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Despite having detailed instructions about how to get to Planet X, it's still not very easy to find. But that's just what you'll be trying to do in The Search for Planet X, a new astronomy board game coming from Renegade Game Studios. Grab your telescope and get to hunting. Pre-orders are being taken now for a June release.

The Power Rangers are a pretty amazing fighting force, but they can't do it all on their own. They've teamed up with many allies along the way in their quest to defeat evil. Soon, you can bring some of the most iconic Power Rangers allies to your tabletops with the Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Ranger Allies Pack #1. Renegade Game Studios is taking pre-orders for this game expansion now.

*rockin' guitar riff*

The Power Rangers are having to take on the coordinated efforts of several of their most nefarious villains in the new Heroes of the Grid scenario posted by Renegade Game Studios. Take on the combined threat of Tenga Warriors, Putty Patroller, Mastodon Troopers, and even more! You can download this scenario for free now.

Well, this is different from usual. Not that that's a bad thing in this case. Renegade Game Studios has announced that some game stores have gotten their new Stellar and Gloomy Graves games early. Instead of waiting for the official release date, they're letting the stores go ahead and start selling. So, if you've been waiting on these to hit the shelves, you might just be in luck and can go pick up your copies now.

*rocking guitar riffs* Go! Go Power Rangers! *more rockin' guitar riffs*

The Power Rangers are a favorite show of many of you. These high-flying, martial arts masters are always looking to save the world from evil. And, of course, there's giant robots in the form of the Zords. While there's no Zords in this next wave of Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid releases coming from Renegade Game Studios, there's still a lot of iconic figures coming. Let's take a look.

Many of you have probably picked up some of the Wardlings figures from WizKids to add to your games of Dungeons & Dragons. These pint-sized adventurers and their animal companions can be a weclome addition to any adventuring party. But, if you've been wanting to run a whole game based on these young adventurers, you're soon to be in luck. Renegade Game Studios is creating a Campaign Guide for them. It'll be hitting store shelves in May.

I remember when the Altered Carbon show came out on Netflix. The vast majority of my friends lost their minds over it (figuratively, not like in the show). Many of them were all, "OMG! I would love an RPG set in that world!" Well, their prayers have been answered. And I'm sure many of you also felt that. Your prayers have been answered as well. The official Altered Carbon RPG is up on Kickstarter now.

All my life, my family had a garden. Dad would grow vegetables while mom would grow herbs. And there were usually some flowerbeds around to take care of, too. Unfortunately, my dark apartment doesn't let me practice the family green thumb. But maybe Succulent can help me out. It's a new garden-growing board game coming from Renegade Game Studios.

Well, I tell you what, they have my interest based on the game name alone. I love. I love lunchtime. And battling is fine (especially if someone tries to mess with my lunch). Space Battle Lunchtime Card Game is apparently based off a graphic novel. I can't say that I've heard of it before, but it might be worth checking out. It's a bit cooking show. It's a bit battle. In the game, players will have to create magnificent dishes to wow the judges. The game's coming out in April, but you can get your name down on the list to get a copy asap.

The West Kingdom is getting itself some more craftspeople coming to it. It's got Architects. It's got Paladins. Now, it's time to pretty things up a bit. Age of Artisans is a new expansion for Architects of the West Kingdom from Renegade Game Studios. While it won't be out until May, you can get your name on the list to get it right when it comes out. Pre-orders are being taken now.

There's gems in the forest. Gems that you and your partner want to collect. However, the paths through the forest are winding and it's easy to get lost. Will you be able to find all the gems? That's what you'll find out in The Fox in the Forest Duet, a new cooperative trick-taking game from Renegade Game Studios. I know the website still says "coming soon," but I have it under good authority (from Teri Litorco!) that it's available now.

It's game night, but nobody else showed up. Or maybe you're sick at home and don't want to infect anyone else. *blows nose* Whatever might be the reason that you're on your own, that doesn't mean you can't get some gaming in. Renegade Game Studios has a Kickstarter running for Warp's Edge, their second Solo Hero Series game where you take on the role of Taylor Minde, a rookie pilot who's humanity's only hope against an alien invasion.

