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Scibor Miniatures

It's Friday! Woo! We all know how much I love the weekend. Do you have any gaming plans? I know a lot of you are at/will be at the UK Games Expo. For me, I just got my "I Can't Believe It's Not Tiamat
From one sports-themed game to another (we seem to be doing two-fers today). This time, it's from Baseball to Football. Scibor has a whole new Ogre football team available over in their webshop. You c
DND Dice Set - 20x7 (140 Pieces)
The week keeps on keepin' on. We've gotten past the first half, with the second coming right at us. If we're going to be making it to the weekend (where I plan on doing as little as possible), we'd be
The week continues along, as it tends to do. It's only just today that I really realized that this upcoming weekend is a long one for those of us here in the US. The 4th of July falls on Monday. So th
Well, I felt well-enough to head back into the office today. Though, I have to admit, I did have some incentive. But be that as it may, it's time to power-up with some bite-sized gaming stories in our
Taking a break from the RPG Kickstarters for a minute.Is the week going by quickly for anyone else? On my ride in to work today, I looked down at my dashboard and saw my odometer and, for a moment, we
And it is Friday.Everyone rejoice, for the weekend is at hand!Do you have gaming that will be happening over the weekend? I hope you do. The weekend is the time for gaming. All the gaming!But before w
Hello there, Wednesday. How are you? I see you've brought the Guns 'N' Roses weather back with you. And while I know I'm in the minority here in Atlanta when I say, "woo! Rain!" I don't care. I enjoy
Welcome to Friday, ladies and gentlenerds. We've made it here once more. Congratulations!It means the weekend is just about here. Time to rejoice.It also means we have a batch of bite-sized stories to
It's Sunday. Here in the States, it's Father's Day. If you are a father, hope you have a great Father's Day. If you're not a father, I still hope you have a great day, regardless. As for me, I'm sitti
Welcome to Wednesday you wonderful ... umm... something-gaming-related-that-begins-with-W! The first half of the week is over. It's all downhill from here to a hopefully gaming-filled weekend. I've go
Once again we're here at a Wednesday. The first half of the week is done. The rest of it stretches before us like a 2-day behemoth.Or maybe it's not so bad for you. Maybe Thursday and Friday are like
You've survived another week! You deserve something special. You know, you've worked hard. Take the next two days off, on me. (Note: offer only valid if you work Monday-Friday. I don't need anyone mes
Scibor is a great place to pick up some alternative models for your fantasy and sci-fi minis games. One of their latest releases are their Barbarians Horde. You get 8 models, including command (a cham
Scibor knows epic models deserve epic bases, and they're here to help. They've got their new Epic Base Set available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the post:Blister contains 3 unpainted, round bases
Scibor brings the cheer to your holiday season by continuing their holiday ornaments line.SourceFrom the website:Christmas is coming soon !!! , so we have another promotion for all our clients!To ever
Scibor gets back to the fantasy side of things with their new Ogre Chief.SourceFrom the website:This model is made of high quality resin and provided with 40mm square scenic base. It is unpainted and
Scibor continues to expand their sci-fi line with their new Templar Lord mini.SourceFrom the website:It may be used as player’s hero, independent character, trooper or whatever else you want! You’ll f
Scibor has a couple new releases up on their website. Templars and ogres and tank turrets, oh my!Sourcecossack_sf_2_01ft_17_polish_crew_set1_01
Scibor has resculpted the head on their sci-fi Egyptian Warrior model and is offering him at a discount on their website.SourceFrom them to you:This figure was resculpted - SF Egyptian Warrior got new
Scibor has added a new sci-fi Templar Knight to their webshop for you to check out.SourceFrom the website:It may be used as player’s hero, independent character, trooper or whatever you want! You’ll
Scibor Miniatures has a new sci-fi Cossack Ogre available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the website:It may be used as player’s hero, independent character, trooper or whatever else you want! You’ll
Scibor doubles their number of sci-fi ogres with their new release over in their webshop.SourceFrom the website:It may be used as player’s hero, independent character, trooper or whatever else you wan
The Wargamers Consortium posted a new episode of Alternative World. This time, it's an alternative for Typhus.SourceIn this episode:In this episode of Alternative World, we take a look at Scibor's Ang
Scibor released a trio of new sci-fi marines over in their webshop.lion_knight_4_01roman_pretorian_centurion_01sf_egyptian_warrior_3_01 Source