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Rum & Bones

I told you that gaming companies were going to be putting up their announcements and such for Gen Con. Well, here's another one. This time around it's CMON. They've posted up both their pre-releases t
We're just underway here at Day 2 of the CMON Expo 2015. Yesterday was a blast. This place was buzzing with excitement. I must say, it's by far the busiest Friday ever at the show. It's great to see h
CMON Expo creeps ever-closer, and with each week, we get more exciting news about what's going to be at the show. This update adds two new events (one for Rum & Bones and one "Ultimate" event) and a s
CoolMiniOrNot is in their final couple days on Kickstarter for Rum & Bones. Their MOBA-style board game has come quite a long ways since launch. They've added new factions in the form of the French an
CoolMiniOrNot heads into the final week of their Rum & Bones Kickstarter with a bang. They've added the new Skullkickers add-on to the campaign. For $25, you can add the heroes from the Image Comics s
CoolMiniOrNot knows 3 factions are good, but 4 factions are better. As such, they've brought the French into Rum & Bones. Far from being the "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" that the Simpsons and oth
CoolMiniOrNot has posted up the rulebook for Rum & Bones over on their Kickstarter page. It's interesting to think back to all the various iterations the game has gone through during development, gett
CoolMiniOrNot knows that a good gamer, like a good pirate, likes to have options. So why not give gamers new options that are pirates? They've added their Mercenary Heroes Pack #1 to their Rum & Bones
CoolMiniOrNot has added new dice (because you can never have enough dice. I plan on getting some of them just for general use, and not just use for the game) and new Mazu's Heroes. You can add on a tr
CoolMiniOrNot has been adding new models to the Rum & Bones Kickstarter for the two current factions (plus Mercenaries), but now they've got something entirely new: Mazu's Dreadful Curse, the third of
CoolMiniOrNot has listened to your feedback for their Rum & Bones Kickstarter campaign. They re-evaluated some costs and has decided to update the add-ons for Rum & Bones. Instead of $10 for a single
CoolMiniOrNot sets sail for adventure with their new board game, Rum & Bones. They've just launched the Kickstarter campaign, matey!Update: And they've hit their funding mark. Bring on the stretch goa
CMON is showing off some more cards for Rum & Bones with a look at the stat card for Patchwork Porter and some tide cards.SourceFrom the post:Todays previews!We have Patchwork Porter and two of the Ti
CoolMiniOrNot gives us another look at a stat card for Rum & Bones with a preview of 'Stumper' Pete.SourceFrom the preview:"Stumper" Pete, in all his rage and glory, are revealed!
CoolMiniOrNot has another new Rum & Bones stat card they're showing off. This time it's Captain Daniel Pale.SourceFrom the post:Captain Pale takes No Quarter! YARG!!!
CoolMiniOrNot will be launching their Kickstarter campaign for Rum & Bones early next month.SourceFrom the post:hem...ALL HANDS ON DECK!!! BATTON DOWN THE HATCHES! HOIST THE MAINSAIL AND SCUTTLE THE J
CoolMiniOrNot has posted up a contest for their upcoming board game, Rum & Bones. Check it out.Note: All references to "this post" mean the post on the R&B Facebook page.SourceFrom the announcement:Sh
CoolMiniOrNot gives us another stat card preview for Rum & Bones. This time it's Blackout Bart.SourceFrom the preview:Today we take a look at the Wellsport Gunner, Blackout Bart!Range and damage are t
CoolMiniOrNot is showing off another stat card for the upcoming Rum & Bones game with a look at The Specter.SourceFrom the preview:The Specter emerges from the shadows...As a Swashbuckler, The Specter
CoolMiniOrNot posted up their next stat card preview for Rum & Bones. This one's Albrecht the Damned.SourceFrom the preview:Mr. Black here again, and today we're going to take a look at Captain Albrec
CoolMiniOrNot posted up the first stat card for their upcoming Rum & Bones board game.SourceFrom the preview:Hello laddies, Mr. Black here, and I've got a spoiler here for you!Let's take a look at the
CoolMiniOrNot has created a BoardGameGeek page for Rum & Bones. Go get a little look into the specs for the game.SourceFrom the page:Avast ye pirates! Gather your crews and set sail for adventure on t
CoolMiniOrNot is showing off another profile for the upcoming Rum & Bones game. This time it's the Kraken.SourceFrom the post:Introducing THE KRAKEN!!!!
CoolMiniOrNot is showing off another mini and bio for Rum & Bones. This time it's Patchwork Porter.SourceFrom the post:Let me introduce you to ol' Patchwork Porter. Quarter Master of the Bone Devils.P
Rum & Bones gives us another pirate to check out with Mad Ivan.Mad Ivan SourceFrom the preview:"Mad Ivan" enters the fray as part of the Wellsport Brotherhood!