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Lovers of the forest and all things natural, Druids draw on the power of such places to fuel their powers. And soon, they'll have even more resources at their fingertips as Homebrewed Games will be la
Paizo is always liking to make sure players and GMs have all the options they could ever want for their games of Starfinder. To help with that and bring all sorts of new resources to the table, they'r
Masks can make you spooky and mysterious, hiding your identity or just fun to show off. But many cultures felt that masks could bring you great powers. Masks of Power takes that idea and brings it to
Paizo is always bringing you free content for your games. This time around, it's another new NPC that you can just drop into your Pathfinder games as you see fit. Say hello to Wendlyn.
"More options!" It's what every RPGer wants for their characters. And with each book, Paizo likes to bring them to you, such as in the Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual. But how do you get the best
Getting out of an addiction isn't easy. Many people need outside help to do it. There's various programs for it. Pink Cloud looks to be an RPG that also helps you along your journey. The 12-Step story
Vampires like to think that they're above humans, but there's plenty of humans out there looking to hunt them down and eradicate their likes from the Earth. And the Second Inquisition Sourcebook for V
You don't have to be the party's bard to have your sexuality be part of your character's personality. And Adventuring with Pride: Queer We Go Again looks to help. If you're looking to shake up your D&
Infinite Black has announced that they are going to be bringing a new sci-fi horror RPG to your tabletops. But first, they're going to be heading to Gamefound to make it happen. It's called Vast Grimm
There's a lot of strange creatures out there. And while most are just going about their regular lives, some are being more destructive and have to be dealt with. That's where Heliana's Guide To Monste
It's getting hot her in Atlanta. And a friend out in California is seeing 100+F weather. If there's one thing we're both dreaming of, it's the cold of winter. And WizKids will be bringing us that with
Thought that Paizo was done posting videos from PaizoCon? Ha! The weekend was only a few days long, but Paizo's got apparently years worth of material from it. Here's another collection of videos for
DMs have to keep their notes secret from the players. I mean, spoilers and all. Plus, a screen can contain all sorts of useful information that the DM might need at a moment's notice. The upcoming Dun
The lineage of vampires goes back a long way, but much of it is shrouded in mystery and myth. The Book of Nod looks to bring some of those texts to light. This new book for Vampire: The Masquerade is
PaizoCon was a super-busy weekend filled with all manner of special events and insights into what Paizo's working on. That included a lot of interview videos. Head over to their website and check out
The Feywild is quite a strange realm, home to all manner of beings and phenomena that the party must tread carefully when dealing with. It's into this strange realm that you will be headed in The Wild
The elven kingdoms are at war. How will your players deal with these ancient armies clashing? That's what you'll find out in Calidar: Alfdain Ascendant, a new campaign guide for fantasy RPGs that's up
The cultures of Asia have many myths and traditions about various monsters and other creatures. If you're looking to bring some of them to your RPG table, you'll want to check out Asian Monsters, a ne
Virtual Tabletops are a great way to game with your friends when you can't be there in person. I'm in a game that plays on Roll20 every weekend. And soon, if you're all about that Vampire life... err,
If you've wanted to play Dungeons & Dragons but you or your group isn't fluent in English, it can be rough to get game materials that you can use. Well, Wizards of the Coast is going to start tryi
Want to play a game that has modern rules sensibilities but still retains that classic, old-school RPG feel? Then you'll want to check out Mazes. The game is specifically designed with those parameter
In case you missed all the goodness that was PaizoCon Online, fear not. Paizo has been working at uploading and sharing all the videos from the show. In this article, they look at the ones for the Sec