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"A day in the corps is like a day on the farm. Every meal a banquet. Every paycheck a fortune." Of course, sometimes you'll have to go into xenomorph-infested tunnels and clear them out. But that's wh
What if you want to take a break from your regular RPG for just a quick, lighthearted, fun RPG session? Well, you can pick up something like Pew Pew! Bounty Hunters in Space. It's all those things and
Ah, the Prime Directive. Such a curious thing. And when the Federation's foes show up at an uncontacted planet and are about to dive in to get a new power source, the options are limited for the crew.
Star Wars: Armada got itself a pretty big rules update over on Fantasy Flight's site. They're prepping the game for the addition of the Republic and Separatists and have updated various things in turn
When you want to fill your day with gaming info, a gaming magazine is a great way to do it. White Dwarf is one of the longest-running out there, and there's a new issue coming out soon. What'll be in
All about that money, the Separatists are looking to, well, separate from the Galactic Republic. And they've got the fleet to back that plan up. In this preview, we get a look in the starter set for t
People are socially distancing and wearing masks and such so they don't get sick. When there's Plague Marines around, that's even more important. A new Death Guard codex for 40k is coming out soon and
Over the weekend, TTCombat had their regular set of new releases hit shelves. They've got their new Black Friday/Cyber Monday figures available, as well as the ones from sales past. They've also got s
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> <weewoo weewoo weewoo!> We've got both giant robot alert and giant dragon alert incoming with this one. We've got a preview of some new units for Monsterpocalypse fr
Droids, droids, droids everywhere. Why try and recruit an army when you can just build one from raw materials (though... I guess the Republic does this with their clones, too...)? As the Clone Wars er
He who controls the worms controls the spice. And everyone knows that I like spicy things. That would make Dune a lot different if it was just powdered capsaicin. Anyway, those wanting to get into the
Instead of being tied to an adventure path, Paizo will be releasing some new Starfinder stand-alone adventures next year. They'll be perfect to just drop into your games when you want. Have yourselves
New releases available from Fantasy Flight now. There's the Prophecy of Kings expansion for Twilight Imperium. There's also four new X-Wing expansion kits. All of them can be picked up new from your L
This week's pre-orders from Games Workshop includes a lot of Space Marines. Specifically, the phlebotomists that are the Blood Angels. You can head over and get their new codex as well as some other m
If you're looking to get one of the core books from one of the numerous Free League Publishing RPGs, now is the time to do it as they're all on sale over in their webshop.
Want to get some Pathfinder or Starfinder digital books and guides for cheaper than usual? Then head over to the Paizo webshop now and take advantage of their holiday sale.
If you're looking to run your Star Trek Adventure game with a heavy bit of Klingon influence, this is the set for you. Modiphius has started taking pre-orders for their Klingon Empire GM Toolkit. I th
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert! In this case, it's the new Cerastus Knight-Atrapos for Adeptus Titanicus and my spellcheck hates all of that. But anyway, thi
arcanepretzel 9 days ago
"You know, I'm a skilled surgeon. I can help you with that hump." "What hump?"
TGN_Polar_Bear 8 days ago
Keeping a game with as many moving parts as X-Wing balanced is a tricky thing. There's always a lot of things that can be tweaked to make sure the game runs as smoothly as possible. Fantasy Flight has
The Galactic Republic has stood for thousands of years, but it's being tested by the Separatists. The government is sending out their battle fleet and soon, you will be able to as well in Star Wars: A
One Page Rules really has gone from a group of people just making some shorthand versions of sci-fi and fantasy games to really doing a lot in the industry. They've posted up their November release po
The Blood Angels are the phlebotomists of the Space Marine world, all about that blood. They also are known to just rush in and try and get it from their enemies. With a new codex on the horizon, you
So, we all know that GW has new releases hit on Saturday. But what will be coming out at the end of the week this week? Well, the big boxes for both Age of Sigmar and 40k. But, along with those, there
One Page Rules has a new expansion for Grimdark Future Firefight available to those on their Patreon, but will be letting others get to soon. It's called Gang Wars and as the title suggests, it lets p
TTCombat has two ends of the spectrum in terms of releases for you this week. On one side, they have new ships for Dropfleet Commander. And they're on the pretty big size, as ships in the game go. On