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First off, this game uses the Oxford Comma, so it's already got my love. Second, it's for Claw Atlas, a new expansion for the map-labeling RPG Beak, Feather, & Bone. It's got 10 new maps with whic
The fuhrer has himself his own, personal train. It's gotta be loaded with all sorts of treasure and critical information. It's not gonna be easy, but getting in and out is worth the risks. That's wher
Wizards of the Coast is bringing you a baker's dozen (that's 13 for those that don't know) new stand-alone adventures for Dungeons & Dragons. They're calling the collection Journeys Through the Ra
It's Pride Month, and we here at TGN love all you gamers out there. Be who you are. If you're looking to bring some of yourself to your tabletop characters, check out Adventuring with Pride: A Queero'
You ever have a restaurant or food that you really love? I mean REALLY love? And then you can't get it anymore and you're super bummed about it? That's where you find yourself in Spider House Rules, a
"More options!" The clarion call for all gamers. And that's what Guardians of Agthor brings you. New player options like class archetypes. But also new stuff for the GM like monsters, location info, a
GMD Online is running a Kickstarter to get you an AAE Guide as well as a new CORE RPG book for the Pegasus Engine RPG. Head on through and check it out.
Sure, life under the evil empire wasn't the best, but it was at least someone in charge. They may be gone, but nobody's really filled in yet. It's a wile galaxy out there, ripe for exploration. And th
A city with a dark underbelly. Narrow alleys. Seedy dives. Back room deals. That's the world of Shakedown City, and it's one you get to build and explore with your friends. The Kickstarter campaign fo
I used to live in St. Louis. It was an alright place to live. Though I could do without the pizza. Though, in a post-apocalyptic world, an Imo's might not be too bad after all. And that's where you fi
A new year of the Pathfinder Society is nearly upon us and Paizo is here to announce it along with a little look-see into what you can be expecting this year.
The Kickstarter campaign for the Eorldom of Gar looks to do two things. 1: Bring new players into the game in an easy way. 2: Bring the various adventures that have been released for said setting into
Steamforged Games like to make big, epic encounters for your D&D games. They're so epic, they're the Epic Encounters line, with rules, minis, and maps. It's everything you need in a single box. Th
Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons are often seen as rival systems. But that doesn't mean they can't work together occasionally. Paizo has announced that their Abomination Vaults Adventure Path is
It's a cliche that gamers can get overly worked up when telling others about their RPG character. But, in this instance, it's a good thing. Privateer Press wants to hear about your Iron Kingdoms RPG c
"You take 8 damage." I mean, we probably all have heard it. But what does it actually mean? Not much, really, storytelling-wise. But the folks over at Lone Colossus Games feel it should mean something
If you've enjoyed Return to Dark Tower from Restoration Games but found yourself thinking, "This was fun, but I really wish that I could get down inside the game and really see it from a new perspecti
Turning towards more plant-based lives is definitely something that many people are doing, and it's not all about simply turning vegan. There's a lot of legends and folklore around plants and Herbariu
Epic Encounters kits gives you everything you need for a... well... epic encounter as part of your D&D game. Map, minis, stats, set-up, everything. And the new Hive of the Ghoul-kin set is availab
If you're looking to be one of the most heavily-armored troops out there on the battlefield, you'll want a suit of Man-O-War armor. And if you're in an Iron Kingdoms RPG game and want it, you'll need
If you're looking to add some more minis to your collection and if you're playing the Dark Souls RPG from Steamforged, you'll definitely want to check out the official Dark Souls RPG minis that are av
Unearthed Arcana gives Wizards of the Coast a chance to give you a look at what they're working on for D&D and do a little playtesting at the same time. This time around, it's Giant Options. No, y
Over a dozen. That's how many new things Paizo has for you in their webshop that are available now. Starfinder and Pathfinder both. Adventures, supplements, accessories, map packs. It's quite a lot. H
The folks over at Dream Realm Storytellers are looking to get some new blood into your D&D games with Bloodpunk. It's not just a new setting guide, but also a campaign designed to bring players fr
"I'm Batman!" Well, I mean, I'm really not. But I could be if I played Batman: Gotham City Chronicles. Monolith is running a Kickstarter campaign that not only brings you Season 3 of the board game, b