrom the announcement:On this page you will find the Relics errata d
Tor Gaming is offering free dice with qualifying purchases from their webshop.SourceFrom the post:A FREE pack of Relics dice (you choose the faction, 8 dice per pack) when you order over £40 of Relics
SourceFrom the release:The war drums are beating!It's time to swell your ranks as the latest packs for Relics go on sale now!Whether you are Britanan, Orcanr, Nuem, or Vaettir we have something for yo
Fantasy Flight Games is showing off a preview of the new anti-heroes coming out in Enemies of the Imperium, the first expansion to Relics.SourceFrom the preview:Playing the Enemies of the Imperium mod
Tor Gaming is running a sale on their Orcnar Starter Sets over in their webshop.Go grab some for cheaper than you'd usually have to spend.SourceFrom the announcement:Was just doing a stock take and w
Tor Gaming is a miniatures company on the grow. Relics, their miniatures skirmish game is looking to make its own place in the world. The genre, labeled “Stitchpunk,” is its own special category, not
Tor Gaming has a special deal going on over in their webshop where certain orders will qualify for a free Relics rulebook.SourceFrom the announcement:Who wants a free Relics rulebook?We have a bit of
Tor Gaming may be closed for the holidays, but they're still taking orders and giving a nice discount in the meantime.SourceFrom the sales sheet:The Tor Gaming office is now closed until the new year.
Tor Gaming shows that they're out to make a better gaming experience by learning from their mistakes and has posted up some changes they plan for some of their kits in the new year.SourceFrom the upda
Tor Gaming is showing off some new previews for Relics. Go have a look-see.SourceFrom them to you:Available for pre-order soon.
Tor Gaming has some deals going on over in their webshop where you can get a free rulebook with certain purchases.From the announcement:Free Relics rulebook with a 200 point army deals. Limited stock
Tor Gaming is showing off another green WIP they're working on from their Relics Reinforcements Kickstarter campaign that successfully funded in Feb.Here's the Nuem Degener.From the update:It's been a
Tor Gaming is showing off the green for their Orcnar Ealdmoder.I... uh... decided against posting the preview photos here. Click through the link at your own peril.From the preview:The Ealdmoder is on
Tor Gaming put up a video showing off the new Relics Hardback Rulebook.From the video:Interested in Relics? Download the FULL rules in pdf format now!
Tor Gaming also has their project running for Relics Reinforcements. They've updated their stretch goals and have also posted this updated green of the Vaelad.From the update:Kev is still plowing forw
Tor Gaming has put two new models up for pre-order in their webstore: Hazmat Team and Scythe Beast. Be the first gamer on your block with these models when they're released.From the announcement:We ha
Tor Gaming has added in Damage Markers to their Kickstarter project.From the update:Hi all, we have posted pics of the new damage counters for Relics over on the Kickstarter project.Each faction have
Tor Gaming has unlocked the Puppeteer in their Relics Reinforcements Kickstarter.Be warned about the photo for the next achievement goal, though. Just sayin'.From the update:Yep, that's right folks, w
Tor Gaming has some more Relics Reinforcements goals up for their Kickstarter.From the update:We have made some changes to the first two stretch goals on the Relics Reinforcements project.Originally,
Tor Gaming made it through their main goal on Kickstarter for their Relics Reinforcements. So it's stretch goals from here on out.From the campaign:In less than 36 hours we hit and moved through the m
Tor Gaming has launched a Kickstarter to fund their next set of Relics models.From the campaign:Hey Relics fans, welcome to the Relics Reinforcements Kickstarter project.This projects aim is to fund t
Tor Gaming is now taking names for those that want the Nuem Auxilium Sagittarius as soon as it's available. Be the first gamer on your block with these new models.From the release:Now available for pr
Tor Gaming has a little something for everyone that plays Relics with their latest set of releases.From the release:All races get a nice little boost, so there is no excuse for your ranks to not swell