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Renegade Game Studios

The Green Ranger has a bit of a checkered past. Originally a villain, he eventually came around to the side of good. In this new scenario for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, Rita Repulsa comes to g
The Kids on Brooms world is getting a spin-off game in the form of Duel of Wands. In this new card game, players take the role of young spellcasters looking to prove their might with mighty magic duel
Want up to 40% off some games from Renegade Game Studios? Then you'd better head over to their webshop now and put your order in.
Many of you have played and loved Kids on Bikes, the RPG system from Renegade Game Studios all about... well, kids on bikes going around and solving mysteries and fighting monsters. Coming next year,
A really shredding guitar riff always starts playing when I begin typing up these posts. Anyway, two new expansion packs for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid have been released by Renegade Game Studi
Renegade Game Studios has announced that they'll be taking over publishing of World of Darkness tabletop RPG material. As such, they'll be the ones coming out with new Vampire: The Masquerade and Were
One part of the The West Kingdom trilogy, Tomesaga is a new game where players are trying to build their kingdom and expand their borders. Of course, with everyone looking to grow, there's only so muc
Did a shredding guitar solo start playing on your screen, too? It seems to have happened here. I'm ok with this, mind you. Renegade Game Studios is expanding their Power Rangers offerings with the new
We could all use something a little lighter right now, and some tea with your favorite dragons sounds exactly right. And that's what you're doing in Autumn Harvest, a new Tea Dragon game from Renegade
The king's actions have left the kingdom in poverty, with enemies on all sides. The populace is not going to take it anymore. The various nobles around the kingdom are maneuvering to take over the thr
You ever have that dream where you're in school and you have to take a test, but you're not even sure what class you're in? Well, it's no dream! You have your big magic test tomorrow and you still nee
A lone fighter against an entire armada of alien ships. It's something we've seen in various video games and movies. And now, you can do it as well on your tabletops. Renegade Game Studios has release
The agility of cats is well-known. They'll leap. They'll climb. They'll end up in places you never expected them to. But have you ever seen them stacked on top of one-another? Probably not so much, bu
It's impossible to write these news stories for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid and not have a shredding guitar just going nuts in my head while I type them up. I'm guessing the same happens when pl
A new way to experience the World of Darkness is almost here. Renegade Game Studios has started taking pre-orders for Vampire: The Masquerade - Rivals card game. Head on over and get your name on the
arcanepretzel 53 days ago
Looks a bit like Jyhad, but it looks a little less...long playing. I hope.
You've seen the bunches of Heroes of the Grid releases coming out these days. Well, Hasbro has been happy with their partnership with Renegade Game Studios and has deepened that partnership, expanding
Morphin Meet is an online convention about all things Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. And, since Renegade Game Studios has Heroes of the Grid, as well as other Power Rangers stuff they're working on, t
While we aren't having big gaming conventions right now in-person, that means simply more opportunities to have online events. And Renegade Games is going to have another. It's Renegade Con Fall and i
Two new releases are available now from Renegade Game Studios. Gudetama is a new card game involving an egg that just can't get itself up and going on its own (I'm feeling that this morning) and the o
Gold! Gold! Head West, young man (and women and non-binary pals)! Everyone's headed out to California to get their hands on some gold and the town of San Francisco is growing rapidly to handle the inf
While COVID has cancelled all the in-person events for the year, there's still plenty of virtual events to attend. And we're actually getting more of them than we would regular shows, anyway. Renegade
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Pretty classic case of Giant Robot Alert here. And this time, it's accompanied by a really shredding guitar as Renegade Game Studios gives us a look at the Classic Megazor
Who doesn't like getting free stuff? Nobody, that's who. And it's even better when it's stuff you really, really, really want. Renegade Game Studios is teaming up with BGG to bring you their September
While every Power Ranger is a legend in their own right, some have stood out from the rest. These Rangers are coming back to help take on whatever dangers might be out there. Soon, you'll be able to g
Go West, young gamer! There's gold in them thar hills! Ok, don't actually go outside and start heading west. There's still a pandemic going on. Instead, stay home and live vicariously through your gam