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Ah yes, Free RPG Day, where companies produce cool items to get you out to your LGS and hang out and share in our joy of playing pretend with one-another. I have a large affinity for playing pretend.
arcanepretzel 21 days ago
I've heard good things about the Goblin-oriented Free RPG Day adventures, and them branching out into Kobold territory is a nice one, now that Goblins are, er, 'mainstream'. Or, at least, in the main book as a playable race.
<whoop! whoop! whoop!>Yes, as expected with that headline, we have Giant Robot Alert. It's been a while since we've heard from Catalyst and about how Battletech is doing. But considering all tha
One Page Rules might have just started out as some quick, alternative rules for 40k, but they've really grown into a game company of their own. They've expanded into multiple games as well as creating
I, like many gamers, have moved their games online. I've been playing most weekends and it's been nice. I'm actually gaming more now than I was before. But as more and more gamers are headed virtual,
Due to the pandemic, lots of game companies had to readjust their release schedules. Many simply stopped for a while as the virus spread. Well, things are starting to open back up again and that inclu
Off we go into the wild blue grimdark future where there is only war. Games Workshop has new kits available to order for Aeronautica Imperialis, their dogfight game set in the world of 40k. That inclu
Been wanting to try out the multiple-award-winning Tales From the Loop RPG from Free League Publishing but weren't quite sure where to start? Waiting on a product designed to specifically get new play
In the dark, post apocalyptic world, there's only My Fists! *punch, punch, punch!* Tian Shang, Lone Wolf Fists is a new sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, martial arts RPG that's up on Kickstarter now. Yes, al
2 days into June and it's already been a hell of a month. It can be difficult to think of anything to look forward to, but if you're an Infinity player, Corvus Belli has some hope on the horizon. They
<whoop! whoop! whoop!>You know that sound. It's the Giant Robot Alert and that's because we've got some new releases from Privateer Press, arguably the place we get most of our Giant Robot Alert
"Solo" here referring to playing on your own and not the character from the series. During the pandemic, many of us are stuck at home, far from our friends and game mates. So, it can be difficult to g
The latest batch of sci-fi minis are hitting tables as the new figures from Corvus Belli for Infinity are on game store shelves now. Included are some support packs for various factions in CodeOne. So
The Adeptus Mechanicus are getting some reinforcements in their war for the Emperor. There's several new kits, form flying machines to flying troops to a new character that you can pre-order now. Ther
PaizoCon Online is happening this week. Every day, the company is featuring some more awesome previews and insight into their various product lines. This time around, they're taking a look at the far-
Prices change over time. That's just the way of things. But, in order to make sure you're not caught unawares, the folks over at Mantic Games are letting you know that their prices in their webshop fo
Monster Fight Club has a trio of new Cyberpunk RED miniatures kits that you can pick up from their website now. It's a nice mix, too. There's the Street Scum set, the Law Enforcers set, and the Detect
elijahbenjam 36 days ago
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terryjims329 30 days ago
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Well, the big news from the weekend is that Games Workshop is coming out with a new edition of Warhammer 40k. The main factions it's looking like are Imperium and Necrons, at least from the preview vi
Starfinder also has their own Society and they, too, are getting their regular spate of monthly releases. In this article, we get a look at just what is coming up from Paizo. It's apparently the Year
In a reversal of much of what we've seen lately in terms of announcements, Privateer Press is actually adding to their August releases. They've put three more Warjack Variants into the mix, with the B
A new sourcebook for the Infinity RPG is now available from Modiphius. If you're not all that interested in playing just boring, old humans, this might be the book for you. The Combined Army. It's run
GMs have a lot of notes and information that they want to keep secret from the players. There's also a ton of charts and rules they need to keep up with. Put those two together and you've got a GM scr
We normally don't post "an announcement about an announcement," but the way this one is being hyped up, it seems like it'll be something you don't want to miss. Games Workshop will be making big 40k a
Even when we're not under a quarantine lockdown, humans haven't quite made it up and out into the stars to go exploring in grand space ships. So, we must live vicariously through our miniatures games.
Infinity: CodeOne is the new jumping-on point for new players to the game. However, veterans might also like to give it a try in order to play a faster, sleeker version of the sci-fi minis game. If yo
It's been a while, but they're back. Games Workshop has made it so they can start shipping out orders again while following regulations for social distancing and keeping their workers safe. And they'r