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A new operative coming for Infinity is Aida Swanson. We get a little look at her background and figure in this preview from Corvus Belli.
Three new squadron packs are coming for X-Wing. Each one is an elite team of fliers ready to take over the skies. Let's take a look at what they consist of.
If you want to play a Sci-fi rpg but you don't want to have to learn an entirely new system, you might want to check out Farsight. It's a sci-fi RPG based on 5th edition D&D. So, if you know that
With so many products coming out that work with Starfinder and Pathfinder, it can be tough to keep up. Thankfully, Paizo's here to help. Here's the latest list of new releases.
When gamers find a game system they like, they tend to stick with it, not wanting to learn a ton of new rules for a different game. That's where having a setting book for a various different worlds an
Wakanda is a fantasy African nation that never was colonized and was super-technically advanced, thanks to an abundance of Vibranium. What if something similar happened with the Americas? Coyote &
The Drukhari (apparently what they're calling the Dark Eldar these days) in 40k are getting themselves an update soon in the form of a new codex. They're also getting new box sets to go along with it.
Come what May? These figures come May. At least, from Privateer Press, anyway. Let's take a look at some upcoming releases for Warmachine/Hordes, Monsterpocalypse, and Warcaster. <whoop! whoop! who
Titanforge has long been known for their amazing models and extra bits. Now, they're looking to create their own minis game with Gridwars: Age of Cyberpunk. This new, 3D printable sci-fi skirmish game
If you're going to be heading into space and having thrilling dogfights out there, you should have appropriate minis for it. So, with that, Paizo has announced a new set of Starfinder minis in partner
Space. The final frontier. And you can boldly go into said frontier with the Star Trek Alliance: Dominion War Campaign box set, now available from WizKids. This stand-alone set is akin to the Attack W
Who wouldn't want to travel in time? To see the distant past. To know the future. It'd be great. And while we can't hop in our Deloreon or Telephone Booth and do it now in reality, you can do it vicar
A new operative soon to be making her way to the tabletops of Infinity, Uxia McNeill might be short, but she's intense. Get a look at this red-haired firebomb in this preview.
One thing about sci-fi games is that they often let you fly around in your sleek space ships, zooming through the atmosphere. And that's what you'll be doing in the False Flags Over Castrovel encounte
While vaccines are starting to get into the population, there's still a very real threat of getting COVID-19 and becoming very, very sick. As such, Atomic Mass Games has decided to postpone all major
Fridaaaaaaay! Woo! Time has been all Jeremy Bearimy for me this week. But it's finally Friday and that's great. Been a productive week and ready to get into the weekend for some gaming. I'm also curre
Age of Sigmar and 40k have a bunch of spin-off games based in those universes. Well, Games Workshop will be coming out with three more this year. For 40k, there's Doomsday Countdown and Fireteam. Mean
Cybernetics. Megacorporations. The internet as a battleground. Welcome to 2119. That's where you find yourself in The Gaia Complex, a new cyberpunk RPG game that's up on Kickstarter now.
Usually, it's the fauna that you have to worry about when you're going adventuring. But the flora can sometimes be just as dangerous. Skirmisher Publishing has released Three Alien Vegetable Monstrosi
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert! What's causing it? That'd be Embryo Machine, a new sci-fi miniatures tactical combat game that's up on Kickstarter now. Grab
A small group of rag-tag heroes face off an oppressive government with a giant death laser. It's a tale as old as time and one you can join in with Rebel Scum, a new sci-fi RPG zine that's up on Kicks
WizKids and Paizo has brought you a ton of pre-painted Pathfinder miniatures in the past. But what if you play Starfinder? Well, you're in luck, as Paizo and WizKids are teaming up to bring those to y
Well, the One Page Rules folks have finally come to the realization that, "hey... we put, like, a whole -ton- of stuff in our updates." Though I don't know why they're seemingly apologizing for that.
Corvus Belli's January releases just hit store shelves. They're wasting no time getting to the next round, either. They're showing off February's releases, available on the 26th.
As last month ended, Corvus Belli had a whole swath of new Infinity releases hit store shelves. You can head on down to your LGS or their webshop and grab these new kits for yourself now.