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Renegade Game Studios

The Scythian chieftans are looking to claim the best land for themselves and out-maneuver the others. They will send their troops all across the land, raiding as they go. In the end, however, only one
I have to admit, I love over-easy and sunny-side-up eggs. But I might be concerned if my eggs started moving around and talking to me. But that's what Gudetama is... I think. Anyway, Renegade Game Stu
Having been a convention coordinator for a brief period of time, I know just what sort of work goes into doing the job. Let's just say that I'm glad that I'm an editor/proofreader now and have passed
Like many game companies and conventions, Renegade Game Studios is headed online with their virtual Renegade Con, happening in just a couple weeks. They've opened up tickets, which are free, but you c
Renegade Game Studios is looking to bring you more Power Rangers action for your Heroes of the Grid game. They've taken to Kickstarter to get the next wave of releases funded. The name of the campaign
With regular conventions being cancelled all over the world, many game companies are turning to virtual conventions so you can still get all those cool panels, previews, and more. Renegade Game Studio
The hit series Altered Carbon is getting itself an official RPG. Renegade Game Studios has started taking pre-orders for the core book. Head into a strange, futuristic world where very little is as it
Here in the Northern Hemisphere, it's steadily getting warmer as the land wakes up from its winter slumber. Time to open up the windows, do some spring cleaning, and get some new games! Renegade Game
Clank! is the board game that's a deck-builder as well. You and your other adventurers must head through a dungeon, each looking out for yourselves, but also being aware that everything could go pear-
I do not miss my days back in college, cramming for tests. I tell you what, if there was some sort of magic spell that would instantly put all the information from a book into my brain, I'd've done a
Renegade Game Studios is adding to their popular Of the West Kingdom line of games. This time, it's Viscounts. The kingdom is in decline and the populace is looking for leadership. The Viscounts must
Enjoy Kids on Bikes from Renegade Game Studios? Enjoy adding more fantasy elements to your RPGs? ... Look, I'll just come out and say it, do you want a Harry Potter RPG? Well, this is pretty much it.
The high seas are simply chocked full of adventure. And there's adventuring parties coming through town all the time, looking for gear and supplies before they set sail. As the shopkeepers in the town
The Power Rangers kick a lot of ass. However, they can't always defeat whatever villain is threatening the universe themselves. They've got plenty of help in the form of their various allies. And if y
Renegade Game Studios is running their Worldwide Play Days every Wednesday. You can tune in with them and watch some games and play along. You can even win prizes! This upcoming week, they'll be playi
With the pandemic going on, all facets of life are affected. Renegade Game Studios has posted up an update about their release schedule. Long story short: expect dates being pushed back to allow for t
The Raiders of Scythia were a group of troops that descended upon the Greeks, Persians, and Assyrians like no other. Riders of unskilled level, their prowess with riding and their bows was legendary.
Many of us are taking proper precautions and not heading out anywhere during this time. And while I live alone, many of you have friends and loved ones that you shack up with. Sounds like a perfect ti
We're on the internet and we're talking about cats. Seems pretty appropriate. And while I don't really think stacking actual cats works out all that well, that doesn't mean you can't try and stack cat
While only a very small, select group of people get to go into space, all of us can grab a telescope and witness the beauty of the heavens from right here on the ground. And in Stellar, you'll be doin
In Warp's Edge, players take on the role of rookie Pilot Taylor Minde. Alone in the depths of space, he encounters an entire enemy fleet. Deciding to take the battle right to them, he dives in. And th
Scott Pilgrim is looking to date Ramona Flowers. However, to do so, he has to make his way through the League of Evil Exes. Thankfully, he's got some help. And that's where you come in. In Scott Pilgr
I never joined the Boy Scouts. But my sister was a Girl Scout, my mom even being a Den Mother. So, I ended up going to a lot of those events. I can't say I remember how to tie any kind of special knot
Despite having detailed instructions about how to get to Planet X, it's still not very easy to find. But that's just what you'll be trying to do in The Search for Planet X, a new astronomy board game
The Power Rangers are a pretty amazing fighting force, but they can't do it all on their own. They've teamed up with many allies along the way in their quest to defeat evil. Soon, you can bring some o