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Out on the battlefields in the Star Wars universe, it's not just troops along the ground that you have to worry about. There's also the potential for all sorts of ships coming in overhead. That includ
"More options!" It's the one thing every player wants for their character. And Skirmisher Publishing is here to help. If you're playing a sci-fi game using the OGL, then you can pick up their Interpla
Monsterpocalypse is getting itself a new starter set soon. It's the Destroyer set. In this preview, we get a look at the new kit, what it will have, and a look at some of the different and new compone
If you're wanting to play the Star Trek Adventures RPG from Modiphius but aren't really all that interested in playing the Federation, but instead want to become part of the warrior Klingons, you're i
As we know well by now, when One Page Rules posts an update, it's got a ton of stuff going on in it. Now that they're full-time working on the games, these "just a quick update" contain even more. Thi
One of the most renowned pilots in the galaxy is getting into the cockpit of one of the most feared fighters. In the upcoming Starstrike Squadron Pack for X-Wing, Darth Vader will take the control sti
It's been a couple weeks, and Games Workshop is making up for it with this week's pre-releases. There's quite a lot going on, from the new Drukhari codex for 40k, to a new campaign book, to a new box
The new Drukhari codex is due to hit the Games Workshop webshop soon. If you're wanting to get your evil, dark crusade going in the far-off future, you'll want to get it. And if you want to know more
If a player in 40k decides to build their army in such a way, they can unlock special rules for their units that will make them greater than the sum of their parts. These special lists are called Armi
Companies are releasing material that works with Pathfinder and Starfinder all the time. How often? Well, last month, Paizo reckons there were at least 14. At least, that's how many they're showing of
This set of mission briefs (as opposed to mission boxers) takes players of the Star Trek Adventures RPG back to the early days just after the United Federation of Planets was created. As is to be expe
Be'lakor, the demon prince, is coming to Games Workshop's store soon. Whether you play Age of Sigmar or 40k, you can use this giant figure. In this preview, we get a look at what his 40k stats will lo
Corvus Belli is taking pre-orders for their Military Orders box set for Infinity. If you go and get your name on that pre-order list, you will also get exclusive minis. What exclusive minis? Glad you
The Drukhari (I remember when they were the Dark Eldar, but I'm old) are getting a new codex soon from Games Workshop. In this preview, we get a look at 7 of the rules they'll be bringing to the battl
The Pariah Nexus box set for Kill Team introduced the Heavy Intercessors and the Flayed Ones figures to the game. If you're looking to pick these kits up without the other half, you will soon be able
Games Workshop is doing another of their big video previews this weekend of stuff they're working on. If you want to check out what's in the works for 40k, Necromunda, Age of Sigmar, or Warhammer Unde
It's been a couple weeks since Games Workshop had themselves some pre-orders for you. They're making up for it this week with a whole bunch of them. 40k, Blood Bowl, Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game,
Many of us have been there. Your gaming group wants to get into a new game and you can't decide on what you want to play. "I want to play Sci-f!" "I want to play Fantasy!" "I want to play Historical A
Thursday. Thursday of a very busy week. But, I'm getting through it (and hopefully you are too). Soon, it will be the weekend again. I can definitely use a break this weekend, that's for sure. But, in
Giant monsters are a staple of movies. Who doesn't love just huge amounts of mindless destruction every once in a while? Monsterpocalypse looks to bring that action to your tabletops. But, in an effor
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Yup! It's a Privateer Press preview of new releases. That's almost guaranteed to trip the Giant Robot Alert. So, let's see what new Warcaster and Monsterpocalypse goodies
Corvus Belli has just started taking pre-orders for their new Military Orders for Infinity. These armed segments of the church have been in development for a bit. In this article, Corvus Belli gives u
I don't think the folks at One Page Rules sleep. I honestly don't. As always, their updates are just huge, and this one's no different. New updates to rules. New game releases. The results of their Wr
Monsterpocalypse is getting an overhaul. This we know. But what we don't know are all the changes that are coming. We know some, and Privateer Press is giving us another peek into what's coming in thi
I mean, it's not a giant robot and it's not a dragon, but it's still a huge mini, so it's automatically one of my favorites. It's Be'lakor and Games Workshop is bringing him out for both Age of Sigmar