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We've seen a bunch of different minis, but what do the Leagues of Votann play like in terms of strategy on the tabletop? We get a look at exactly that in this preview, with a look at the Strategems th
In the highly-cramped corridors of a space hulk, you might wish you had some ceramite armor. But for the guardsmen, that's not available. But they do have their veteran skills that will hopefully see
D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide
Me when looking over the new release: *scroll... scroll... scrollscrollscroll... scrollscrollscrollscrollscroll* "Where does it end!?!?!" Yeah, there's a lot of stuff here. A new box set for the Middl
House Escher's Matriarch Primus, Adina, is obviously a target for all would-be assassins to try and take the house down. But to get to Adina, they must first get through the Matriarch's Blade, her bod
It was a big pre-release weekend for all things Kill Team this past weekend. Two new book. A new box set. And new bundles to get. Head on over and check it all out.
Fantasy. Sci-fi. Tech. Magic. Monsters of all types. It's what you get in Amethyst. There's a ton out of the game already and they're adding more. Already got it all? You can get just the new volume.
There's a new box set for Kill Team coming out this weekend. In it, there's some new figures, including Kroot Mercenaries and Navis Breachers. If you're wondering what these figures are capable of on
The various assassins are some of the most dangerous individuals in all of the Imperium. Players for decades have come to know to fear them. And soon, a new one will be joining their ranks. Get yourse
Games Workshop posted a 40k Battle Report using the Leagues of Votann recently. Now, we don't normally deal with battle reports, but in this case, they specifically showed off a bunch of the new army'
Paizo has posted up their new releases for Pathfinder and Starfinder. Like most months, there's a whole ton of stuff. So, if you play either of those games, it behooves you to go check out the new sta
With NOVA Open happening, Games Workshop has a lot of new stuff to show off. And they've conveniently placed all of it into one space for you. Head on through to check out new Age of Sigmar, 40k, and
Grumpy Bear Stuff (obviously, a gaming company after my own heart) is running a Kickstarter campaign for Daily Dread, a pre-apocalyptic, cyberpunk RPG zine. It's an interesting setting all about media
Every month, Games Workshop has a new, exclusive miniature that they release to their GW stores. With September just a day away, it's time to see what they've got in store (or, will have in store, I s
The new box set for Kill Team takes players into the densely-packed, claustrophobic corridors of a space hulk. Those things have a world all their own inside and GW's representing that with some new r
I've actually been thinking about watching the two Terminator movies again (and there are only 2 Terminator movies...). Seems someone else thinks that those movies were pretty awesome. But instead of
If you're really into the style of the 80s and 90s when it came to, "well, the world ended. Guess we're here now" topics, then Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland is the RPG for you. There's a new editi
Yeah. I gotta admit. I am expecting previews for still within this year or maybe January and February of 2023. But nope. Paizo is giving us a much deeper look to let us know what they plan on releasin
"Might makes right" in the world of Necromunda. And so, these Goliaths are a great addition to your forces if you want to make sure your gang is seen as right.
Privateer Press has some new Monsterpocalypse releases coming up soon and they want you to see 'em before they hit shelves. Two new monsters and some new units are on deck for you to check out in this
This upcoming weekend, it's all about Kill Team from Games Workshop. Several new books. New box sets. New kits. It's all coming. Have a look for yourself.
The new demons of chaos aren't just relegated to their own army. Other factions can dip their toe in the Chaos-side (warning, dipping your toe into Chaos pretty much guaranteed to corrupt you entirely
It's another Chaos-y-focused pre-order weekend from Games Workshop. More Chaos minis kits for 40k, made-to-order demon kits, and the new Codex: Chaos Daemons. But there's also a new Blood Bowl pitch a
If you're a CY_BORG player, then you'll want to check out CY_OPS, it's a new RPG Zine up on Kickstarter that styles itself as an actual punk zine in the universe of the game. Head on through and check
Games Workshop has a lot in store for Kill Team. "Like what?" you ask? Well, take a look at this roadmap they've posted up to let you know what they've got in mind.
We got a first look at what's coming for Infinity from Corvus Belli, but now we get some more, including a look at the Beyond Operation Blackwind box and a couple other kits.