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Those Who Wander is a bit of its own Fantasy RPG, and a bit of an extension to D&D, if you so choose. You can use it to run your own games, or you can use it to enhance your 5th edition campaign y
Let's face it, when Humans tend to move into an area, they tend to take over. Such was the case on Materia, a planet far from Earth. But long after the Humans have left, the remaining creatures are lo
Paizo has fresh content for their organized play programs each month. Of course, since you don't -have- to use it in an organized play setting if you don't want, it's really just free content that you
Ok, is this one really a game? No, not entirely. BUT! The campaign does include a mini RPG adventure with it, so I'm going to call it ok on a non-precedential basis. It is by the folks that did the Ba
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Adorbs. Thanks Bear.
Not often that I have to edit something to keep it PG-13 for us here on the site, but it does sometimes happen. Magic and S--t is a new fantasy RPG zine that's up on Kickstarter now.
WizKids has announced a partnership with everyone's favorite RP show, Critical Role. They have announced that they will be creating miniatures based on the popular series, with both monsters, PCs, and
I use Roll20 each week to play my D&D game. It lets our group play even though we live all over the country. And it's getting ever-more content. The latest is Wardlings in collaboration with WizKi
GURPS was actually one of the first RPG systems I learned back... oh... a hundred years ago. As such, though I haven't played it in probably 95 years, it still holds a soft space in my heart. If you'r
Paizo loves to give you free content for their games. This includes character stats for characters seen in their various fluff pieces. The novella, The Shroud of Four Silences, has come to a close, an
With the systems for both Pathfinder and Starfinder being open source, anyone out there is able to make content for them. It can be hard to keep up with all of them, so Paizo has started collecting th
Some gamers prefer certain gaming systems. Others prefer certain gaming worlds. Well, if you're a fan of the Savage Worlds system but want to play in the Pathfinder setting, you're in luck as Pinnacle
Getting new players into your game is the lifeblood of any system. So, making that transition from "not playing to new player to veteran" is important. Starter sets are definitely a help, and the folk
Skirmisher Publishing has a new supplement for the Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition RPG. It's called Magic of the Old West and it brings players new magic traditions for the game, new spells, new mechanics,
Paizo loves to give you free content for Pathfinder, especially their Adventure Paths. They've posted up a Player's Guide for the Abomination Vaults path so, if you're playing in it, you can get some
So, you're a DM and you've got your gaming group. Unless you plan on having everyone just sit in a single room of a house the whole time, you're going to need to create interesting places for them to
From Nightmares is the upcoming Through the Breach RPG supplement book coming from Wyrd. As this week's post, they've given us a look inside creating your own Neverborn monsters of just about any type
The sci-fi/noir series Altered Carbon wowed audiences with its depictions of a strange futuristic setting. Now, you can head into that world for yourself as Renegade Game Studios has released the Alte
Paizo loves to post up free Pathfinder content on their website and send it out in their emails. One thing they've been sending out is the Shroud of the Four Silences novella. Well, they've got a new
There are many fantasy stories that end with the great evil shattered and defeated. But... what comes next? That's where Out of the Ashes, a new fantasy RPG picks up. This new game is up on Kickstarte
The Chivalry and Sorcery RPG is in its 5th edition. Soon, its lauded Land of the Rising Sun sourcebook will be as well. There is a campaign up on Kickstarter in order to get it done and (spoilers), th
It's Halloween night. You're out in the woods with your little animal friend. Adventure ensues. That's what's going on in Babes in the Wood, the 2nd edition of which is up on Kickstarter now.
While we've not been gaming in person for a while, I've still been collecting minis for when that time comes again. I'm a huge fan of having the right figure for the job when it comes to the tabletop,
Having pre-made adventures for your game can really make a DM's life easier. Just find one you like, maybe tweak a few things to fit it into your game, and you're ready to go. Maps, NPCs, encounters,
I love a good cyberpunk-style game.The rust-tech setting, the integrated technology, and the dark alleyways full of danger. That's what you can find in Arcana Familia. They're looking to get you an Ex
Are you good at creating interesting characters for your games? How about creating a mini for them as well? If so, Hero Forge and Worldanvil want to hear from you. You could win a bronze version of yo