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Role Playing Games

A place to hang your hat. It's as important for you as it is for your adventuring party. But as they are usually out and on the move, your characters might not have a place to truly call home. Well, Safe & Sound looks to fix that. It's a new RPG zine that's part of Zine Quest that's up on Kickstarter now. It's full of all sorts of locations for your players to rest and relax, as well as various NPCs that you can put in your games to take care of it while the adventurers are out and about saving the world.

Sure, you've got your sci-fi settings and your fantasy settings. But what if you want to infuse your fantasy settings with some of your sci-fi settings? There's fewer of those things out there. But there's more on the way with What Happened at Wyvern Rock issue 2. This new project that's part of the Zine Quest explosion over on Kickstarter looks to bring UFOs, strange creatures, and aliens to your games.

Want more material that you can plug right into your RPG sessions? Old School & Cool is here to help. They're part of the big Zine Quest push that's going on over on Kickstarter right now. Their latest campaign is ready to bring you 40 more pages of awesome action with an 80s flair and 2020's innovation.

Having a pre-made adventure ready to go can make the life of a GM infinitely easier. You can just pick up and go with it, only having to tweak it to fit your game as opposed to creating something from scratch. Or, they can be used as a weekend one-shot when you want to do something different. Whatever way you use them, they're a good time, and a new one is up on Kickstarter now. Lair of the Battle Mage is an old-school-style adventure where players are heading into the lair of an "old and feeble" battle mage... that's been old and feeble for decades, but still apparently packs a punch. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

Chapters is a new adventure board game for Vampire: The Masquerade. But this isn't just some roll and move situation. It's got all the investigation, intrigue, decision-making, and more that you'd expect from an entire campaign in the RPG, but just down on the tabletop. Are you ready to sink your teeth into the action? The game is up on Kickstarter now.

Way back in the day, I used to play roller hockey (goalie, specifically). I loved it and I particularly loved skating. Though, even as much as I got roughed around out on the rink (yes, even goalies can get roughed up), it never seemed to come close to what Roller Derby people get up to out there. Well, my skating days might be behind me, but I can still get out there vicariously through Derby Drama, a new roller derby RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

While having premade adventures is nice, I'd say that the majority of you GMs out there are coming up with your own to run your party through. And that's awesome. But there's not always the chance to share those great adventures you've made. Well, Free League Publishing is here to help with their Free League Workshop.

Many of you have probably picked up some of the Wardlings figures from WizKids to add to your games of Dungeons & Dragons. These pint-sized adventurers and their animal companions can be a weclome addition to any adventuring party. But, if you've been wanting to run a whole game based on these young adventurers, you're soon to be in luck. Renegade Game Studios is creating a Campaign Guide for them. It'll be hitting store shelves in May.

Look. You know me. I've been doing this job for almost a decade now and just when I think I've seen it all, along comes a new premise or theme for a game that I'd never even considered. I always love when this happens, so I was happy when Dish Pit Witches came along. It's a modern RPG where players take on the role of workers in a restaurant. And they're witches. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

Again with the Primus vibes. Todaaaaaaaay's going to be the greeeeeeeeeeeeatest day of your liiiiiiife.

Anyway, the circus is in town and funny things are happening. Paizo's Extinction Curse adventure path takes players to the Startsone Isles and the Circus of Wayward Wonders. They've posted up an article with a couple videos, a bunch of links, and just various information to get you all you need to know about this book. Have yourselves a peek.

Coups. They're generally a messy thing. When an uprising happens, the current leaders are always looking to escape. The Heir of the Ulunak kingdom has just survived a vicious coup attempt. She's trying to make her way to safety at her Aunt's castle, taken their by her Bearers. In Palanquin, a new RPG that's up on Kickstarter now, you take on the role of one of those Bearers and must get the Heir to safety. Of course, in such times, everyone is suspect. You must assuage the Heirs fears (along with everyone else's) if you plan on working together and succeeding in getting the Heir to safety.

Sky pirates. Floating islands. Sailing the seas of clouds (and cheese). It's fresh and breezy up in the air. And that's where you'll be in Corsairs, a new fantasy RPG zine that's up on Kickstarter now. It's swashbuckling action high above the surface of the earth.