Go! Go, Power Rangers!

It's Christmastime in Hill Valley, but that doesn't mean everyone can just drop their guard. The Power Rangers are in need in this new scenario for Heroes of the Grid. Renegade Game Studio has released this special holiday scenario online for all to enjoy.

Black Friday will be here at the end of the week. However, for some game companies, Black Friday is here now. Renegade Game Studios has launched their Black Friday sale over in their webshop. You can get some great games for up to 40% off. But quantities are limited and this sale won't last forever.

Halloween may be over, but for some people, Halloween is every day. If you're looking for something spooky to play that's coming out at the start of next year, you'll want to check out Gloomy Graves. Take on the role of a gravedigger in a fantasy world. Figure out where to place all those corpses that are piling up in your own graveyard.

In order to win over Ramona, Scott Pilgrim has to defeat all of her evil exes. Now, you can help him out, or fight against him, whichever you choose. That's what's going on in Renegade Game Studios' Scott Pilgrim Miniatures the World. Either fight with Scott or take on the role of an evil ex in this tactical miniatures combat game that's up on Kickstarter now.

Scott Pilgrim. It's a much-beloved comic series that sees the titular Scott fighting through evil-Exes to win his lover's heart. Well, soon, he'll be fighting for love on  your tabletops. Renegade Game Studios has announced Scott Pilgrim Miniatures The World, a new miniatures game that they will be bringing to Kickstarter next week.

There's strange goings-on all around the town. The grown-ups don't seem interested or simply don't care, or maybe they're unable to see it? It's hard to say, but there's only one way things are going to get solved, and that's us crazy kids (and maybe a puppy). If you're looking for more adventures to go on in Kids on Bikes, you're in luck. Strange Adventures! Volume Two is now available from Renegade Game Studios.

Go! Go! Power Rangers!

*wicked guitar solo*

If you're a fan of the Power Rangers (and if you're in an age group below mine, it's a pretty safe bet that you are), you've probably played the Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid game from Renegade Game Studios. Now, you may be looking for more mighty-morphin' action, and they're here to bring it to you with new expansion sets up on Kickstarter now.

It's never good when the throne, the seat of government, is left empty. It means that the land is leaderless. Of course, people have their own thoughts on who should be seated there. Sometimes, that includes themselves. Everybody wants to rule the world. But in the end, only one can. The decision is up to you to fight over in Eternal: Chronicle of the Throne, a new card game now available from Renegade Game Studio.

Two foxes playing in the forest, looking to collect gems. That's a rather nice, lighthearted theme for a game, don't you think? And that's what you'll be doing in Fox in the Forest Duet, a new trick-taking game coming from Renegade Game Studios. This cooperative game has players looking to move around the forest board by playing tricks while not straying too far from the past, lest they get lost. Pre-orders are being taken now.

A pair of new games are available from Renegade Game Studios today. Time Chasers is a trick-taking game where you can actually go back and change cards you played in a previous trick. That should shake things up a bit. Meanwhile, in Bargain Quest, you open up your own shop, looking to supply all the adventurers in the region with the best gear. You can pick up both now.

Games. We pretty much all play them.

Promo items. We pretty much all want them.

Renegade Game Studios is once more giving us both of those in their Level Up Loot 2 box, filled with promos for their various games Want to get one? Ask your LGS about ordering one.

The board game/deck-building game Clank! In! Space! is getting a new expansion. Cyber Station 11 gives players a new game board to explore, new adventure deck cards to find, a new type of escape pod (where you can make your way away in style), and the new Commander Preon boss. Renegade Game Studios is taking pre-orders for this set (which is due out in November) now.

Players love the Kids on Bikes RPG from Renegade Game Studios. Head around town solving problems that the adults don't seem intent on fixing (or might even deny are there to begin with). If you're looking for even more, you're in luck. This October, a new volume of Strange Adventures! is coming out. Included, along with more mysteries, players will be able to give their bike different stats as well, because we all know kids love to trick out their rides.