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Renegade Game Studios has announced that they'll be taking over publishing of World of Darkness tabletop RPG material. As such, they'll be the ones coming out with new Vampire: The Masquerade and Were
Paizo loves to help out GMs by bringing them lots of content that they can simply drop right into their games. This article for a new NPC is the first of a dozen articles that will focus on the city o
If you're looking to update your Ponyfinder game to the new Pathfinder 2nd edition rules, you're in luck. Silver Games has released the core book now updated so that the two work together perfectly.
So, you've heard a lot about Pathfinder. You know that they came out with a new edition last year, but you've been reluctant to get into it. Maybe you've been hoping for something to help new players
Want a lighthearted game to just sit and futz around with your friends and play? Then Bones and Basements might just be for you. You play as skeletons looking to please your overlord. How hard can tha
Is it a little early for Holiday stuff? No. I don't think so. We could use some relief this year, and if that means getting out the Christmas stuff a little early, so be it. And that's where Nuclear W
The latest printing of the Pathfinder rulebook is out. With it comes several changes to the game. If you want to make sure you're playing the game the way the designers intended, you'll want to head o
When you're running a D&D game, you've gotta do a lot of work to make sure your players have adventures to go on. Sometimes, that means making stuff up entirely on your own. But you don't always h
One of the classic civilizations in Star Trek, the Klingons have a checkered history with the crew of the Enterprise. Antagonists in most instances, there were still plenty of friendly Klingons such a
Lord of one of the levels of Hell, Orcus is quite a formidable foe for your adventuring party and would make a fitting end-of-campaign baddie. Well, if and when your party does finally face him, might
None of us know the future. That certainly would be helpful. Well, while we can't predict the future, we can prepare for it when given notice. And that's sort of like knowing the future, right? Well,
You lot have been looking over the material from the upcoming Secrets of Magic book for Pathfinder and giving Paizo your thoughts on the situation. Well, they've been listening and they're here to sho
Even an award-winning game can use some updates occasionally. And that's what we have here. Sure, Urban Shadows won an ENnie, but that doesn't mean the game was perfect and Magpie Games has been worki
Steamfored Games has the next pair of Epic Encounters sets available to pre-order from their website. In these, things get swampy as you take on a horde of Goblins or a vicious Hydra (the snake-like t
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A whole new round of lockdowns has come out recently because of the ongoing pandemic. As such, it's hard to go see your friends to game. Thankfully, there's programs like Roll20 that let you play virt
Something a little different for you here. Wizards of the Coast has put out an official D&D cookbook. Being an amateur cook, myself, I'm certainly interested in seeing what sort of recipes are ins
A character's character sheets are basically what brings it to life. Without those, it's just a concept in your head. But instead of just having some overly-worn, smudged, boring regular sheets, Beadl
There's no lack of knowledge that I love me some dragons. I'm always looking for ways to integrate them more into my games. As a PC, that can be rough. Thankfully, these two Unearthed Arcana classes f
If there was ever a good time of year to release a new Curse of Strahd box set, October certainly seems like that time. And that's what we have. Wizards of the Coast has released their new Curse of St
We're all about diversity and representation here at TGN. As such, I bring you Thirsty Sword Lesbians, a new RPG from Evil Hat Productions. The game all about queer representation is up on Kickstarter
warmaster 42 days ago
No way! It can't be that queer people want to hurt anyone with swords...
arcanepretzel 40 days ago
The title sounds like something out of an exploitation flick. Not my thing, but it's cool that they've got the funding to make their book.
Want to fill your day with gaming information? A gaming magazine's a great way to do it. And if you're a Dungeons & Dragons player, you'll want to check out the latest issue of Dragon+. As usual,
A new print run of The Excellents RPG is up on Kickstarter. This new printing brings along with it plenty of extras including new dice, lesson tokens, a pack for playing on Roll20, and more. Have your
When gamers know a game system inside and out, it can be rough to try and get them to learn a new one. Thankfully, with The Spy Game, if you've played 5th Edition D&D, then you already know the ba
<weewoo weewoo weewoo> We have giant dragon alert! Be aware! Giant dragon alert! Many of you might have backed Draco Studios' campaigns before where you get some awesome giant dragon minis (I kn
Through the Breach's Penny Dreadfuls are one-shot adventures that you can just drop into your games whenever and wherever you need. And today, Wyrd's got a new one for you. Some night say that all of