Learning a set of RPG rules is a decent commitment. They tend to have a lot of moving parts to remember for just your character alone, let alone the rest of the system. So, a rules system that can be changed and adapted to any genre is helpful, because you can make changes to your game or start whole new, entirely differently-themed campaigns without having to learn a new set of rules. The GMD Core RPG, on Kickstarter now, is a new univeral RPG system.

When you're getting ready to start an RPG game, there's a lot of prepwork that goes into it. Much of it is created by the GM, but some like to have the players also involved in all the world-building. Their characters have been living in this world for a while now, presumably, so why wouldn't they know various important people, locations, and have connections with other characters and NPCs already? But creating that can be tough. Thankfully, Decuma is here to help. The card pack is up on Kickstarter now.

I remember when the Altered Carbon show came out on Netflix. The vast majority of my friends lost their minds over it (figuratively, not like in the show). Many of them were all, "OMG! I would love an RPG set in that world!" Well, their prayers have been answered. And I'm sure many of you also felt that. Your prayers have been answered as well. The official Altered Carbon RPG is up on Kickstarter now.

No, this isn't about Robin Williams getting transported to the Star Trek universe and being captured by the Borg. And while that's a bit disappointing, the real news is exciting as well. Free League Publishing will be releasing the Mork Borg apocalyptic fantasy RPG later this month. The game was originally funded via Kickstarter, but it's ready to hit the general market. If you like your games super-dark and super-gritty, this might be the one for you.

The distant future. Humanity has not only made its way into space, but it has colonized worlds far from home and become the most expansive and dominant group in the entire galaxy. AI is making us challenge our preconceived notions of what is being alive. Alien races are not always friendly. And different human factions still fight among themselves. This is the universe you find yourselves in when you play Omega Horizon, a new sci-fi RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

When you're a GM, you want to have stuff readily available to grab at a moment's notice when needed. My last game session, for example, our party took a "right turn" when not expected and the GM had to come up with a quick encounter for us. Thankfully, they had stuff handy. And your GM can too. The Phylactery, an OSR-based RPG zine, is up on Kickstarter now. Inside it, you'll be able to find all sorts of helpful game info.

Sure, having electronic books is nice and you can carry an entire library in your pocket, but there's just something about having the actual book there that I love. If you're like me and you are excited about the Odyssey of the Dragonlords set of books from Modiphius, then you're in luck. The print version of the Adventure Book, Player's Guide, and more are all available now in their webshop.

Finally... dang FINALLY we have made it to Friday. Now, we just need to get through today and we'll be alright, in the safe embrace of the weekend. It's the end of January and if the rest of the year is any indication, it's going to feel like it's 2473 by the time we end 2020. Of course, I'm sure I'm going to clock out tonight, blink, and it'll be Monday already. That's just how it goes. But anyway, let's nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories for this Friday.

Today on the platter we have: Four New Dice Sets Available From Kraken Dice, Dice For All Metal Dice Up On Kickstarter, and

DGS Games, makers of FreeBlades, has been working on an RPG rules set called BrightSword. They're not done yet, but they're far enough along that they want to give everyone a look at them. You can go and check out the free beta test version now. Give your feedback. Help grow the game. Get in on the ground floor. It's all possible now.

I know. I know. Not a ton of people liked 4th edition D&D. Personally, I did. Some of my favorite characters I played were in 4th. I'm sure there are gaming groups out there still to this day playing 4th. If you are, or if you'd like to get a group together, Skirmisher Publishing has a new character race you can try out. They're the tricksy, shapeshifting Kitsune. You can download this new character race now.

I know. Kind of a weird title, but that's basically what you're getting. Game books have a certain limit that they can be, realistically. And only so much can fit into them. As such, stuff usually needs to be cut out. But that can be some really premium stuff! Lost Omens Gods & Magic has such "leftover content," and Paizo  has decided to spruce them up into their own pdfs (that really have no limits) and give them to you for free.

After all the waiting, the time has come. Painting Polygons has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their next Animal Adventures product. If you're looking for a game where your character is a doggo or kitty cat, this is the game for you, including miniatures. The Secret of Gullet Cove campaign contains more than just an adventure book. There's a whole bunch of new miniatures added into the mix as well.

It goes without saying that behind every book is a talented staff of writers and editors who bring it to your tabletops. Most of the time, we don't know much more about them than a name on a cover or credits page. Well, Paizo is looking to get you to know their staff a bit better. They've posted up a little article with all the authors that helped with Gods & Magic. Have a look.